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Abella, M; Zubeldia, JM; Conejero, L; Malpica, N; Vaquero, JJ; Desco, M; (2009) Automatic quantification of histological studies in allergic asthma. Cytometry Part A, 75 (3). pp. 271-7. ISSN 1552-4922 DOI: Full text not available from this repository.

Baeza, ML; Conejero, L; Higaki, Y; Martín, E; Pérez, C; Infante, S; Rubio, M; Zubeldia, JM; (2005) Anisakis simplex allergy: a murine model of anaphylaxis induced by parasitic proteins displays a mixed Th1/Th2 pattern. Clinical and experimental immunology, 142 (3). pp. 433-40. ISSN 0009-9104 DOI: Full text not available from this repository.

Champion, OL; Gourlay, LJ; Scott, AE; Lassaux, P; Conejero, L; Perletti, L; Hemsley, C; Prior, J; Bancroft, G; Bolognesi, M; +1 more... Titball, RW; (2016) Immunisation with proteins expressed during chronic murine melioidosis provides enhanced protection against disease. Vaccine. ISSN 0264-410X DOI: Full text not available from this repository.

Conejero, L; Higaki, Y; Baeza, ML; Fernández, M; Varela-Nieto, I; Zubeldia, JM; (2007) Pollen-induced airway inflammation, hyper-responsiveness and apoptosis in a murine model of allergy. Clinical and experimental allergy, 37 (3). pp. 331-8. ISSN 0954-7894 DOI: Full text not available from this repository.

Conejero, L; Patel, N; de Reynal, M; Oberdorf, S; Prior, J; Felgner, PL; Titball, RW; Salguero, FJ; Bancroft, GJ; (2011) Low-Dose Exposure of C57BL/6 Mice to Burkholderia pseudomallei Mimics Chronic Human Melioidosis. The American journal of pathology, 179 (1). pp. 270-80. ISSN 0002-9440 DOI: Full text not available from this repository.

Soto-Montenegro, ML; Conejero, L; Vaquero, JJ; Baeza, ML; Zubeldia, JM; Desco, M; (2009) Assessment of airway distribution of transnasal solutions in mice by PET/CT imaging. Molecular imaging and biology, 11 (4). pp. 263-8. ISSN 1536-1632 DOI: Full text not available from this repository.


Conejero, L; Potempa, K; Graham, CM; Spink, N; Blankley, S; Salguero, FJ; Pankla-Sranujit, R; Khaenam, P; Banchereau, JF; Pascual, V; +4 more... Chaussabel, D; Lertmemongkolchai, G; O'Garra, A; Bancroft, GJ; (2015) The Blood Transcriptome of Experimental Melioidosis Reflects Disease Severity and Shows Considerable Similarity with the Human Disease. Journal of immunology (Baltimore, Md. ISSN 0022-1767 DOI:

Müller, CM; Conejero, L; Spink, N; Wand, ME; Bancroft, GJ; Titball, RW; (2012) Role of RelA and SpoT in Burkholderia pseudomallei Virulence and Immunity. Infection and immunity, 80 (9). pp. 3247-55. ISSN 0019-9567 DOI:

Wagley, S; Vanaporn, M; Rinchai, D; Conejero, L; Lertmemongkolchai, G; Bancroft, GJ; Titball, RW; (2017) A proteasome inhibitor produced by Burkholderia pseudomallei modulates intracellular growth. Microbial pathogenesis, 107. pp. 175-180. ISSN 0882-4010 DOI:

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