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Davis, Emma L; Lucas, Tim CD; Borlase, Anna; Pollington, Timothy M; Abbott, Sam; Ayabina, Diepreye; Crellen, Thomas; Hellewell, Joel; Pi, Li; Medley, Graham F; +2 more... Hollingsworth, T Déirdre; Klepac, Petra; (2020) An imperfect tool: COVID-19 ‘test & trace’ success relies on minimising the impact of false negatives and continuation of physical distancing. DOI: (In Press)

Jarvis, Christopher I; Van Zandvoort, Kevin; Gimma, Amy; Prem, Kiesha; Klepac, Petra; Rubin, G James; Edmunds, W John; (2020) Quantifying the impact of physical distance measures on the transmission of COVID-19 in the UK. medRxiv. 2020.03.31.20049023-2020.03.31.20049023. DOI:

Kucharski, Adam J; Klepac, Petra; Conlan, Andrew JK; Kissler, Stephen M; Tang, Maria L; Fry, Hannah; Gog, Julia R; Edmunds, W John; CMMID COVID-19 working group; (2020) Effectiveness of isolation, testing, contact tracing, and physical distancing on reducing transmission of SARS-CoV-2 in different settings: a mathematical modelling study. LANCET INFECTIOUS DISEASES, 20 (10). pp. 1151-1160. ISSN 1473-3099 DOI:

Megiddo, Itamar; Nonvignon, Justice; Owusu, Richmond; Chalkidou, Kalipso; Colson, Abigail; Gad, Mohamed; Klepac, Petra; Ruiz, Francis; Morton, Alec; (2020) Fairer financing of vaccines in a world living with COVID-19. BMJ GLOBAL HEALTH, 5 (7). e002951-e002951. ISSN 2059-7908 DOI:


Li, Xiang; Mukandavire, Christinah; Cucunubá, Zulma M; Abbas, Kaja; Clapham, Hannah E; Jit, Mark; Johnson, Hope L; Papadopoulos, Timos; Vynnycky, Emilia; Brisson, Marc; +34 more... Carter, Emily D; Clark, Andrew; de Villiers, Margaret J; Eilertson, Kirsten; Ferrari, Matthew J; Gamkrelidze, Ivane; Gaythorpe, Katy; Grassly, Nicholas C; Hallett, Timothy B; Jackson, Michael L; Jean, Kévin; Karachaliou, Andromachi; Klepac, Petra; Lessler, Justin; Li, Xi; Moore, Sean M; Nayagam, Shevanthi; Nguyen, Duy Manh; Razavi, Homie; Razavi-Shearer, Devin; Resch, Stephen; Sanderson, Colin; Sweet, Steven; Sy, Stephen; Tam, Yvonne; Tanvir, Hira; Tran, Quan Minh; Trotter, Caroline L; Truelove, Shaun; van Zandvoort, Kevin; Verguet, Stéphane; Walker, Neff; Winter, Amy; Ferguson, Neil M; (2019) Estimating the health impact of vaccination against 10 pathogens in 98 low and middle income countries from 2000 to 2030. Medrxiv. DOI:

Zhang, Juanjuan; Klepac, Petra; Read, Jonathan M; Rosello, Alicia; Wang, Xiling; Lai, Shengjie; Li, Meng; Song, Yujian; Wei, Qingzhen; Jiang, Hao; +5 more... Yang, Juan; Lynn, Henry; Flasche, Stefan; Jit, Mark; Yu, Hongjie; (2019) Patterns of human social contact and contact with animals in Shanghai, China. Scientific reports, 9 (1). 15141-. ISSN 2045-2322 DOI:


Klepac, Petra; Kissler, Stephen; Gog, Julia; (2018) Contagion! The BBC Four Pandemic - The model behind the documentary. Epidemics, 24. pp. 49-59. ISSN 1755-4365 DOI:



Heesterbeek, Hans; Anderson, Roy M; Andreasen, Viggo; Bansal, Shweta; De Angelis, Daniela; Dye, Chris; Eames, Ken TD; Edmunds, W John; Frost, Simon DW; Funk, Sebastian; +13 more... Hollingsworth, T Deirdre; House, Thomas; Isham, Valerie; Klepac, Petra; Lessler, Justin; Lloyd-Smith, James O; Metcalf, C Jessica E; Mollison, Denis; Pellis, Lorenzo; Pulliam, Juliet RC; Roberts, Mick G; Viboud, Cecile; Isaac Newton Institute IDD Collaboration; (2015) Modeling infectious disease dynamics in the complex landscape of global health. Science (New York, NY), 347 (6227). aaa4339-. ISSN 0036-8075 DOI: Full text not available from this repository.


Klepac, Petra; Funk, Sebastian; Hollingsworth, T Deirdre; Metcalf, C Jessica E; Hampson, Katie; (2014) Six challenges in the eradication of infectious diseases. Epidemics, 10. pp. 97-101. ISSN 1755-4365 DOI:


Metcalf, CJE; Lessler, J; Klepac, P; Cutts, F; Grenfell, BT; (2012) Impact of birth rate, seasonality and transmission rate on minimum levels of coverage needed for rubella vaccination. Epidemiology and infection, 140 (12). pp. 2290-2301. ISSN 0950-2688 DOI:

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