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Guo, Y; Gasparrini, A; Li, S; Sera, F; Vicedo-Cabrera, AM; de Sousa Zanotti Stagliorio Coelho, M; Saldiva, PHN; Lavigne, E; Tawatsupa, B; Punnasiri, K; +29 more... (2018) Quantifying excess deaths related to heatwaves under climate change scenarios: A multicountry time series modelling study. PLoS medicine, 15 (7). e1002629. ISSN 1549-1277 DOI:

Masala, G; Assedi, M; Sera, F; Ermini, I; Occhini, D; Castaldo, M; Pierpaoli, E; Caini, S; Bendinelli, B; Ambrogetti, D; +1 more... (2018) Can dietary and physical activity modifications reduce breast density in postmenopausal women? The DAMA study, a randomized intervention trial in Italy. Cancer epidemiology, biomarkers & prevention. ISSN 1055-9965 DOI: Item availability may be restricted.

Vicedo-Cabrera, AM; Guo, Y; Sera, F; Huber, V; Schleussner, C.-, F; Mitchell, D; Tong, S; Coelho, MDSZS; Saldiva, PHN; Lavigne, E; +39 more... (2018) Temperature-related mortality impacts under and beyond Paris Agreement climate change scenarios. Climatic Change. ISSN 1573-1480 DOI:


Armstrong, B; Bell, ML; de Sousa Zanotti Stagliorio Coelho, M; Leon Guo, YL; Guo, Y; Goodman, P; Hashizume, M; Honda, Y; Kim, H; Lavigne, E; +11 more... (2017) Longer-Term Impact of High and Low Temperature on Mortality: An International Study to Clarify Length of Mortality Displacement. Environmental health perspectives, 125 (10). p. 107009. ISSN 0091-6765 DOI:

Gasparrini, A; Guo, Y; Sera, F; Vicedo-Cabrera, AM; Huber, V; Tong, S; de Sousa Zanotti Stagliorio Coelho, M; Nascimento Saldiva, PH; Lavigne, E; Matus Correa, P; +35 more... (2017) Projections of temperature-related excess mortality under climate change scenarios. The lancet Planetary health, 1 (9). e360-e367. ISSN 2542-5196 DOI:

Lee, W; Bell, ML; Gasparrini, A; Armstrong, BG; Sera, F; Hwang, S; Lavigne, E; Zanobetti, A; Coelho, MSZS; Saldiva, PHN; +15 more... (2017) Mortality burden of diurnal temperature range and its temporal changes: A multi-country study. Environment international. ISSN 0160-4120 DOI: Item availability may be restricted.

Vicedo-Cabrera, AM; Sera, F; Guo, Y; Chung, Y; Arbuthnott, K; Tong, S; Tobias, A; Lavigne, E; de Sousa Zanotti Stagliorio Coelho, M; Hilario Nascimento Saldiva, P; +11 more... (2017) A multi-country analysis on potential adaptive mechanisms to cold and heat in a changing climate. Environment international, 111. pp. 239-246. ISSN 0160-4120 DOI:


Tagliabue, E; Gandini, S; García-Borrón, JC; Maisonneuve, P; Newton-Bishop, J; Polsky, D; Lazovich, D; Kumar, R; Ghiorzo, P; Ferrucci, L; +87 more... (2016) Association of Melanocortin-1 Receptor Variants with Pigmentary Traits in Humans: A Pooled-Analysis from the M-SKIP Project. The Journal of investigative dermatology, 136 (9). pp. 1914-7. ISSN 0022-202X DOI: Full text not available from this repository.

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