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Reganit, PFM; Ribeiro, R; Riboli, E; Rigo, F; de Wit, TFR; Ritti-Dias, RM; Robinson, SM; Robitaille, C; Rodriguez-Artalejo, F; Rodriguez-Villamizar, LA; Rojas-Martinez, R; Rosengren, A; Rubinstein, A; Rui, O; Ruiz-Betancourt, BS; Horimoto, A; Rutkowski, M; Sabanayagam, C; Sachdev, HS; Saidi, O; Sakarya, S; Salanave, B; Martinez, ES; Salmeron, D; Salomaa, V; Salonen, JT; Salvetti, M; Sanchez-Abanto, J; Sans, S; Santos, D; Santos, IS; Dos Santos, RN; Santos, R; Saramies, JL; Sardinha, LB; Margolis, GS; Sarrafzadegan, N; Saum, KU; Savva, SC; Scazufca, M; Schargrodsky, H; Schneider, IJ; Schultsz, C; Schutte, AE; Sen, A; Senbanjo, IO; Sepanlou, SG; Sharma, SK; Shaw, JE; Shibuya, K; Shin, DW; Shin, YC; Siantar, R; Sibai, AM; Silva, DAS; Simon, M; Simons, J; Simons, LA; Sjotrom, M; Skovbjerg, S; Slowikowska-Hilczer, J; Slusarczyk, P; Smeeth, L; Smith, MC; Snijder, MB; So, HK; Sobngwi, E; Soderberg, S; Solfrizzi, V; Sonestedt, E; Song, Y; Sorensen, TIA; Soric, M; Jerome, CS; Soumare, A; Staessen, JA; Starc, G; Stathopoulou, MG; Stavreski, B; Steene-Johannessen, J; Stehle, P; Stein, AD; Stergiou, GS; Stessman, J; Stieber, J; Stockl, D; Stocks, T; Stokwiszewski, J; Stronks, K; Strufaldi, MW; Sun, CA; Sundstrom, J; Sung, YT; Suriyawongpaisal, P; Sy, RG; Tai, ES; Tammesoo, ML; Tamosiunas, A; Tang, L; Tang, X; Tanser, F; Tao, Y; Tarawneh, MR; Tarqui-Mamani, CB; Taylor, A; Theobald, H; Thijs, L; Thuesen, BH; Tjonneland, A; Tolonen, HK; Topbas, M; Topor-Madry, R; Tormo, MJ; Torrent, M; Traissac, P; Trichopoulos, D; Trichopoulou, A; Trinh, OTH; Trivedi, A; Tshepo, L; Tulloch-Reid, MK; Tuomainen, TP; Turley, ML; Tynelius, P; Tzourio, C; Ueda, P; Ugel, E; Ulmer, H; Uusitalo, HMT; Valdivia, G; Valvi, D; van der Schouw, YT; van Herck, K; van Rossem, L; van Valkengoed, IGM; Vanderschueren, D; Vanuzzo, D; Vatten, L; Vega, T; Velasquez-Melendez, G; Veronesi, G; Verschuren, WMM; Verstraeten, R; Victora, CG; Viet, L; Viikari-Juntura, E; Vineis, P; Vioque, J; Virtanen, JK; Visvikis-Siest, S; Viswanathan, B; 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Lancet, 389 (10064). pp. 37-55. ISSN 0140-6736 DOI:

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