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Abad-Franch, Fernando; Ferraz, Gonçalo; Campos, Ciro; Palomeque, Francisco S; Grijalva, Mario J; Aguilar, H Marcelo; Miles, Michael A; (2010) Modeling disease vector occurrence when detection is imperfect: infestation of Amazonian palm trees by triatomine bugs at three spatial scales. PLoS neglected tropical diseases, 4 (3). e620-. ISSN 1935-2727 DOI:

Abad-Franch, Fernando; Santos, Walter S; Schofield, Christopher J; (2010) Research needs for Chagas disease prevention. Acta tropica, 115 (1-2). pp. 44-54. ISSN 0001-706X DOI: Full text not available from this repository.

Andreu, Nuria; Zelmer, Andrea; Fletcher, Taryn; Elkington, Paul T; Ward, Theresa H; Ripoll, Jorge; Parish, Tanya; Bancroft, Gregory J; Schaible, Ulrich; Robertson, Brian D; +1 more... Wiles, Siouxsie; (2010) Optimisation of bioluminescent reporters for use with mycobacteria. PloS one, 5 (5). e10777-. ISSN 1932-6203 DOI:


Baker, David A; (2010) Cyclic nucleotide signalling in malaria parasites. Cellular microbiology, 13 (3). pp. 331-339. ISSN 1462-5814 DOI: Full text not available from this repository.

Baker, David A; (2010) Malaria gametocytogenesis. Molecular and biochemical parasitology, 172 (2). pp. 57-65. ISSN 0166-6851 DOI:

Baker, Stephen; Hanage, William P; Holt, Kathryn E; (2010) Navigating the future of bacterial molecular epidemiology. Current opinion in microbiology, 13 (5). pp. 640-645. ISSN 1369-5274 DOI:

Bulgin, Richard; Raymond, Benoit; Garnett, James A; Frankel, Gad; Crepin, Valerie F; Berger, Cedric N; Arbeloa, Ana; (2010) Bacterial guanine nucleotide exchange factors SopE-like and WxxxE effectors. Infection and immunity, 78 (4). pp. 1417-1425. ISSN 0019-9567 DOI: Full text not available from this repository.


Carroll, Robert P; Segundo, David San; Hollowood, Kevin; Marafioti, Teresa; Clark, Taane G; Harden, Paul N; Wood, Kathryn J; (2010) Immune phenotype predicts risk for posttransplantation squamous cell carcinoma. Journal of the American Society of Nephrology, 21 (4). pp. 713-722. ISSN 1046-6673 DOI: Full text not available from this repository.

Catusse, Julie; Leick, Marion; Groch, Mareike; Clark, David J; Buchner, Maike V; Zirlik, Katja; Burger, Meike; (2010) Role of the atypical chemoattractant receptor CRAM in regulating CCL19 induced CCR7 responses in B-cell chronic lymphocytic leukemia. Molecular cancer, 9 (1). 297-. ISSN 1476-4598 DOI:

Champion, Olivia L; Karlyshev, Andrey V; Senior, Nicola J; Woodward, Martin; La Ragione, Roberto; Howard, Sarah L; Wren, Brendan W; Titball, Richard W; (2010) Insect infection model for Campylobacter jejuni reveals that O-methyl phosphoramidate has insecticidal activity. The Journal of infectious diseases, 201 (5). pp. 776-782. ISSN 0022-1899 DOI: Full text not available from this repository.

Chaudhuri, Roy R; Sebaihia, Mohammed; Hobman, Jon L; Webber, Mark A; Leyton, Denisse L; Goldberg, Martin D; Cunningham, Adam F; Scott-Tucker, Anthony; Ferguson, Paul R; Thomas, Christopher M; +10 more... Frankel, Gad; Tang, Christoph M; Dudley, Edward G; Roberts, Ian S; Rasko, David A; Pallen, Mark J; Parkhill, Julian; Nataro, James P; Thomson, Nicholas R; Henderson, Ian R; (2010) Complete genome sequence and comparative metabolic profiling of the prototypical enteroaggregative Escherichia coli strain 042. PLOS ONE, 5 (1). e8801-. ISSN 1932-6203 DOI:

Child, Matthew A; Epp, Christian; Bujard, Hermann; Blackman, Michael J; (2010) Regulated maturation of malaria merozoite surface protein-1 is essential for parasite growth. Molecular microbiology, 78 (1). pp. 187-202. ISSN 0950-382X DOI:

Christenbury, Joseph G; Aw, Pauline PK; Ong, Swee Hoe; Schreiber, Mark J; Chow, Angelia; Gubler, Duane J; Vasudevan, Subhash G; Ooi, Eng Eong; Hibberd, Martin L; (2010) A method for full genome sequencing of all four serotypes of the dengue virus. Journal of virological methods, 169 (1). pp. 202-206. ISSN 0166-0934 DOI: Full text not available from this repository.

Clark, C Graham; Gillin, Frances D; Bhattacharya, Alok; Bhattacharya, Sudha; Mirelman, David; (2010) In memoriam: Louis S. "Buddy" Diamond (1920-2009). The Journal of eukaryotic microbiology, 57 (5). pp. 449-451. ISSN 1066-5234 DOI: Full text not available from this repository.

Clark, CG; Johnson, PJ; Adam, RD; (2010) Anaerobic Parasitic Protozoa: Genomics and Molecular Biology. Caister Academic Press. Full text not available from this repository.

Clark, Taane G; Campino, Susana G; Anastasi, Elisa; Auburn, Sarah; Teo, Yik Y; Small, Kerrin; Rockett, Kirk A; Kwiatkowski, Dominic P; Holmes, Christopher C; (2010) A Bayesian approach using covariance of single nucleotide polymorphism data to detect differences in linkage disequilibrium patterns between groups of individuals. Bioinformatics (Oxford, England), 26 (16). pp. 1999-2003. ISSN 1367-4803 DOI: Full text not available from this repository.

Commander, Nicola J; Brewer, James M; Wren, Brendan W; Spencer, Stephen A; Macmillan, Alastair P; Stack, Judith A; (2010) Liposomal delivery of p-ialB and p-omp25 DNA vaccines improves immunogenicity but fails to provide full protection against B. melitensis challenge. Genetic vaccines and therapy, 8 (1). 5-. ISSN 1479-0556 DOI:

Cuff, Alison L; Sillitoe, Ian; Lewis, Tony; Clegg, Andrew B; Rentzsch, Robert; Furnham, Nicholas; Pellegrini-Calace, Marialuisa; Jones, David; Thornton, Janet; Orengo, Christine A; (2010) Extending CATH: increasing coverage of the protein structure universe and linking structure with function. Nucleic acids research, 39 (Databa). D420-D426. ISSN 0305-1048 DOI:

Currier, Rachel B; Harrison, Robert A; Rowley, Paul D; Laing, Gavin D; Wagstaff, Simon C; (2010) Intra-specific variation in venom of the African Puff Adder (Bitis arietans): Differential expression and activity of snake venom metalloproteinases (SVMPs). Toxicon, 55 (4). pp. 864-873. ISSN 0041-0101 DOI: Full text not available from this repository.


Daelemans, Caroline; Ritchie, Matthew E; Smits, Guillaume; Abu-Amero, Sayeda; Sudbery, Ian M; Forrest, Matthew S; Campino, Susana; Clark, Taane G; Stanier, Philip; Kwiatkowski, Dominic; +5 more... Deloukas, Panos; Dermitzakis, Emmanouil T; Tavaré, Simon; Moore, Gudrun E; Dunham, Ian; (2010) High-throughput analysis of candidate imprinted genes and allele-specific gene expression in the human term placenta. BMC genetics, 11 (1). 25-. ISSN 1471-2156 DOI:

Davila, S; Froeling, FEM; Tan, A; Bonnard, C; Boland, GJ; Snippe, H; Hibberd, ML; Seielstad, M; (2010) New genetic associations detected in a host response study to hepatitis B vaccine. Genes and immunity, 11 (3). pp. 232-238. ISSN 1466-4879 DOI: Full text not available from this repository.

Davila, Sonia; Wright, Victoria J; Khor, Chiea Chuen; Sim, Kar Seng; Binder, Alexander; Breunis, Willemijn B; Inwald, David; Nadel, Simon; Betts, Helen; Carrol, Enitan D; +12 more... de Groot, Ronald; Hermans, Peter WM; Hazelzet, Jan; Emonts, Marieke; Lim, Chui Chin; Kuijpers, Taco W; Martinon-Torres, Federico; Salas, Antonio; Zenz, Werner; Levin, Michael; Hibberd, Martin L; International Meningococcal Genetics Consortium; (2010) Genome-wide association study identifies variants in the CFH region associated with host susceptibility to meningococcal disease. Nature genetics, 42 (9). pp. 772-776. ISSN 1061-4036 DOI: Full text not available from this repository.

Dawson, Lisa F; Dillury, Joanna; Davis, Elaine O; (2010) RecA-independent DNA damage induction of Mycobacterium tuberculosis ruvC despite an appropriately located SOS box. Journal of bacteriology, 192 (2). pp. 599-603. ISSN 0021-9193 DOI: Full text not available from this repository.

Drew, Clifton P; Gardner, Ian A; Mayo, Christie E; Matsuo, Eiko; Roy, Polly; MacLachlan, N James; (2010) Bluetongue virus infection alters the impedance of monolayers of bovine endothelial cells as a result of cell death. Veterinary immunology and immunopathology, 136 (1-2). pp. 108-115. ISSN 0165-2427 DOI:

Duque, María D; Camps, Pelayo; Torres, Eva; Valverde, Elena; Sureda, Francesc X; López-Querol, Marta; Camins, Antoni; Prathalingam, S Radhika; Kelly, John M; Vázquez, Santiago; (2010) New oxapolycyclic cage amines with NMDA receptor antagonist and trypanocidal activities. Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry, 18 (1). pp. 46-57. ISSN 0968-0896 DOI: Full text not available from this repository.

de Souza, J Brian; Okomo, Uduak; Alexander, Neal D; Aziz, Naveed; Owens, Benjamin MJ; Kaur, Harparkash; Jasseh, Momodou; Muangnoicharoen, Sant; Sumariwalla, Percy F; Warhurst, David C; +7 more... Ward, Stephen A; Conway, David J; Ulloa, Luis; Tracey, Kevin J; Foxwell, Brian MJ; Kaye, Paul M; Walther, Michael; (2010) Oral activated charcoal prevents experimental cerebral malaria in mice and in a randomized controlled clinical trial in man did not interfere with the pharmacokinetics of parenteral artesunate. PloS one, 5 (4). e9867-. ISSN 1932-6203 DOI:


Edwards, Lindsey A; Nistala, Kiran; Mills, Dominic C; Stephenson, Holly N; Zilbauer, Matthias; Wren, Brendan W; Dorrell, Nick; Lindley, Keith J; Wedderburn, Lucy R; Bajaj-Elliott, Mona; (2010) Delineation of the innate and adaptive T-cell immune outcome in the human host in response to Campylobacter jejuni infection. PloS one, 5 (11). e15398-. ISSN 1932-6203 DOI:


Flueck, Christian; Bartfai, Richard; Niederwieser, Igor; Witmer, Kathrin; Alako, Blaise TF; Moes, Suzette; Bozdech, Zbynek; Jenoe, Paul; Stunnenberg, Hendrik G; Voss, Till S; (2010) A major role for the Plasmodium falciparum ApiAP2 protein PfSIP2 in chromosome end biology. PLoS pathogens, 6 (2). e1000784-. ISSN 1553-7366 DOI:

Francisco, Amanda Fortes; de Abreu Vieira, Paula Melo; Arantes, Jerusa Marilda; Silva, Maisa; Pedrosa, Maria Lúcia; Elói-Santos, Silvana Maria; Martins-Filho, Olindo Assis; Teixeira-Carvalho, Andréa; Araújo, Márcio Sobreira Silva; Tafuri, Washington Luiz; +1 more... Carneiro, Cláudia Martins; (2010) Increase of reactive oxygen species by desferrioxamine during experimental Chagas' disease. Redox report, 15 (4). pp. 185-190. ISSN 1351-0002 DOI:

Friedrich, Nikolas; Santos, Joana M; Liu, Yan; Palma, Angelina S; Leon, Ester; Saouros, Savvas; Kiso, Makoto; Blackman, Michael J; Matthews, Stephen; Feizi, Ten; +1 more... Soldati-Favre, Dominique; (2010) Members of a novel protein family containing microneme adhesive repeat domains act as sialic acid-binding lectins during host cell invasion by apicomplexan parasites. The Journal of biological chemistry, 285 (3). pp. 2064-2076. ISSN 0021-9258 DOI: Full text not available from this repository.


Gadalla, Nahla B; Elzaki, Salah Eldin; Mukhtar, Ebtihal; Warhurst, David C; El-Sayed, Badria; Sutherland, Colin J; (2010) Dynamics of pfcrt alleles CVMNK and CVIET in chloroquine-treated Sudanese patients infected with Plasmodium falciparum. Malaria journal, 9 (1). 74-. ISSN 1475-2875 DOI:

Glover, Lucy; Jun, Junho; Horn, David; (2010) Microhomology-mediated deletion and gene conversion in African trypanosomes. Nucleic acids research, 39 (4). pp. 1372-1380. ISSN 0305-1048 DOI:

Gompels, U; (2010) Human herpesvirus 6 and 7. In: Mahy, B; van Regenmortel, M, (eds.) Desk Encyclopedia of Human and Medical Virology. Elsevier, pp. 148-155. ISBN 9780123751478 Full text not available from this repository.


He, Miao; Sebaihia, Mohammed; Lawley, Trevor D; Stabler, Richard A; Dawson, Lisa F; Martin, Melissa J; Holt, Kathryn E; Seth-Smith, Helena MB; Quail, Michael A; Rance, Richard; +15 more... Brooks, Karen; Churcher, Carol; Harris, David; Bentley, Stephen D; Burrows, Christine; Clark, Louise; Corton, Craig; Murray, Vicky; Rose, Graham; Thurston, Scott; van Tonder, Andries; Walker, Danielle; Wren, Brendan W; Dougan, Gordon; Parkhill, Julian; (2010) Evolutionary dynamics of Clostridium difficile over short and long time scales. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 107 (16). pp. 7527-7532. ISSN 0027-8424 DOI: Full text not available from this repository.

Hitchen, Paul G; Twigger, Katie; Valiente, Esmeralda; Langdon, Rebecca H; Wren, Brendan W; Dell, Anne; (2010) Glycoproteomics: a powerful tool for characterizing the diverse glycoforms of bacterial pilins and flagellins. Biochemical Society transactions, 38 (5). pp. 1307-1313. ISSN 0300-5127 DOI: Full text not available from this repository.

Hoang, Long Truong; Lynn, David J; Henn, Matt; Birren, Bruce W; Lennon, Niall J; Le, Phuong Thi; Duong, Kien Thi Hue; Nguyen, Tham Thi Hong; Mai, Lanh Ngoc; Farrar, Jeremy J; +2 more... Hibberd, Martin L; Simmons, Cameron P; (2010) The early whole-blood transcriptional signature of dengue virus and features associated with progression to dengue shock syndrome in Vietnamese children and young adults. Journal of virology, 84 (24). pp. 12982-12994. ISSN 0022-538X DOI: Full text not available from this repository.

Horby, P; Sudoyo, H; Viprakasit, V; Fox, A; Thai, PQ; Yu, H; Davila, S; Hibberd, M; Dunstan, SJ; Monteerarat, Y; +3 more... Farrar, JJ; Marzuki, S; Hien, NT; (2010) What is the evidence of a role for host genetics in susceptibility to influenza A/H5N1? Epidemiology and infection, 138 (11). pp. 1550-1558. ISSN 0950-2688 DOI:

Horn, David; McCulloch, Richard; (2010) Molecular mechanisms underlying the control of antigenic variation in African trypanosomes. Current opinion in microbiology, 13 (6). pp. 700-705. ISSN 1369-5274 DOI:

Huntley, Derek M; Pandis, Ioannis; Butcher, Sarah A; Ackers, John P; (2010) Bioinformatic analysis of Entamoeba histolytica SINE1 elements. BMC genomics, 11 (1). 321-. ISSN 1471-2164 DOI:


Jagusztyn-Krynicka, Elzbieta K; Roszczenko, Paula; Grabowska, Anna; (2010) Impact of proteomics on anti-Mycobacterium tuberculosis (MTB) vaccine development. Polish journal of microbiology / Polskie Towarzystwo Mikrobiologow = The Polish Society of Microbiologists, 58 (4). pp. 281-287. ISSN 1733-1331

Jervis, Adrian J; Langdon, Rebecca; Hitchen, Paul; Lawson, Andrew J; Wood, Alison; Fothergill, Joanne L; Morris, Howard R; Dell, Anne; Wren, Brendan; Linton, Dennis; (2010) Characterization of N-linked protein glycosylation in Helicobacter pullorum. Journal of bacteriology, 192 (19). pp. 5228-5236. ISSN 0021-9193 DOI: Full text not available from this repository.


Kanai, Yuta; Boonsathorn, Naphatsawan; Chittaganpitch, Malinee; Bai, Guirong; Li, Yonggang; Kase, Tetsuo; Takahashi, Kazuo; Okuno, Yoshinobu; Jampangern, Wipawee; Ikuta, Kazuyoshi; +1 more... Sawanpanyalert, Pathom; (2010) The impact of antigenic drift of influenza A virus on human herd immunity: Sero-epidemiological study of H1N1 in healthy Thai population in 2009. Vaccine, 28 (33). pp. 5437-5444. ISSN 0264-410X DOI: Full text not available from this repository.

Kanai, Yuta; Chittaganpitch, Malinee; Nakamura, Izuru; Li, Gui-Mei; Bai, Gui-Rong; Li, Yong-Gang; Ikuta, Kazuyoshi; Sawanpanyalert, Pathom; (2010) Distinct propagation efficiencies of H5N1 influenza virus Thai isolates in newly established murine respiratory region-derived cell clones. Virus research, 153 (2). pp. 218-225. ISSN 0168-1702 DOI: Full text not available from this repository.

Kanai, Yuta; Tsujikawa, Muneo; Yunoki, Mikihiro; Nishiyama, Shoko; Ikuta, Kazuyoshi; Hagiwara, Katsuro; (2010) Long-term shedding of hepatitis E virus in the feces of pigs infected naturally, born to sows with and without maternal antibodies. Journal of medical virology, 82 (1). pp. 69-76. ISSN 0146-6615 DOI: Full text not available from this repository.

Kato-Mori, Yuko; Orihashi, Takenori; Kanai, Yuta; Sato, Michiko; Sera, Kenji; Hagiwara, Katsuro; (2010) Fermentation metabolites from Lactobacillus gasseri and Propionibacterium freudenreichii exert bacteriocidal effects in mice. Journal of medicinal food, 13 (6). pp. 1460-1467. ISSN 1096-620X DOI: Full text not available from this repository.

Kay, Emily; Lesk, Victor I; Tamaddoni-Nezhad, Alireza; Hitchen, Paul G; Dell, Anne; Sternberg, Michael J; Muggleton, Stephen; Wren, Brendan W; (2010) Systems analysis of bacterial glycomes. Biochemical Society transactions, 38 (5). pp. 1290-1293. ISSN 0300-5127 DOI: Full text not available from this repository.

Khor, Chiea C; Hibberd, Martin L; (2010) Shared pathways to infectious disease susceptibility? Genome medicine, 2 (8). 52-. ISSN 1756-994X DOI:


Ladhani, Shamez N; Davila, Sonia; Hibberd, Martin L; Heath, Paul T; Ramsay, Mary E; Slack, Mary PE; Pollard, Andrew J; Booy, Robert; (2010) Association between single-nucleotide polymorphisms in Mal/TIRAP and interleukin-10 genes and susceptibility to invasive haemophilus influenzae serotype b infection in immunized children. Clinical infectious diseases, 51 (7). pp. 761-767. ISSN 1058-4838 DOI: Full text not available from this repository.

Ladhani, Shamez; Heath, Paul T; Aibara, Rashna J; Ramsay, Mary E; Slack, Mary PE; Hibberd, Martin L; Pollard, Andrew J; Moxon, E Richard; Booy, Robert; (2010) Long-term complications and risk of other serious infections following invasive Haemophilus influenzae serotype b disease in vaccinated children. Vaccine, 28 (10). pp. 2195-2200. ISSN 0264-410X DOI: Full text not available from this repository.

Lawley, Trevor D; Clare, Simon; Deakin, Laura J; Goulding, David; Yen, Jennifer L; Raisen, Claire; Brandt, Cordelia; Lovell, Jon; Cooke, Fiona; Clark, Taane G; +1 more... Dougan, Gordon; (2010) Use of purified Clostridium difficile spores to facilitate evaluation of health care disinfection regimens. Applied and environmental microbiology, 76 (20). pp. 6895-6900. ISSN 0099-2240 DOI: Full text not available from this repository.

Lee, Charlie Wah Heng; Koh, Chee Wee; Chan, Yang Sun; Aw, Pauline Poh Kim; Loh, Kuan Hon; Han, Bing Ling; Thien, Pei Ling; Nai, Geraldine Yi Wen; Hibberd, Martin L; Wong, Christopher W; +1 more... Sung, Wing-Kin; (2010) Large-scale evolutionary surveillance of the 2009 H1N1 influenza A virus using resequencing arrays. Nucleic acids research, 38 (9). e111-. ISSN 0305-1048 DOI:

Lee, Kim Sung; Lai, Yee Ling; Lo, Sharon; Barkham, Timothy; Aw, Pauline; Ooi, Peng Lim; Tai, Ji Choong; Hibberd, Martin; Johansson, Patrik; Khoo, Seow Poh; +1 more... Ng, Lee Ching; (2010) Dengue virus surveillance for early warning, Singapore. Emerging infectious diseases, 16 (5). pp. 847-849. ISSN 1080-6040 DOI:

Lee, Vernon J; Yap, Jonathan; Cook, Alex R; Chen, Mark I; Tay, Joshua K; Tan, Boon Huan; Loh, Jin Phang; Chew, Seok Wei; Koh, Wee Hong; Lin, Raymond; +8 more... Cui, Lin; Lee, Charlie WH; Sung, Wing-Kin; Wong, Christopher W; Hibberd, Martin L; Kang, Wee Lee; Seet, Benjamin; Tambyah, Paul A; (2010) Oseltamivir ring prophylaxis for containment of 2009 H1N1 influenza outbreaks. The New England journal of medicine, 362 (23). pp. 2166-2174. ISSN 0028-4793 DOI:

Lee, Vernon J; Yap, Jonathan; Maurer-Stroh, Sebastian; Lee, Raphael TC; Eisenhaber, Frank; Tay, Joshua K; Ting, Pei Jun; Loh, Jin Phang; Wong, Christopher W; Tan, Boon Huan; +3 more... Koay, Evelyn SC; Kelly, Paul M; Hibberd, Martin L; (2010) Investigation of causes of oseltamivir chemoprophylaxis failures during influenza A (H1N1-2009) outbreaks. Journal of clinical virology, 50 (2). pp. 104-108. ISSN 1386-6532 DOI: Full text not available from this repository.

Li, Yong-Gang; Chittaganpitch, Malinee; Waicharoen, Sunthareeya; Kanai, Yuta; Bai, Gui-Rong; Kameoka, Masanori; Takeda, Naokazu; Ikuta, Kazuyoshi; Sawanpanyalert, Pathom; (2010) Characterization of H5N1 influenza viruses isolated from humans in vitro. Virology journal, 7 (1). 112-. ISSN 1743-422X DOI:


Maldonado, Carmen R; Marín, Clotilde; Olmo, Francisco; Huertas, Oscar; Quirós, Miguel; Sánchez-Moreno, Manuel; Rosales, María J; Salas, Juan M; (2010) In vitro and in vivo trypanocidal evaluation of nickel complexes with an azapurine derivative against Trypanosoma cruzi. Journal of medicinal chemistry, 53 (19). pp. 6964-6972. ISSN 0022-2623 DOI: Full text not available from this repository.

Martinez, Eric; Schroeder, Gunnar N; Berger, Cedric N; Lee, Sau Fung; Robinson, Keith S; Badea, Luminita; Simpson, Nandi; Hall, Randy A; Hartland, Elizabeth L; Crepin, Valerie F; +1 more... Frankel, Gad; (2010) Binding to Na(+) /H(+) exchanger regulatory factor 2 (NHERF2) affects trafficking and function of the enteropathogenic Escherichia coli type III secretion system effectors Map, EspI and NleH. Cellular microbiology, 12 (12). pp. 1718-1731. ISSN 1462-5814 DOI:

McGovern, Dermot PB; Gardet, Agnès; Törkvist, Leif; Goyette, Philippe; Essers, Jonah; Taylor, Kent D; Neale, Benjamin M; Ong, Rick TH; Lagacé, Caroline; Li, Chun; +45 more... Green, Todd; Stevens, Christine R; Beauchamp, Claudine; Fleshner, Phillip R; Carlson, Marie; D'Amato, Mauro; Halfvarson, Jonas; Hibberd, Martin L; Lördal, Mikael; Padyukov, Leonid; Andriulli, Angelo; Colombo, Elisabetta; Latiano, Anna; Palmieri, Orazio; Bernard, Edmond-Jean; Deslandres, Colette; Hommes, Daan W; de Jong, Dirk J; Stokkers, Pieter C; Weersma, Rinse K; NIDDK IBD Genetics Consortium; Sharma, Yashoda; Silverberg, Mark S; Cho, Judy H; Wu, Jing; Roeder, Kathryn; Brant, Steven R; Schumm, L Phillip; Duerr, Richard H; Dubinsky, Marla C; Glazer, Nicole L; Haritunians, Talin; Ippoliti, Andy; Melmed, Gil Y; Siscovick, David S; Vasiliauskas, Eric A; Targan, Stephan R; Annese, Vito; Wijmenga, Cisca; Pettersson, Sven; Rotter, Jerome I; Xavier, Ramnik J; Daly, Mark J; Rioux, John D; Seielstad, Mark; (2010) Genome-wide association identifies multiple ulcerative colitis susceptibility loci. Nature genetics, 42 (4). pp. 332-337. ISSN 1061-4036 DOI: Full text not available from this repository.

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Morelli, Giovanna; Song, Yajun; Mazzoni, Camila J; Eppinger, Mark; Roumagnac, Philippe; Wagner, David M; Feldkamp, Mirjam; Kusecek, Barica; Vogler, Amy J; Li, Yanjun; +14 more... Cui, Yujun; Thomson, Nicholas R; Jombart, Thibaut; Leblois, Raphael; Lichtner, Peter; Rahalison, Lila; Petersen, Jeannine M; Balloux, Francois; Keim, Paul; Wirth, Thierry; Ravel, Jacques; Yang, Ruifu; Carniel, Elisabeth; Achtman, Mark; (2010) Yersinia pestis genome sequencing identifies patterns of global phylogenetic diversity. Nature genetics, 42 (12). pp. 1140-1143. ISSN 1061-4036 DOI:

Morter, S; Bennet, G; Fish, J; Richards, J; Allen, DJ; Nawaz, S; Iturriza-Gómara, M; Brolly, S; Gray, J; (2010) Norovirus in the hospital setting: virus introduction and spread within the hospital environment. The Journal of hospital infection, 77 (2). pp. 106-112. ISSN 0195-6701 DOI: Full text not available from this repository.

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Nga, Tran Vu Thieu; Karkey, Abhilasha; Dongol, Sabina; Thuy, Hang Nguyen; Dunstan, Sarah; Holt, Kathryn; Tu, Le Thi Phuong; Campbell, James I; Chau, Tran Thuy; Chau, Nguyen Van Vinh; +6 more... Arjyal, Amit; Koirala, Samir; Basnyat, Buddha; Dolecek, Christiane; Farrar, Jeremy; Baker, Stephen; (2010) The sensitivity of real-time PCR amplification targeting invasive Salmonella serovars in biological specimens. BMC INFECTIOUS DISEASES, 10 (1). 125-. ISSN 1471-2334 DOI:

Nguyen, Nhu Thi Khanh; Ha, Vinh; Tran, Nga Vu Thieu; Stabler, Richard; Pham, Duy Thanh; Le, Thi Minh Vien; van Doorn, H Rogier; Cerdeño-Tárraga, Ana; Thomson, Nicholas; Campbell, James; +7 more... Nguyen, Van Minh Hoang; Tran, Thi Thu Nga; Pham, Minh Van; Cao, Thuy Thu; Wren, Brendan; Farrar, Jeremy; Baker, Stephen; (2010) The sudden dominance of blaCTX-M harbouring plasmids in Shigella spp. Circulating in Southern Vietnam. PLoS neglected tropical diseases, 4 (6). e702-. ISSN 1935-2727 DOI:


O'Sullivan, DM; McHugh, TD; Gillespie, SH; (2010) Mapping the fitness of Mycobacterium tuberculosis strains: a complex picture. Journal of medical microbiology, 59 (Pt 12). pp. 1533-1535. ISSN 0022-2615 DOI: Full text not available from this repository.

O'Sullivan, Denise M; (2010) Real-time PCR methods to study expression of genes related to hypermutability. Methods in molecular biology (Clifton, NJ), 642. pp. 63-73. ISSN 1064-3745 DOI: Full text not available from this repository.

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