LSHTM Research Online FAQs

What is LSHTM Research Online?

  • LSHTM Research Online is a freely accessible online database of research conducted by staff at LSHTM. LSHTM Research Online also supports the purpose and policy behind Open Access, which is to increase the access and exchange of information for all for the benefit of all. LSHTM Research Online is one of over 200 open access repositories within the UK. Where possible we will provide access to the full text of research outputs. To find out more about Open Access and publisher and funder requirements go here:

How does LSHTM Research Online differ from the School's Publications Database?

LSHTM Research Online will hold full text material of publications where possible, the Publications Database only holds the bibliographic information about a piece of research.

What are the advantages of having your work in LSHTM Research Online?

  • Increased visibility of your research online
  • Higher citations and rankings in Google and Google Scholar
  • Enabling those without journal subscriptions to access your research: including the general public, former students who no longer have access to electronic library subscriptions and academics and professionals in developing countries
  • Enhanced metadata
  • Ability to create CV's, export to citation tools, embed RSS feeds in your own web pages
  • Easy to access download/usage statistics for your work
  • No broken links, ensuring the long-term preservation of your work

What types of research output can LSHTM Research Online hold?

  • Peer-reviewed articles
  • Books
  • Book Chapters
  • Conference proceedings
  • Government reports
  • Working papers
  • Multimedia including images, audio, podcasts and video
  • Theses

Does LSHTM Research Online hold datasets?

  • LSHTM Research Online can record simple information about datasets and often holds supplementary material from publications but the School's data repository has been established to hold this type of material. Data Compassis a data repository which is linked to publications at Research Online. The Library also runs a Research Data Management Support Service to provide researchers operating across each Faculty with advice and guidance on good practice, and develop technical services that may be used to maintain research data in conformance with contractual and regulatory requirements. For more information see the LSHTM Research Data Support Service Blog or email

How is material added to LSHTM Research Online?

  • LSHTM Research Online gathers data about your item from PubMed, Web of Science and the LSHTM Publications database. If your work is already in one of these databases all you need to do is send us the author accepted version of your paper (that is the final peer-reviewed version submitted to the publisher but without the publishers formatting) and any additional information about the item such as funder (including grant number) and or Research Centre that the item is an output from. If you cannot find your work in LSHTM Research Online please email

Can Research Centre publications be added to Research Online?

  • Yes, just send us a list of current centre members and past publications linked to the Centre and we will create a page for the Centre on LSHTM Research Online. We will then send you a login to add new publications and an RSS feed to link the page to your Centre website.

How can I check that my work is in LSHTM Research Online?

  • Go to LSHTM Research Online, click on 'Browse by LSHTM Author' located at the top of the page and find your name. Click on your name and a list of your publications will appear. If you cannot find your name please contact us with your details.

Some of my publications are missing, why is that?

  • If recently published it may not have appeared in PubMed or Web of Science but once it does it will automatically deposited into LSHTM Research Online. If the work is not so recent or it is a book, book chapter or research output that is not usually recorded by PubMed or Web of Science then we will need to gather the information about the research. If you have already submitted this information to the Publications Database then it should be just a matter of time before it appears in LSHTM Research Online. If you have not submitted it to the Publications Database please send the details of the publication and a copy of the full text if possible to

Who can submit their work into LSHTM Research Online?

  • Any current LSHTM researcher or their representative.

Will my publisher allow the full text of my research to be held in LSHTM Research Online?

  • Most publishers allow the author's final version, sometimes known as the author accepted manuscript (the final peer-reviewed version submitted to the publisher but without the publishers formatting, and not the publishers pdf) to be deposited in institutional repositories. However, publisher policies vary so Repository Staff will investigate publishers' policies for you or you can search the SHERPA/RoMEO database database of publisher policies. Please, if possible, always keep a version of your research which has not been altered by publishers (copy edited or typeset).