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Akech, S; Gwer, S; Idro, R; Fegan, G; Eziefula, AC; Newton, CR; Levin, M; Maitland, K; (2007) Volume expansion with albumin compared to gelofusine in children with severe malaria: Results of a controlled trial. PLoS clinical trials, 1 (5). e21. ISSN 1555-5887 DOI:


Bejon, P; Mwacharo, J; Kai, O; Mwangi, T; Milligan, P; Todryk, S; Keating, S; Lang, T; Lowe, B; Gikonyo, C; +6 more... Molyneux, C; Fegan, G; Gilbert, SC; Peshu, N; Marsh, K; Hill, AV; (2006) A Phase 2b Randomised Trial of the Candidate Malaria Vaccines FP9 ME-TRAP and MVA ME-TRAP among Children in Kenya. PLoS clinical trials, 1 (6). e29. ISSN 1555-5887 DOI:

Bejon, P; Ogada, E; Mwangi, T; Milligan, P; Lang, T; Fegan, G; Gilbert, SC; Peshu, N; Marsh, K; Hill, AVS; (2007) Extended follow-up following a phase 2b randomized trial of the candidate malaria vaccines FP9 ME-TRAP and MVA ME-TRAP among children in Kenya. PLoS clinical trials, 2 (8). ISSN 1555-5887 DOI:

Bukirwa, H; Yeka, A; Kamya, MR; Talisuna, A; Banek, K; Bakyaita, N; Rwakimari, JB; Rosenthal, PJ; Wabwire-Mangen, F; Dorsey, G; +1 more... Staedke, SG; (2006) Artemisinin combination therapies for treatment of uncomplicated malaria in Uganda. PLoS clinical trials, 1 (1). e7. ISSN 1555-5887 DOI:


Checchi, F; Piola, P; Ayikoru, H; Thomas, F; Legros, D; Priotto, G; (2007) Nifurtimox plus eflornithine for late-stage sleeping sickness in Uganda: A case series. PLoS clinical trials, 2 (11). ISSN 1555-5887 DOI:



Enosse, S; Dobano, C; Quelhas, D; Aponte, JJ; Lievens, M; Leach, A; Sacarlal, J; Greenwood, B; Milman, J; Dubovsky, F; +6 more... Cohen, J; Thompson, R; Ballou, WR; Alonso, PL; Conway, DJ; Sutherland, CJ; (2006) RTS,S/AS02A malaria vaccine does not induce parasite CSP T cell epitope selection and reduces multiplicity of infection. PLoS clinical trials, 1 (1). ISSN 1555-5887 DOI:


Grande, T; Bernasconi, A; Erhart, A; Gamboa, D; Casapia, M; Delgado, C; Torres, K; Fanello, C; Llanos-Cuentas, A; D'Alessandro, U; (2007) A randomised controlled trial to assess the efficacy of dihydroartemisinin-piperaquine for the treatment of uncomplicated falciparum malaria in Peru. PLoS clinical trials, 2 (10). ISSN 1555-5887 DOI:



Jukes, MCH; Pinder, M; Grigorenko, EL; Smith, HB; Walraven, G; Bariau, EM; Sternberg, RJ; Drake, LJ; Milligan, P; Cheung, YB; +2 more... Greenwood, BM; Bundy, DAP; (2006) Long-term impact of malaria chemoprophylaxis on cognitive abilities and educational attainment: Follow-up of a controlled trial. PLoS clinical trials, 1 (4). e19. ISSN 1555-5887 DOI:


Kamya, MR; Yeka, A; Bukirwa, H; Lugemwa, M; Rwakimari, JB; Staedke, SG; Talisuna, AO; Greenhouse, B; Nosten, F; Rosenthal, PJ; +2 more... Wabwire-Mangen, F; Dorsey, G; (2007) Artemether-lumefantrine versus dihydroartemisinin-piperaquine for treatment of malaria: A randomized trial. PLoS clinical trials, 2 (5). e20. ISSN 1555-5887 DOI:

Koole, O; Noestlinger, C; Colebunders, R; (2007) Quality of life in HIV clinical trials: why sexual health must not be ignored. PLoS clinical trials, 2 (3). e8. ISSN 1555-5887 DOI:


Priotto, G; Fogg, C; Balasegaram, M; Erphas, O; Louga, A; Checchi, F; Ghabri, S; Piola, P; (2006) Three drug combinations for late-stage Trypanosoma brucei gambiense sleeping sickness: a randomized clinical trial in Uganda. PLoS clinical trials, 1 (8). e39. ISSN 1555-5887 DOI:



van der Sande, MAB; Waight, PA; Mendy, M; Zaman, S; Kaye, S; Sam, O; Kahn, A; Jeffries, D; Akum, AA; Hall, AJ; +4 more... Bah, E; McConkey, SJ; Hainaut, P; Whittle, HC; (2007) Long-term protection against HBV chronic carriage of Gambian adolescents vaccinated in infancy and immune response in HBV booster trial in adolescence. PLoS clinical trials, 2 (8). ISSN 1555-5887 DOI:

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