Benefits of LSHTM Research Online

For researchers/authors:

Increase online research profile by exposing your research to major search engines like Google and Google Scholar which can result in greater citations and impact of your work
Download statistics available by publication, researcher, department
Organises your research output in a standardised way and provides a comprehensive personal record
Long term storage and preservation of documents
Permanent url's for each record
Ability to link and embed publication lists and documents to department and personal web pages

For the school:

Raises profile of school and increases visibility of our research
Systematic way of organising our intellectual output
Attract new students and staff
Encourage collaborations
Showcase of our research

For wider society:

Increases access to health and medical research information
Allows researchers in low and middle income countries to access, use and build upon our research
Allows the public, voluntary/charity sector, and business to access and engage with our research
Contributes to a culture of transparency for taxpayer funded research