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Torres Rueda, Sergio; Sweeney, Sedona; Bozzani, Fiammetta Maria; Naylor, Nichola; Baker, Tim; Pearson, Carl; Eggo, Rosalind M; Procter, Simon R; Davies, Nicholas G; Quaife, Matthew; +11 more... Kitson, Nichola; Keogh-brown, Marcus; Jensen, Henning Tarp; Saadi, Nuru; Khan, Mishal S; Huda, Maryam; Kairu, Angela; Zaidi, Raza; Barasa, Edwine; Jit, Mark; Vassall, Anna; (2021) Stark Choices: Exploring health sector costs of policy responses to COVID-19 in low- and middle- income countries. BMJ Global Health. ISSN 2059-7908 (In Press) Item availability may be restricted.
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Weerasuriya, Chathika K; Harris, Rebecca C; McQuaid, C Finn; Bozzani, Fiammetta; Ruan, Yunzhou; Li, Renzhong; Li, Tao; Rade, Kirankumar; Rao, Raghuram; Ginsberg, Ann M; +2 more... Gomez, Gabriela B; White, Richard G; (2021) The epidemiologic impact and cost-effectiveness of new tuberculosis vaccines on multidrug-resistant tuberculosis in India and China. BMC Medicine, 19 (1). 60-. DOI:


Gomez, Gabriela B; Mudzengi, Don L; Bozzani, Fiammetta; Menzies, Nicholas A; Vassall, Anna; (2020) Estimating Cost Functions for Resource Allocation Using Transmission Models: A Case Study of Tuberculosis Case Finding in South Africa. Value in Health, 23 (12). pp. 1606-1612. ISSN 1098-3015 DOI: Item availability may be restricted.


Wilkinson, Thomas; Bozzani, Fiammetta; Vassall, Anna; Remme, Michelle; Sinanovic, Edina; (2019) Comparing the Application of CEA and BCA to Tuberculosis Control Interventions in South Africa. Journal of Benefit-Cost Analysis, 10 (S1). pp. 132-153. DOI:


Bozzani, Fiammetta M; Mudzengi, Don; Sumner, Tom; Gomez, Gabriela B; Hippner, Piotr; Cardenas, Vicky; Charalambous, Salome; White, Richard; Vassall, Anna; (2018) Empirical estimation of resource constraints for use in model-based economic evaluation: an example of TB services in South Africa. Cost effectiveness and resource allocation, 16 (1). 27-. ISSN 1478-7547 DOI:

Cernuschi, Tania; Gaglione, Stephanie; Bozzani, Fiammetta; (2018) Challenges to sustainable immunization systems in Gavi transitioning countries. Vaccine, 36 (45). pp. 6858-6866. ISSN 0264-410X DOI:

White, RG; Charalambous, S; Cardenas, V; Hippner, P; Sumner, T; Bozzani, F; Mudzengi, D; Houben, RMGJ; Collier, D; Kimerling, ME; +3 more... Vassall, A; Pillay, Y; Churchyard, G; (2018) Evidence-informed policy making at country level: lessons learned from the South African Tuberculosis Think Tank. The international journal of tuberculosis and lung disease, 22 (6). pp. 606-613. ISSN 1027-3719 DOI:


Hewett, Paul C; Austrian, Karen; Soler-Hampejsek, Erica; Behrman, Jere R; Bozzani, Fiammetta; Jackson-Hachonda, Natalie A; (2017) Cluster randomized evaluation of Adolescent Girls Empowerment Programme (AGEP): study protocol. BMC public health, 17 (1). 386-. ISSN 1471-2458 DOI:


Bozzani, Fiammetta Maria; Arnold, Matthias; Colbourn, Timothy; Lufesi, Norman; Nambiar, Bejoy; Masache, Gibson; Skordis-Worrall, Jolene; (2016) Measurement and valuation of health providers' time for the management of childhood pneumonia in rural Malawi: an empirical study. BMC health services research, 16 (1). 314-. ISSN 1472-6963 DOI:

Griffiths, Ulla Kou; Bozzani, Fiammetta Maria; Chansa, Collins; Kinghorn, Anthony; Kalesha-Masumbu, Penelope; Rudd, Cheryl; Chilengi, Roma; Brenzel, Logan; Schutte, Carl; (2016) Costs of introducing pneumococcal, rotavirus and a second dose of measles vaccine into the Zambian immunisation programme: Are expansions sustainable? Vaccine, 34 (35). pp. 4213-4220. ISSN 0264-410X DOI:

Hewett, Paul C; Nalubamba, Mutinta; Bozzani, Fiammetta; Digitale, Jean; Vu, Lung; Yam, Eileen; Nambao, Mary; (2016) Randomized evaluation and cost-effectiveness of HIV and sexual and reproductive health service referral and linkage models in Zambia. BMC public health, 16 (1). 785-. ISSN 1471-2458 DOI:

Menzies, Nicolas A; Gomez, Gabriela B; Bozzani, Fiammetta; Chatterjee, Susmita; Foster, Nicola; Baena, Ines Garcia; Laurence, Yoko V; Qiang, Sun; Siroka, Andrew; Sweeney, Sedona; +46 more... Verguet, Stéphane; Arinaminpathy, Nimalan; Azman, Andrew S; Bendavid, Eran; Chang, Stewart T; Cohen, Ted; Denholm, Justin T; Dowdy, David W; Eckhoff, Philip A; Goldhaber-Fiebert, Jeremy D; Handel, Andreas; Huynh, Grace H; Lalli, Marek; Lin, Hsien-Ho; Mandal, Sandip; McBryde, Emma S; Pandey, Surabhi; Salomon, Joshua A; Suen, Sze-Chuan; Sumner, Tom; Trauer, James M; Wagner, Bradley G; Whalen, Christopher C; Wu, Chieh-Yin; Boccia, Delia; Chadha, Vineet K; Charalambous, Salome; Chin, Daniel P; Churchyard, Gavin; Daniels, Colleen; Dewan, Puneet; Ditiu, Lucica; Eaton, Jeffrey W; Grant, Alison D; Hippner, Piotr; Hosseini, Mehran; Mametja, David; Pretorius, Carel; Pillay, Yogan; Rade, Kiran; Sahu, Suvanand; Wang, Lixia; Houben, Rein MGJ; Kimerling, Michael E; White, Richard G; Vassall, Anna; (2016) Cost-effectiveness and resource implications of aggressive action on tuberculosis in China, India, and South Africa: a combined analysis of nine models. The Lancet Global health, 4 (11). e816-e826. ISSN 2214-109X DOI:



Batura, Neha; Pulkki-Brännström, Anni-Maria; Agrawal, Priya; Bagra, Archana; Haghparast-Bidgoli, Hassan; Bozzani, Fiammetta; Colbourn, Tim; Greco, Giulia; Hossain, Tanvir; Sinha, Rajesh; +2 more... Thapa, Bidur; Skordis-Worrall, Jolene; (2014) Collecting and analysing cost data for complex public health trials: reflections on practice. Global health action, 7 (1). 23257-. ISSN 1654-9716 DOI:

Griffiths, Ulla K; Bozzani, Fiammetta M; Gheorghe, Adrian; Mwenge, Lawrence; Gilbert, Clare; (2014) Cost-effectiveness of eye care services in Zambia. Cost effectiveness and resource allocation, 12 (1). 6-. ISSN 1478-7547 DOI:


Griffiths, Ulla Kou; Bozzani, Fiammetta; Muleya, Linda; Mumba, Musonda; (2013) Costs of eye care services: prospective study from a faith-based hospital in Zambia. Ophthalmic epidemiology, 22 (1). pp. 43-51. ISSN 0928-6586 DOI: Full text not available from this repository.


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