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Bhatia, Amiya; Turner, Ellen; Akim, Aggrey; Mirembe, Angel; Nakuti, Janet; Parkes, Jenny; Datzberger, Simone; Nagawa, Rehema; Kung'u, Mary; Babu, Hellen; +15 more... Kabuti, Rhoda; Kimani, Joshua; Beattie, Tara S; d'Oliveira, Ana Flavia; Rishal, Poonam; Nyakuwa, Robert; Bell, Sadie; Bukuluki, Paul; Cislaghi, Beniamino; Tanton, Clare; Conolly, Anne; Mercer, Catherine H; Seeley, Janet; Bacchus, Loraine J; Devries, Karen; (2022) Remote methods for research on violence against women and children: lessons and challenges from research during the COVID-19 pandemic. BMJ global health, 7 (11). e008460-e008460. ISSN 2059-7908 DOI:

Free, Caroline; Palmer, Melissa; McCarthy, Ona; Jerome, Lauren; Berendes, Sima; Knight, Megan; Carpenter, James; Morris, Tim; Jamal, Zahra; Dhaliwal, Farandeep; +15 more... French, Rebecca; Hickson, Ford Colin Ian; Gubijev, Anasztazia; Wellings, Kaye; Baraitser, Paula; Roberts, Ian; Bailey, Julia; Clayton, Tim; Devries, Karen; Edwards, Phil; Hart, Graham; Michie, Susan; Macgregor, Louis; Turner, Katy ME; Potter, Kimberley; (2022) Safetxt: A randomised controlled trial of a behavioural intervention delivered by text messages to reduce sexually transmitted re-infections in people aged 16-24. British Medical Journal, 378. e070351. ISSN 1759-2151
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Kiss, Ligia; Fotheringhame, David; Kyegombe, Nambusi; McAlpine, Alys; Abilio, Ludmila; Kyamulabi, Agnes; Walakira, Eddy J; Devries, Karen; Tanton, Clare; (2022) Paper: violence, abuse and exploitation among trafficked women and girls: a mixed-methods study in Nigeria and Uganda. BMC PUBLIC HEALTH, 22 (1). 794-. DOI:

Turner, Ellen; Nyakuwa, Robert; Nhenga-Chakarisa, Tendai; Muchemwa Nherera, Charles; Nyadombo, Annah Theresa; Mgugu, Dorcas; Trigg, Caroline; Fabbri, Camilla; Rank, Sarah; Devries, Karen; (2022) 'I went there in an effort to help the child, but you can see there is corruption in the world': Adults' conceptualisations and enactments of child protection in schools in a challenging context. PLoS One, 17 (10). e0275918-. ISSN 1932-6203 DOI:


Bhatia, Amiya; Fabbri, Camilla; Cerna-Turoff, Ilan; Turner, Ellen; Lokot, Michelle; Warria, Ajwang; Tuladhar, Sumnima; Tanton, Clare; Knight, Louise; Lees, Shelley; +5 more... Cislaghi, Beniamino; Bhabha, Jaqueline; Peterman, Amber; Guedes, Alessandra; Devries, Karen; (2021) Violence against children during the COVID-19 pandemic. Bulletin of the World Health Organization, 99 (10). pp. 730-738. ISSN 0042-9686 DOI:

Coll, Carolina VN; Santos, Thiago M; Devries, Karen; Knaul, Felicia; Bustreo, Flavia; Gatuguta, Anne; Houvessou, Gbenankpon Mathias; Barros, Aluísio JD; (2021) Identifying the women most vulnerable to intimate partner violence: A decision tree analysis from 48 low and middle-income countries. eClinicalMedicine, 42. p. 101214. ISSN 2589-5370 DOI:

Devries, Karen; Balliet, Manuela; Thornhill, Kerrie; Knight, Louise; Procureur, Fanny; N'Djoré, Yah Ariane Bernadette; N'Guessan, Dedou Gruzshca Ferrand; Merrill, Katherine G; Dally, Mustapha; Allen, Elizabeth; +4 more... Hossain, Mazeda; Cislaghi, Beniamino; Tanton, Clare; Quintero, Lucia; (2021) Can the 'Learn in peace, educate without violence' intervention in Cote d'Ivoire reduce teacher violence? Development of a theory of change and formative evaluation results. BMJ open, 11 (11). e044645-. ISSN 2044-6055 DOI:

Fabbri, Camilla; Rodrigues, Katherine; Leurent, Baptiste; Allen, Elizabeth; Qiu, Mary; Zuakulu, Martin; Nombo, Dennis; Kaemingk, Michael; De Filippo, Alexandra; Torrats-Espinosa, Gerard; +5 more... Shayo, Elizabeth; Barongo, Vivien; Greco, Giulia; Tol, Wietse; Devries, Karen M; (2021) The EmpaTeach intervention for reducing physical violence from teachers to students in Nyarugusu Refugee Camp: A cluster-randomised controlled trial. PLOS Medicine, 18 (10). e1003808-. ISSN 1549-1277 DOI:

Quinones, Sarah; Palermo, Tia M; Lukongo, Tumpe Mnyawami; Luchemba, Paul; Mitti, Respichius; Devries, Karen; de Groot, Richard; Khurshid, Atif; Kuper, Hannah; Tanzania Adolescent Cash Plus Evaluation Team; Tanzania Adolescent Cash Plus Evaluation Team; (2021) Disability status and multi-dimensional personal well-being among adolescents in the Southern Highlands Region of Tanzania: results of a cross-sectional study. BMJ open, 11 (5). e044077-. ISSN 2044-6055 DOI:


Carlson, Catherine; Namy, Sophie; Norcini Pala, Andrea; Wainberg, Milton L; Michau, Lori; Nakuti, Janet; Knight, Louise; Allen, Elizabeth; Ikenberg, Carin; Naker, Dipak; +1 more... Devries, Karen; (2020) Violence against children and intimate partner violence against women: overlap and common contributing factors among caregiver-adolescent dyads. BMC PUBLIC HEALTH, 20 (1). p. 124. ISSN 1471-2458 DOI:

Cerna-Turoff, Ilan; Kane, Jeremy C; Devries, Karen; Mercy, James; Massetti, Greta; Baiocchi, Mike; (2020) Did internal displacement from the 2010 earthquake in Haiti lead to long-term violence against children? A matched pairs study design. Child abuse & neglect, 102. 104393-. ISSN 0145-2134 DOI: Item availability may be restricted.

Devries, Karen; Parkes, Jenny; Knight, Louise; Allen, Elizabeth; Namy, Sophie; Datzberger, Simone; Nalukenge, Winifred; Atuhaire, Lydia; Kyegombe, Nambusi; Walakira, Eddy; +3 more... Seeley, Janet; Weiss, Helen A; Naker, Dipak; (2020) Context of Violence in Adolescence Cohort (CoVAC) study: protocol for a mixed methods longitudinal study in Uganda. BMC public health, 20 (1). 43-. ISSN 1471-2458 DOI:

Fabbri, Camilla; Bhatia, Amiya; Petzold, Max; Jugder, Munkhbadar; Guedes, Alessandra; Cappa, Claudia; Devries, Karen; (2020) Modelling the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on violent discipline against children. Child abuse & neglect, 116 (Pt 2). 104897-. ISSN 0145-2134 DOI: Item availability may be restricted.

Knight, Louise; Atuhaire, Lydia; Allen, Elizabeth; Namy, Sophie; Anton-Erxleben, Katharina; Nakuti, Janet; Mirembe, Angel Faridah; Nakiboneka, Mastula; Seeley, Janet; Weiss, Helen A; +4 more... Parkes, Jenny; Bonell, Chris; Naker, Dipak; Devries, Karen; (2020) Long-Term Outcomes of the Good School Toolkit Primary School Violence Prevention Intervention Among Adolescents: Protocol for a Nonrandomized Quasi-Experimental Study. JMIR research protocols, 9 (12). e20940-. ISSN 1929-0748 DOI:


Devries, Karen; Merrill, Katherine G; Knight, Louise; Bott, Sarah; Guedes, Alessandra; Butron-Riveros, Betzabe; Hege, Constanza; Petzold, Max; Peterman, Amber; Cappa, Claudia; +4 more... Maxwell, Lauren; Williams, Abigail; Kishor, Sunita; Abrahams, Naeemah; (2019) Violence against children in Latin America and the Caribbean: What do available data reveal about prevalence and perpetrators? Revista Panamericana de Salud Pública, 43. e66-. ISSN 1020-4989 DOI:

McTavish, Jill R; Kimber, Melissa; Devries, Karen; Colombini, Manuela; MacGregor, Jennifer CD; Wathen, Nadine; MacMillan, Harriet L; (2019) Children's and caregivers' perspectives about mandatory reporting of child maltreatment: a meta-synthesis of qualitative studies. BMJ open, 9 (4). e025741-. ISSN 2044-6055 DOI:

Ryan, Grace K; Kamuhiirwa, Mauricia; Mugisha, James; Baillie, Dave; Hall, Cerdic; Newman, Carter; Nkurunungi, Eddie; Rathod, Sujit D; Devries, Karen M; De Silva, Mary J; +1 more... Mpango, Richard; (2019) Peer support for frequent users of inpatient mental health care in Uganda: protocol of a quasi-experimental study. BMC psychiatry, 19 (1). 374-. ISSN 1471-244X DOI:


Devries, Karen; Abrahams, Naeemah; (2018) Failure to adequately protect adolescents presenting to London sexual assault services. Lancet Child Adolesc Health, 2 (9). pp. 625-626. ISSN 2352-4650 DOI: Full text not available from this repository.

Devries, Karen; Knight, Louise; Petzold, Max; Merrill, Katherine G; Maxwell, Lauren; Williams, Abigail; Cappa, Claudia; Chan, Ko Ling; Garcia-Moreno, Claudia; Hollis, NaTasha; +9 more... Kress, Howard; Peterman, Amber; Walsh, Sophie D; Kishor, Sunita; Guedes, Alessandra; Bott, Sarah; Butron Riveros, Betzabe C; Watts, Charlotte; Abrahams, Naeemah; (2018) Who perpetrates violence against children? A systematic analysis of age-specific and sex-specific data. BMJ Paediatr Open, 2 (1). e000180-. ISSN 2399-9772 DOI:

Maxwell, Lauren; Nandi, Arijit; Benedetti, Andrea; Devries, Karen; Wagman, Jennifer; García-Moreno, Claudia; (2018) Intimate partner violence and pregnancy spacing: results from a meta-analysis of individual participant time-to-event data from 29 low-and-middle-income countries. BMJ global health, 3 (1). e000304-. ISSN 2059-7908 DOI:


Kyegombe, N; Namakula, S; Mulindwa, J; Lwanyaaga, J; Naker, D; Namy, S; Nakuti, J; Parkes, J; Knight, L; Walakira, E; +1 more... Devries, KM; (2017) How did the Good School Toolkit reduce the risk of past week physical violence from teachers to students? Qualitative findings on pathways of change in schools in Luwero, Uganda. Social science & medicine (1982), 180. pp. 10-19. ISSN 0277-9536 DOI:
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McTavish, Jill R; Kimber, Melissa; Devries, Karen; Colombini, Manuela; MacGregor, Jennifer CD; Wathen, C Nadine; Agarwal, Arnav; MacMillan, Harriet L; (2017) Mandated reporters' experiences with reporting child maltreatment: a meta-synthesis of qualitative studies. BMJ open, 7 (10). e013942-. ISSN 2044-6055 DOI:

Namy, Sophie; Carlson, Catherine; Norcini Pala, Andrea; Faris, Devin; Knight, Louise; Allen, Elizabeth; Devries, Karen; Naker, Dipak; (2017) Gender, violence and resilience among Ugandan adolescents. Child abuse & neglect, 70. pp. 303-314. ISSN 0145-2134 DOI:

Wandera, Stephen Ojiambo; Clarke, Kelly; Knight, Louise; Allen, Elizabeth; Walakira, Eddy; Namy, Sophie; Naker, Dipak; Devries, Karen; (2017) Violence against children perpetrated by peers: A cross-sectional school-based survey in Uganda. Child abuse & neglect, 68. pp. 65-73. ISSN 0145-2134 DOI:


Bacchus, LJ; Buller, AM; Ferrari, G; Peters, TJ; Devries, K; Sethi, G; White, J; Hester, M; Feder, GS; (2016) Occurrence and impact of domestic violence and abuse in gay and bisexual men: A cross sectional survey. International journal of STD & AIDS, 28 (1). pp. 16-27. ISSN 0956-4624 DOI:

Devries, K; Grundlingh, H; Knight, L; (2016) Cycles of violence in gendered social contexts: why does child maltreatment lead to increased risk of intimate partner violence in adulthood? In: Gideon, J, (ed.) Handbook on Gender and Health. Edward Elgar Publishing, Inc., Cheltenham, UK, pp. 375-393. ISBN 9781784710859 DOI: Full text not available from this repository.

Devries, Karen M; Naker, Dipak; Monteath-van Dok, Adrienne; Milligan, Claire; Shirley, Alice; (2016) Collecting data on violence against children and young people: need for a universal standard. Int Health, 8 (3). pp. 159-161. ISSN 1876-3405 DOI:

Free, Caroline; McCarthy, Ona; French, Rebecca S; Wellings, Kaye; Michie, Susan; Roberts, Ian; Devries, Karen; Rathod, Sujit; Bailey, Julia; Syred, Jonathan; +4 more... Edwards, Phil; Hart, Graham; Palmer, Melissa; Baraitser, Paula; (2016) Can text messages increase safer sex behaviours in young people? Intervention development and pilot randomised controlled trial. Health technology assessment (Winchester, England), 20 (57). pp. 1-82. ISSN 1366-5278 DOI:


GBD 2013 Risk Factors Collaborators; Forouzanfar, Mohammad H; Alexander, Lily; Anderson, H Ross; Bachman, Victoria F; Biryukov, Stan; Brauer, Michael; Burnett, Richard; Casey, Daniel; Coates, Matthew M; +712 more... Cohen, Aaron; Delwiche, Kristen; Estep, Kara; Frostad, Joseph J; Astha, KC; Kyu, Hmwe H; Moradi-Lakeh, Maziar; Ng, Marie; Slepak, Erica Leigh; Thomas, Bernadette A; Wagner, Joseph; Aasvang, Gunn Marit; Abbafati, Cristiana; Abbasoglu Ozgoren, Ayse; Abd-Allah, Foad; Abera, Semaw F; Aboyans, Victor; Abraham, Biju; Abraham, Jerry Puthenpurakal; Abubakar, Ibrahim; Abu-Rmeileh, Niveen ME; Aburto, Tania C; Achoki, Tom; Adelekan, Ademola; Adofo, Koranteng; Adou, Arsène K; Adsuar, José C; Afshin, Ashkan; Agardh, Emilie E; Al Khabouri, Mazin J; Al Lami, Faris H; Alam, Sayed Saidul; Alasfoor, Deena; Albittar, Mohammed I; Alegretti, Miguel A; Aleman, Alicia V; Alemu, Zewdie A; Alfonso-Cristancho, Rafael; Alhabib, Samia; Ali, Raghib; Ali, Mohammed K; Alla, François; Allebeck, Peter; Allen, Peter J; Alsharif, Ubai; Alvarez, Elena; Alvis-Guzman, Nelson; Amankwaa, Adansi A; Amare, Azmeraw T; Ameh, Emmanuel A; Ameli, Omid; Amini, Heresh; Ammar, Walid; Anderson, Benjamin O; Antonio, Carl Abelardo T; Anwari, Palwasha; Argeseanu Cunningham, Solveig; Arnlöv, Johan; Arsenijevic, Valentina S Arsic; Artaman, Al; Asghar, Rana J; Assadi, Reza; Atkins, Lydia S; Atkinson, Charles; Avila, Marco A; Awuah, Baffour; Badawi, Alaa; Bahit, Maria C; Bakfalouni, Talal; Balakrishnan, Kalpana; Balalla, Shivanthi; Balu, Ravi Kumar; Banerjee, Amitava; Barber, Ryan M; Barker-Collo, Suzanne L; Barquera, Simon; Barregard, Lars; Barrero, Lope H; Barrientos-Gutierrez, Tonatiuh; Basto-Abreu, Ana C; Basu, Arindam; Basu, Sanjay; Basulaiman, Mohammed O; Batis Ruvalcaba, Carolina; Beardsley, Justin; Bedi, Neeraj; Bekele, Tolesa; Bell, Michelle L; Benjet, Corina; Bennett, Derrick A; Benzian, Habib; Bernabé, Eduardo; Beyene, Tariku J; Bhala, Neeraj; Bhalla, Ashish; Bhutta, Zulfiqar A; Bikbov, Boris; Bin Abdulhak, Aref A; Blore, Jed D; Blyth, Fiona M; Bohensky, Megan A; Bora Başara, Berrak; Borges, Guilherme; Bornstein, Natan M; Bose, Dipan; Boufous, Soufiane; Bourne, Rupert R; Brainin, Michael; Brazinova, Alexandra; Breitborde, Nicholas J; Brenner, Hermann; Briggs, Adam DM; Broday, David M; Brooks, Peter M; Bruce, Nigel G; Brugha, Traolach S; Brunekreef, Bert; Buchbinder, Rachelle; Bui, Linh N; Bukhman, Gene; Bulloch, Andrew G; Burch, Michael; Burney, Peter GJ; Campos-Nonato, Ismael R; Campuzano, Julio C; Cantoral, Alejandra J; Caravanos, Jack; Cárdenas, Rosario; Cardis, Elisabeth; Carpenter, David O; Caso, Valeria; Castañeda-Orjuela, Carlos A; Castro, Ruben E; Catalá-López, Ferrán; Cavalleri, Fiorella; Çavlin, Alanur; Chadha, Vineet K; Chang, Jung-Chen; Charlson, Fiona J; Chen, Honglei; Chen, Wanqing; Chen, Zhengming; Chiang, Peggy P; Chimed-Ochir, Odgerel; Chowdhury, Rajiv; Christophi, Costas A; Chuang, Ting-Wu; Chugh, Sumeet S; Cirillo, Massimo; Claßen, Thomas KD; Colistro, Valentina; Colomar, Mercedes; Colquhoun, Samantha M; Contreras, Alejandra G; Cooper, Cyrus; Cooperrider, Kimberly; Cooper, Leslie T; Coresh, Josef; Courville, Karen J; Criqui, Michael H; Cuevas-Nasu, Lucia; Damsere-Derry, James; Danawi, Hadi; Dandona, Lalit; Dandona, Rakhi; Dargan, Paul I; Davis, Adrian; Davitoiu, Dragos V; Dayama, Anand; de Castro, E Filipa; De la Cruz-Góngora, Vanessa; De Leo, Diego; de Lima, Graça; Degenhardt, Louisa; del Pozo-Cruz, Borja; Dellavalle, Robert P; Deribe, Kebede; Derrett, Sarah; Des Jarlais, Don C; Dessalegn, Muluken; deVeber, Gabrielle A; Devries, Karen M; Dharmaratne, Samath D; Dherani, Mukesh K; Dicker, Daniel; Ding, Eric L; Dokova, Klara; Dorsey, E Ray; Driscoll, Tim R; Duan, Leilei; Durrani, Adnan M; Ebel, Beth E; Ellenbogen, Richard G; Elshrek, Yousef M; Endres, Matthias; Ermakov, Sergey P; Erskine, Holly E; Eshrati, Babak; Esteghamati, Alireza; Fahimi, Saman; Faraon, Emerito Jose A; Farzadfar, Farshad; Fay, Derek FJ; Feigin, Valery L; Feigl, Andrea B; Fereshtehnejad, Seyed-Mohammad; Ferrari, Alize J; Ferri, Cleusa P; Flaxman, Abraham D; Fleming, Thomas D; Foigt, Nataliya; Foreman, Kyle J; Paleo, Urbano Fra; Franklin, Richard C; Gabbe, Belinda; Gaffikin, Lynne; Gakidou, Emmanuela; Gamkrelidze, Amiran; Gankpé, Fortuné G; Gansevoort, Ron T; García-Guerra, Francisco A; Gasana, Evariste; Geleijnse, Johanna M; Gessner, Bradford D; Gething, Pete; Gibney, Katherine B; Gillum, Richard F; Ginawi, Ibrahim AM; Giroud, Maurice; Giussani, Giorgia; Goenka, Shifalika; Goginashvili, Ketevan; Gomez Dantes, Hector; Gona, Philimon; Gonzalez de Cosio, Teresita; González-Castell, Dinorah; Gotay, Carolyn C; Goto, Atsushi; Gouda, Hebe N; Guerrant, Richard L; Gugnani, Harish C; Guillemin, Francis; Gunnell, David; Gupta, Rahul; Gupta, Rajeev; Gutiérrez, Reyna A; Hafezi-Nejad, Nima; Hagan, Holly; Hagstromer, Maria; Halasa, Yara A; Hamadeh, Randah R; Hammami, Mouhanad; Hankey, Graeme J; Hao, Yuantao; Harb, Hilda L; Haregu, Tilahun Nigatu; Haro, Josep Maria; Havmoeller, Rasmus; Hay, Simon I; Hedayati, Mohammad T; Heredia-Pi, Ileana B; Hernandez, Lucia; Heuton, Kyle R; Heydarpour, Pouria; Hijar, Martha; Hoek, Hans W; Hoffman, Howard J; Hornberger, John C; Hosgood, H Dean; Hoy, Damian G; Hsairi, Mohamed; Hu, Guoqing; Hu, Howard; Huang, Cheng; Huang, John J; Hubbell, Bryan J; Huiart, Laetitia; Husseini, Abdullatif; Iannarone, Marissa L; Iburg, Kim M; Idrisov, Bulat T; Ikeda, Nayu; Innos, Kaire; Inoue, Manami; Islami, Farhad; Ismayilova, Samaya; Jacobsen, Kathryn H; Jansen, Henrica A; Jarvis, Deborah L; Jassal, Simerjot K; Jauregui, Alejandra; Jayaraman, Sudha; Jeemon, Panniyammakal; Jensen, Paul N; Jha, Vivekanand; Jiang, Fan; Jiang, Guohong; Jiang, Ying; Jonas, Jost B; Juel, Knud; Kan, Haidong; Kany Roseline, Sidibe S; Karam, Nadim E; Karch, André; Karema, Corine K; Karthikeyan, Ganesan; Kaul, Anil; Kawakami, Norito; Kazi, Dhruv S; Kemp, Andrew H; Kengne, Andre P; Keren, Andre; Khader, Yousef S; Khalifa, Shams Eldin Ali Hassan; Khan, Ejaz A; Khang, Young-Ho; Khatibzadeh, Shahab; Khonelidze, Irma; Kieling, Christian; Kim, Daniel; Kim, Sungroul; Kim, Yunjin; Kimokoti, Ruth W; Kinfu, Yohannes; Kinge, Jonas M; Kissela, Brett M; Kivipelto, Miia; Knibbs, Luke D; Knudsen, Ann Kristin; Kokubo, Yoshihiro; Kose, M Rifat; Kosen, Soewarta; Kraemer, Alexander; Kravchenko, Michael; Krishnaswami, Sanjay; Kromhout, Hans; Ku, Tiffany; Kuate Defo, Barthelemy; Kucuk Bicer, Burcu; Kuipers, Ernst J; Kulkarni, Chanda; Kulkarni, Veena S; Kumar, G Anil; Kwan, Gene F; Lai, Taavi; Lakshmana Balaji, Arjun; Lalloo, Ratilal; Lallukka, Tea; Lam, Hilton; Lan, Qing; Lansingh, Van C; Larson, Heidi J; Larsson, Anders; Laryea, Dennis O; Lavados, Pablo M; Lawrynowicz, Alicia E; Leasher, Janet L; Lee, Jong-Tae; Leigh, James; Leung, Ricky; Levi, Miriam; Li, Yichong; Li, Yongmei; Liang, Juan; Liang, Xiaofeng; Lim, Stephen S; Lindsay, M Patrice; Lipshultz, Steven E; Liu, Shiwei; Liu, Yang; Lloyd, Belinda K; Logroscino, Giancarlo; London, Stephanie J; Lopez, Nancy; Lortet-Tieulent, Joannie; Lotufo, Paulo A; Lozano, Rafael; Lunevicius, Raimundas; Ma, Jixiang; Ma, Stefan; Machado, Vasco MP; MacIntyre, Michael F; Magis-Rodriguez, Carlos; Mahdi, Abbas A; Majdan, Marek; Malekzadeh, Reza; Mangalam, Srikanth; Mapoma, Christopher C; Marape, Marape; Marcenes, Wagner; Margolis, David J; Margono, Christopher; Marks, Guy B; Martin, Randall V; Marzan, Melvin B; Mashal, Mohammad T; Masiye, Felix; Mason-Jones, Amanda J; Matsushita, Kunihiro; Matzopoulos, Richard; Mayosi, Bongani M; Mazorodze, Tasara T; McKay, Abigail C; McKee, Martin; McLain, Abigail; Meaney, Peter A; Medina, Catalina; Mehndiratta, Man Mohan; Mejia-Rodriguez, Fabiola; Mekonnen, Wubegzier; Melaku, Yohannes A; Meltzer, Michele; Memish, Ziad A; Mendoza, Walter; Mensah, George A; Meretoja, Atte; Mhimbira, Francis Apolinary; Micha, Renata; Miller, Ted R; Mills, Edward J; Misganaw, Awoke; Mishra, Santosh; Mohamed Ibrahim, Norlinah; Mohammad, Karzan A; Mokdad, Ali H; Mola, Glen L; Monasta, Lorenzo; Montañez Hernandez, Julio C; Montico, Marcella; Moore, Ami R; Morawska, Lidia; Mori, Rintaro; Moschandreas, Joanna; Moturi, Wilkister N; Mozaffarian, Dariush; Mueller, Ulrich O; Mukaigawara, Mitsuru; Mullany, Erin C; Murthy, Kinnari S; Naghavi, Mohsen; Nahas, Ziad; Naheed, Aliya; Naidoo, Kovin S; Naldi, Luigi; Nand, Devina; Nangia, Vinay; Narayan, KM Venkat; Nash, Denis; Neal, Bruce; Nejjari, Chakib; Neupane, Sudan P; Newton, Charles R; Ngalesoni, Frida N; Ngirabega, Jean de Dieu; Nguyen, Grant; Nguyen, Nhung T; Nieuwenhuijsen, Mark J; Nisar, Muhammad I; Nogueira, José R; Nolla, Joan M; Nolte, Sandra; Norheim, Ole F; Norman, Rosana E; Norrving, Bo; Nyakarahuka, Luke; Oh, In-Hwan; Ohkubo, Takayoshi; Olusanya, Bolajoko O; Omer, Saad B; Opio, John Nelson; Orozco, Ricardo; Pagcatipunan, Rodolfo S; Pain, Amanda W; Pandian, Jeyaraj D; Panelo, Carlo Irwin A; Papachristou, Christina; Park, Eun-Kee; Parry, Charles D; Paternina Caicedo, Angel J; Patten, Scott B; Paul, Vinod K; Pavlin, Boris I; Pearce, Neil; Pedraza, Lilia S; Pedroza, Andrea; Pejin Stokic, Ljiljana; Pekericli, Ayfer; Pereira, David M; Perez-Padilla, Rogelio; Perez-Ruiz, Fernando; Perico, Norberto; Perry, Samuel AL; Pervaiz, Aslam; Pesudovs, Konrad; Peterson, Carrie B; Petzold, Max; Phillips, Michael R; Phua, Hwee Pin; Plass, Dietrich; 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