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Abdel-Rahman, ME; Butler, J; Sydes, MR; Parmar, MKB; Gordon, E; Harper, P; Williams, C; Crook, A; Sandercock, J; Swart, AM; +3 more... Rachet, B; Coleman, MP; ICON2 and ICON3 investigators; (2014) No socioeconomic inequalities in ovarian cancer survival within two randomised clinical trials. British journal of cancer, 111 (3). pp. 589-597. ISSN 0007-0920 DOI:

Allemani, Claudia; Weir, Hannah K; Carreira, Helena; Harewood, Rhea; Spika, Devon; Wang, Xiao-Si; Bannon, Finian; Ahn, Jane V; Johnson, Christopher J; Bonaventure, Audrey; +14 more... Marcos-Gragera, Rafael; Stiller, Charles; Azevedo e Silva, Gulnar; Chen, Wan-Qing; Ogunbiyi, Olufemi J; Rachet, Bernard; Soeberg, Matthew J; You, Hui; Matsuda, Tomohiro; Bielska-Lasota, Magdalena; Storm, Hans; Tucker, Thomas C; Coleman, Michel P; CONCORD Working Group; (2014) Global surveillance of cancer survival 1995-2009: analysis of individual data for 25,676,887 patients from 279 population-based registries in 67 countries (CONCORD-2). Lancet, 385 (9972). pp. 977-1010. ISSN 0140-6736 DOI:

Arya, Manit; Li, Ruoran; Muneer, Asif; Coleman, Michel P; (2014) Reply to comments by Dr. Frisch and Dr. Van Howe. Cancer causes & control, 25 (3). pp. 407-408. ISSN 0957-5243 DOI: Full text not available from this repository.

Carreira, Helena; Bastos, Ana; Peleteiro, Bárbara; Lunet, Nuno; (2014) Breast-feeding and Helicobacter pylori infection: systematic review and meta-analysis. Public health nutrition, 18 (3). pp. 500-520. ISSN 1368-9800 DOI:

Carreira, Helena; Lorenzoni, Cesaltina; Carrilho, Carla; Ferro, Josefo; Sultane, Thebora; Garcia, Carlos; Amod, Faizana; Augusto, Orvalho; Silva-Matos, Carla; La Vecchia, Carlo; +1 more... Lunet, Nuno; (2014) Spectrum of pediatric cancers in Mozambique: an analysis of hospital and population-based data. Pediatric hematology and oncology, 31 (6). pp. 498-508. ISSN 0888-0018 DOI: Full text not available from this repository.

Coleman, Michel P; (2014) Cancer survival: global surveillance will stimulate health policy and improve equity. Lancet, 383 (9916). pp. 564-573. ISSN 0140-6736 DOI: Full text not available from this repository.

Dejardin, O; Jones, AP; Rachet, B; Morris, E; Bouvier, V; Jooste, V; Coombes, E; Forman, D; Bouvier, AM; Launoy, G; (2014) The influence of geographical access to health care and material deprivation on colorectal cancer survival: evidence from France and England. Health & place, 30. pp. 36-44. ISSN 1353-8292 DOI: Full text not available from this repository.

Ellis, Libby; Woods, Laura M; Estève, Jacques; Eloranta, Sandra; Coleman, Michel P; Rachet, Bernard; (2014) Cancer incidence, survival and mortality: explaining the concepts. International journal of cancer Journal international du cancer, 135 (8). pp. 1774-1782. ISSN 0020-7136 DOI: Full text not available from this repository.

Evans, Ruth EC; Morris, Melanie; Sekhon, Mandeep; Buszewicz, Marta; Walter, Fiona M; Waller, Jo; Simon, Alice E; (2014) Increasing awareness of gynaecological cancer symptoms: a GP perspective. The British journal of general practice, 64 (623). e372-e380. ISSN 0960-1643 DOI:

Li, Ruoran; (2014) Cancer burden in China and the role of the cancer registries. Annals of translational medicine, 2 (7). 69-. ISSN 2305-5839 DOI: Full text not available from this repository.

Maringe, Camille; Walters, Sarah; Rachet, Bernard; Butler, John; Finan, Paul; Morris, Eva; Gavin, Anna; Coleman, Michel P; (2014) Optimal use of staging data in international comparisons of colorectal cancer survival. Acta oncologica (Stockholm, Sweden), 53 (6). pp. 847-848. ISSN 0284-186X DOI:

Zeng, Hongmei; Zheng, Rongshou; Guo, Yuming; Zhang, Siwei; Zou, Xiaonong; Wang, Ning; Zhang, Limei; Tang, Jingao; Chen, Jianguo; Wei, Kuangrong; +24 more... Huang, Suqin; Wang, Jian; Yu, Liang; Zhao, Deli; Song, Guohui; Chen, Jianshun; Shen, Yongzhou; Yang, Xiaoping; Gu, Xiaoping; Jin, Feng; Li, Qilong; Li, Yanhua; Ge, Hengming; Zhu, Fengdong; Dong, Jianmei; Guo, Guoping; Wu, Ming; Du, Lingbin; Sun, Xibin; He, Yutong; Coleman, Michel P; Baade, Peter; Chen, Wanqing; Yu, Xue Qin; (2014) Cancer survival in China, 2003-2005: a population-based study. International journal of cancer Journal international du cancer, 136 (8). pp. 1921-1930. ISSN 0020-7136 DOI: Full text not available from this repository.

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