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Fraschka, SA; Filarsky, M; Hoo, R; Niederwieser, I; Yam, XY; Brancucci, NMB; Mohring, F; Mushunje, AT; Huang, X; Christensen, PR; +8 more... Nosten, F; Bozdech, Z; Russell, B; Moon, RW; Marti, M; Preiser, PR; Bártfai, R; Voss, TS; (2018) Comparative Heterochromatin Profiling Reveals Conserved and Unique Epigenome Signatures Linked to Adaptation and Development of Malaria Parasites. Cell host & microbe. ISSN 1931-3128 DOI:

Sancho-Shimizu, V; Mostowy, S; (2018) Bacterial Autophagy: How to Take a Complement. Cell host & microbe, 23 (5). pp. 580-582. ISSN 1931-3128 DOI: Full text not available from this repository.

Teo, SM; Tang, HHF; Mok, D; Judd, LM; Watts, SC; Pham, K; Holt, BJ; Kusel, M; Serralha, M; Troy, N; +9 more... Bochkov, YA; Grindle, K; Lemanske, RFJr; Johnston, SL; Gern, JE; Sly, PD; Holt, PG; Holt, KE; Inouye, M; (2018) Airway Microbiota Dynamics Uncover a Critical Window for Interplay of Pathogenic Bacteria and Allergy in Childhood Respiratory Disease. Technical Report. Elsevier (Cell Press). DOI: Full text not available from this repository.


Entwistle, LJ; Pelly, VS; Coomes, SM; Kannan, Y; Perez-Lloret, J; Czieso, S; Silva Dos Santos, M; MacRae, JI; Collinson, L; Sesay, A; +5 more... Nikolov, N; Metidji, A; Helmby, H; Hui, DY; Wilson, MS; (2017) Epithelial-Cell-Derived Phospholipase A2 Group 1B Is an Endogenous Anthelmintic. Cell host & microbe, 22 (4). 484-493.e5. ISSN 1931-3128 DOI:


Das, S; Hertrich, N; Perrin, AJ; Withers-Martinez, C; Collins, CR; Jones, ML; Watermeyer, JM; Fobes, ET; Martin, SR; Saibil, HR; +4 more... Wright, GJ; Treeck, M; Epp, C; Blackman, MJ; (2015) Processing of Plasmodium falciparum Merozoite Surface Protein MSP1 Activates a Spectrin-Binding Function Enabling Parasite Egress from RBCs. Cell host & microbe, 18 (4). pp. 433-44. ISSN 1931-3128 DOI:
[img] [img]

Moody, MA; Gao, F; Gurley, TC; Amos, JD; Kumar, A; Hora, B; Marshall, DJ; Whitesides, JF; Xia, SM; Parks, R; +28 more... Lloyd, KE; Hwang, KK; Lu, X; Bonsignori, M; Finzi, A; Vandergrift, NA; Alam, SM; Ferrari, G; Shen, X; Tomaras, GD; Kamanga, G; Cohen, MS; Sam, NE; Kapiga, S; Gray, ES; Tumba, NL; Morris, L; Zolla-Pazner, S; Gorny, MK; Mascola, JR; Hahn, BH; Shaw, GM; Sodroski, JG; Liao, HX; Montefiori, DC; Hraber, PT; Korber, BT; Haynes, BF; (2015) Strain-Specific V3 and CD4 Binding Site Autologous HIV-1 Neutralizing Antibodies Select Neutralization-Resistant Viruses. Cell host & microbe, 18 (3). pp. 354-62. ISSN 1931-3128 DOI: Full text not available from this repository.


Flueck, C; Baker, DA; (2014) Malaria parasite epigenetics: when virulence and romance collide. Cell host & microbe, 16 (2). pp. 148-50. ISSN 1931-3128 DOI: Full text not available from this repository.


Collins, CR; Blackman, MJ; (2011) Apicomplexan AMA1 in host cell invasion: a model at the junction? Cell host & microbe, 10 (6). pp. 531-3. ISSN 1931-3128 DOI: Full text not available from this repository.


Chow, OA; von Köckritz-Blickwede, M; Bright, AT; Hensler, ME; Zinkernagel, AS; Cogen, AL; Gallo, RL; Monestier, M; Wang, Y; Glass, CK; +1 more... Nizet, V; (2010) Statins enhance formation of phagocyte extracellular traps. Cell host & microbe, 8 (5). pp. 445-54. ISSN 1931-3128 DOI: Full text not available from this repository.

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