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Abrahams, Naeemah; Devries, Karen; Watts, Charlotte; Pallitto, Christina; Petzold, Max; Shamu, Simukai; García-Moreno, Claudia; (2014) Worldwide prevalence of non-partner sexual violence: a systematic review. Lancet, 383 (9929). pp. 1648-1654. ISSN 0140-6736 DOI: Full text not available from this repository.

Beattie, Tara SH; Mohan, Harnalli L; Bhattacharjee, Parinita; Chandrashekar, Sudha; Isac, Shajy; Wheeler, Tisha; Prakash, Ravi; Ramesh, Banadakoppa M; Blanchard, James F; Heise, Lori; +3 more... Vickerman, Peter; Moses, Stephen; Watts, Charlotte; (2014) Community mobilization and empowerment of female sex workers in Karnataka State, South India: associations with HIV and sexually transmitted infection risk. American journal of public health, 104 (8). pp. 1516-1525. ISSN 0090-0036 DOI: Full text not available from this repository.

Child, Jennifer Christine; Naker, Dipak; Horton, Jennifer; Walakira, Eddy Joshua; Devries, Karen M; (2014) Responding to abuse: Children's experiences of child protection in a central district, Uganda. Child abuse & neglect, 38 (10). pp. 1647-1658. ISSN 0145-2134 DOI: Full text not available from this repository.

Devries, Karen M; Kyegombe, Nambusi; Zuurmond, Maria; Parkes, Jenny; Child, Jennifer C; Walakira, Eddy J; Naker, Dipak; (2014) Violence against primary school children with disabilities in Uganda: a cross-sectional study. BMC public health, 14 (1). 1017-. ISSN 1471-2458 DOI:

Devries, Karen M; Mak, Joelle YT; Child, Jennifer C; Falder, Gail; Bacchus, Loraine J; Astbury, Jill; Watts, Charlotte H; (2014) Childhood sexual abuse and suicidal behavior: a meta-analysis. Pediatrics, 133 (5). e1331-e1344. ISSN 0031-4005 DOI: Full text not available from this repository.

Ellsberg, Mary; Arango, Diana J; Morton, Matthew; Gennari, Floriza; Kiplesund, Sveinung; Contreras, Manuel; Watts, Charlotte; (2014) Prevention of violence against women and girls: what does the evidence say? Lancet, 385 (9977). pp. 1555-1566. ISSN 0140-6736 DOI: Full text not available from this repository.

Garawi, F; Devries, K; Thorogood, N; Uauy, R; (2014) Global differences between women and men in the prevalence of obesity: is there an association with gender inequality? European journal of clinical nutrition, 68 (10). pp. 1101-1106. ISSN 0954-3007 DOI: Full text not available from this repository.

García-Moreno, Claudia; Hegarty, Kelsey; d'Oliveira, Ana Flavia Lucas; Koziol-McLain, Jane; Colombini, Manuela; Feder, Gene; (2014) The health-systems response to violence against women. Lancet, 385 (9977). pp. 1567-1579. ISSN 0140-6736 DOI: Full text not available from this repository.

García-Moreno, Claudia; Zimmerman, Cathy; Morris-Gehring, Alison; Heise, Lori; Amin, Avni; Abrahams, Naeemah; Montoya, Oswaldo; Bhate-Deosthali, Padma; Kilonzo, Nduku; Watts, Charlotte; (2014) Addressing violence against women: a call to action. Lancet, 385 (9978). pp. 1685-1695. ISSN 0140-6736 DOI: Full text not available from this repository.

Govender, Kaymarlin; Seeley, Janet; Watts, Charlotte; (2014) Addressing structural factors in HIV prevention and treatment. African journal of AIDS research, 13 (2). iii-v. ISSN 1608-5906 DOI: Full text not available from this repository.

Gupta, Jhumka; Falb, Kathryn L; Carliner, Hannah; Hossain, Mazeda; Kpebo, Denise; Annan, Jeannie; (2014) Associations between exposure to intimate partner violence, armed conflict, and probable PTSD among women in rural Côte d'Ivoire. PloS one, 9 (5). e96300-. ISSN 1932-6203 DOI:

Hossain, Mazeda; Zimmerman, Cathy; Watts, Charlotte; (2014) Preventing violence against women and girls in conflict. Lancet, 383 (9934). pp. 2021-2022. ISSN 0140-6736 DOI: Full text not available from this repository.

Lees, Shelley; (2014) Emergent HIV technology: urban Tanzanian women's narratives of medical research, microbicides and sexuality. Culture, health & sexuality, 17 (4). pp. 412-427. ISSN 1369-1058 DOI: Full text not available from this repository.

Michau, Lori; Horn, Jessica; Bank, Amy; Dutt, Mallika; Zimmerman, Cathy; (2014) Prevention of violence against women and girls: lessons from practice. Lancet, 385 (9978). pp. 1672-1684. ISSN 0140-6736 DOI: Full text not available from this repository.

Mitchell, KM; Foss, AM; Prudden, HJ; Mukandavire, Z; Pickles, M; Williams, JR; Johnson, HC; Ramesh, BM; Washington, R; Isac, S; +9 more... Rajaram, S; Phillips, AE; Bradley, J; Alary, M; Moses, S; Lowndes, CM; Watts, CH; Boily, M-C; Vickerman, P; (2014) Who mixes with whom among men who have sex with men? Implications for modelling the HIV epidemic in southern India. Journal of theoretical biology, 355. pp. 140-150. ISSN 0022-5193 DOI:
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Mitchell, Kate M; Foss, Anna M; Ramesh, Banadakoppa M; Washington, Reynold; Isac, Shajy; Prudden, Holly J; Deering, Kathleen N; Blanchard, James F; Moses, Stephen; Lowndes, Catherine M; +3 more... Boily, Marie-Claude; Alary, Michel; Vickerman, Peter; (2014) Relationship between exposure to the Avahan intervention and levels of reported condom use among men who have sex with men in southern India. BMC public health, 14 (1). 1245-. ISSN 1471-2458 DOI:

Mitchell, Kate M; Prudden, Holly J; Ramesh, BM; Washington, Reynold; Isac, Shajy; Rajaram, S; Terris-Prestholt, Fern; Vickerman, Peter; (2014) Mathematical Modelling of the Impact of PrEP for Female Sex Workers and Men Who Have Sex with Men upon HIV Incidence and Survival in Southern India. AIDS research and human retroviruses, 30 (S1). A161-A162. ISSN 0889-2229 DOI: Full text not available from this repository.

Ndwiga, Charity; Abuya, Timothy; Mutemwa, Richard; Kimani, James Kelly; Colombini, Manuela; Mayhew, Susannah; Baird, Averie; Muia, Ruth Wayua; Kivunaga, Jackline; Warren, Charlotte E; +1 more... Integra Initiative; (2014) Exploring experiences in peer mentoring as a strategy for capacity building in sexual reproductive health and HIV service integration in Kenya. BMC health services research, 14 (1). 98-. ISSN 1472-6963 DOI:

Reither, Klaus; Katsoulis, Lynn; Beattie, Trevor; Gardiner, Nicolene; Lenz, Nicole; Said, Khadija; Mfinanga, Elirehema; Pohl, Christian; Fielding, Katherine L; Jeffery, Hannah; +10 more... Kagina, Benjamin M; Hughes, Elisabeth J; Scriba, Thomas J; Hanekom, Willem A; Hoff, Søren T; Bang, Peter; Kromann, Ingrid; Daubenberger, Claudia; Andersen, Peter; Churchyard, Gavin J; (2014) Safety and immunogenicity of H1/IC31®, an adjuvanted TB subunit vaccine, in HIV-infected adults with CD4+ lymphocyte counts greater than 350 cells/mm3: a phase II, multi-centre, double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled trial. PloS one, 9 (12). e114602-. ISSN 1932-6203 DOI:

Remme, Michelle; Siapka, Mariana; Vassall, Anna; Heise, Lori; Jacobi, Jantine; Ahumada, Claudia; Gay, Jill; Watts, Charlotte; (2014) The cost and cost-effectiveness of gender-responsive interventions for HIV: a systematic review. Journal of the International AIDS Society, 17 (1). 19228-. ISSN 1758-2652 DOI:

Remme, Michelle; Vassall, Anna; Lutz, Brian; Luna, Jorge; Watts, Charlotte; (2014) Financing structural interventions: going beyond HIV-only value for money assessments. AIDS (London, England), 28 (3). pp. 425-434. ISSN 0269-9370 DOI: Full text not available from this repository.

Stöckl, Heidi; (2014) A move beyond screening is required to ensure adequate healthcare response for women who experience intimate partner violence. Evidence-based medicine, 19 (6). 240-. ISSN 1356-5524 DOI: Full text not available from this repository.

Terris-Prestholt, Fern; Foss, Anna M; Cox, Andrew P; Heise, Lori; Meyer-Rath, Gesine; Delany-Moretlwe, Sinead; Mertenskoetter, Thomas; Rees, Helen; Vickerman, Peter; Watts, Charlotte H; (2014) Cost-effectiveness of tenofovir gel in urban South Africa: model projections of HIV impact and threshold product prices. BMC infectious diseases, 14 (1). 14-. ISSN 1471-2334 DOI:

Terris-Prestholt, Fern; Quaife, Matt; Delany-Moretlwe, Sinead; Rees, Helen; Watts, Charlotte; Vickerman, Peter; (2014) The Better it Is, the More it Will Be Used - The Synergistic Relationship between Product Efficacy, Level of Uptake and Overall Impact. AIDS research and human retroviruses, 30 (S1). A70-A70. ISSN 0889-2229 DOI: Full text not available from this repository.

Vanni, Tazio; Mesa-Frias, Marco; Sanchez-Garcia, Ruben; Roesler, Rafael; Schwartsmann, Gilberto; Goldani, Marcelo Z; Foss, Anna M; (2014) International scientific collaboration in HIV and HPV: a network analysis. PloS one, 9 (3). e93376-. ISSN 1932-6203 DOI:

Vassall, Anna; Chandrashekar, Sudhashree; Pickles, Michael; Beattie, Tara S; Shetty, Govindraj; Bhattacharjee, Parinita; Boily, Marie-Claude; Vickerman, Peter; Bradley, Janet; Alary, Michel; +3 more... Moses, Stephen; CHARME India Group; Watts, Charlotte; (2014) Community mobilisation and empowerment interventions as part of HIV prevention for female sex workers in Southern India: a cost-effectiveness analysis. PloS one, 9 (10). e110562-. ISSN 1932-6203 DOI:

Vyas, Seema; Heise, Lori; (2014) Using propensity score matching to estimate an "unbiased effect-size" between women's employment and partner violence in Tanzania. Journal of interpersonal violence, 29 (16). pp. 2971-2990. ISSN 0886-2605 DOI: Full text not available from this repository.

Ward, Helen; Gregson, Simon; Watts, Charlotte; Garnett, Geoffrey P; (2014) Translational epidemiology: developing and applying theoretical frameworks to improve the control of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections. The Journal of infectious diseases, 210 Su (suppl). S547-S548. ISSN 0022-1899 DOI:

Williamson, Emma; Jones, Sue K; Ferrari, Giulia; Debbonaire, Thangam; Feder, Gene; Hester, Marianne; (2014) Health professionals responding to men for safety (HERMES): feasibility of a general practice training intervention to improve the response to male patients who have experienced or perpetrated domestic violence and abuse. Primary health care research & development, 16 (3). pp. 281-288. ISSN 1463-4236 DOI: Full text not available from this repository.

Zimmerman, Cathy; Schenker, Marc B; (2014) Human trafficking for forced labour and occupational health. Occupational and environmental medicine, 71 (12). pp. 807-808. ISSN 1351-0711 DOI: Full text not available from this repository.

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