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Abbott, RA; Ploubidis, GB; Huppert, FA; Kuh, D; Wadsworth, MEJ; Croudace, TJ; (2006) Psychometric evaluation and predictive validity of Ryff's psychological well-being items in a UK birth cohort sample of women. Health and quality of life outcomes, 4 (76). ISSN 1477-7525 DOI:

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Medhin, G; Hanlon, C; Dewey, M; Alem, A; Tesfaye, F; Lakew, Z; Worku, B; Aray, M; Abdulahi, A; Tomlinson, M; +3 more... Hughes, M; Patel, V; Prince, M; (2010) The effect of maternal common mental disorders on infant undernutrition in Butajira, Ethiopia: The P-MaMiE study. BMC psychiatry, 10. ISSN 1471-244X DOI:

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