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Armitage, Edwin P; Keeley, Alex J; de Crombrugghe, Gabrielle; Senghore, Elina; Camara, Fatoumatta E; Jammeh, Musukoi; Bittaye, Amat; Ceesay, Haddy; Ceesay, Isatou; Samateh, Bunja; +6 more... Manneh, Muhammed; Sesay, Abdul Karim; Kampmann, Beate; Kucharski, Adam; de Silva, Thushan I; Marks, Michael; (2023) Streptococcus pyogenes carriage acquisition, persistence and transmission dynamics within households in The Gambia (SpyCATS): protocol for a longitudinal household cohort study. Wellcome Open Research, 8. p. 41. ISSN 2398-502X DOI:


Bah, Saikou Y; Keeley, Alexander J; Armitage, Edwin P; Khalid, Henna; Chaudhuri, Roy R; Senghore, Elina; Manneh, Jarra; Tilley, Lisa; Marks, Michael; Darboe, Saffiatou; +4 more... Sesay, Abdul K; de Silva, Thushan I; Turner, Claire E; MRCG Strep A Study Group; (2022) Genomic Characterization of Skin and Soft Tissue Streptococcus pyogenes Isolates from a Low-Income and a High-Income Setting. mSphere, 8 (1). e0046922-. DOI:


Costa-Martins, André G; Mane, Karim; Lindsey, Benjamin B; Ogava, Rodrigo LT; Castro, Ícaro; Jagne, Ya Jankey; Sallah, Hadijatou J; Armitage, Edwin P; Jarju, Sheikh; Ahadzie, Bankole; +10 more... Ellis-Watson, Rebecca; Tregoning, John S; Bingle, Colin D; Bogaert, Debby; Clarke, Ed; Ordovas-Montanes, Jose; Jeffries, David; Kampmann, Beate; Nakaya, Helder I; de Silva, Thushan I; (2021) Prior upregulation of interferon pathways in the nasopharynx impacts viral shedding following live attenuated influenza vaccine challenge in children. Cell reports. Medicine, 2 (12). 100465-. ISSN 2666-3791 DOI:

Peno, Chikondi; Armitage, Edwin P; Clerc, Melanie; Balcazar Lopez, Carlos; Jagne, Ya Jankey; Drammeh, Sainabou; Jarju, Sheikh; Sallah, Hadijatou; Senghore, Elina; Lindsey, Benjamin B; +8 more... Camara, Janko; Bah, Sulayman; Mohammed, Nuredin I; Dockrell, David H; Kampmann, Beate; Clarke, Ed; Bogaert, Debby; de Silva, Thushan I; (2021) The effect of live attenuated influenza vaccine on pneumococcal colonisation densities among children aged 24-59 months in The Gambia: a phase 4, open label, randomised, controlled trial. The Lancet Microbe, 2 (12). e656-e665. ISSN 2666-5247 DOI:


Minter, Amanda; Hoschler, Katja; Jagne, Ya Jankey; Sallah, Hadijatou; Armitage, Edwin; Lindsey, Benjamin; Hay, James A; Riley, Steven; de Silva, Thushan I; Kucharski, Adam J; (2020) Estimation of Seasonal Influenza Attack Rates and Antibody Dynamics in Children Using Cross-Sectional Serological Data. The Journal of infectious diseases, 225 (10). pp. 1750-1754. ISSN 0022-1899 DOI:


Armitage, Edwin P; Senghore, Elina; Darboe, Saffiatou; Barry, Momodou; Camara, Janko; Bah, Sulayman; Marks, Michael; Cerami, Carla; Roca, Anna; Antonio, Martin; +2 more... Turner, Claire E; de Silva, Thushan I; (2019) High burden and seasonal variation of paediatric scabies and pyoderma prevalence in The Gambia: A cross-sectional study. PLoS neglected tropical diseases, 13 (10). e0007801-. ISSN 1935-2727 DOI:

Lindsey, Benjamin B; Jagne, Ya Jankey; Armitage, Edwin P; Singanayagam, Anika; Sallah, Hadijatou J; Drammeh, Sainabou; Senghore, Elina; Mohammed, Nuredin I; Jeffries, David; Höschler, Katja; +7 more... Tregoning, John S; Meijer, Adam; Clarke, Ed; Dong, Tao; Barclay, Wendy; Kampmann, Beate; de Silva, Thushan I; (2019) Effect of a Russian-backbone live-attenuated influenza vaccine with an updated pandemic H1N1 strain on shedding and immunogenicity among children in The Gambia: an open-label, observational, phase 4 study. The Lancet. Respiratory medicine, 7 (8). pp. 665-676. ISSN 2213-2600 DOI:


Armitage, Edwin P; Camara, Janko; Bah, Sulayman; Forster, Alice S; Clarke, Ed; Kampmann, Beate; de Silva, Thushan I; (2018) Acceptability of intranasal live attenuated influenza vaccine, influenza knowledge and vaccine intent in The Gambia. VACCINE, 36 (13). pp. 1772-1780. ISSN 0264-410X DOI:

Lindsey, Benjamin B; Armitage, Edwin P; Kampmann, Beate; de Silva, Thushan I; (2018) The efficacy, effectiveness, and immunogenicity of influenza vaccines in Africa: a systematic review. The Lancet. Infectious diseases, 19 (4). e110-e119. ISSN 1474-4457 DOI:

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