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Aluvaala, J; Nyamai, R; Were, F; Wasunna, A; Kosgei, R; Karumbi, J; Gathara, D; English, M; SIRCLE/Ministry of Health Hospital Survey Group, . [inc. Todd, J; ]; (2014) Assessment of neonatal care in clinical training facilities in Kenya. Archives of disease in childhood, 100 (1). pp. 42-7. ISSN 0003-9888 DOI:

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Benova, L; Grundy, E; Ploubidis, GB; (2014) Socioeconomic Position and Health-Seeking Behavior for Hearing Loss Among Older Adults in England. The journals of gerontology Series B, Psychological sciences and social sciences, 70 (3). pp. 443-52. ISSN 1079-5014 DOI:

Busza, J; Besana, GVR; Mapunda, P; Oliveras, E; (2014) Meeting the needs of adolescents living with HIV through home based care: Lessons learned from Tanzania. Children and youth services review, 45. pp. 137-142. ISSN 0190-7409 DOI:

Busza, J; Mtetwa, S; Chirawu, P; Cowan, F; (2014) Triple jeopardy: Adolescent experiences of sex work and migration in Zimbabwe. Health & place, 28C. pp. 85-91. ISSN 1353-8292 DOI: Full text not available from this repository.

Busza, JR; (2014) Prostitution and the Politics of HIV Prevention in Cambodia: A Historical Case Study. Studies in gender and sexuality, 15 (1). pp. 44-53. ISSN 1524-0657 Full text not available from this repository.


Church, K; Wringe, A; Fakudze, P; Kikuvi, J; Nhlabatsi, Z; Masuku, R; Initiative Integra; Mayhew, SH; , COLLABORATORS; Abuya, T; +19 more... Askew, I; Birdthistle, I; Church, K; Colombini, M; du-Preez, NF; Kikuvi, J; Kimani, J; Kivunaga, J; Mak, J; Mayhew, S; Michaels, C; Mutemwa, R; Ndigwa, C; Obure, CD; Sweeney, S; Vassall, A; Warren, C; Watts, C; Zhou, W; (2014) Reliance on condoms for contraceptive protection among HIV care and treatment clients: a mixed methods study on contraceptive choice and motivation within a generalised epidemic. Sexually transmitted infections, 90 (5). pp. 394-400. ISSN 1368-4973 DOI:

Cleland, J; Harbison, S; Shah, IH; (2014) Unmet need for contraception: issues and challenges. Studies in family planning, 45 (2). pp. 105-22. ISSN 0039-3665 DOI: Full text not available from this repository.




Glynn, JR; Calvert, C; Price, A; Chihana, M; Kachiwanda, L; Mboma, S; Zaba, B; Crampin, AC; (2014) Measuring causes of adult mortality in rural northern Malawi over a decade of change. Global health action, 7. p. 23621. ISSN 1654-9716 DOI:


Hallett, TB; Zaba, B; Stover, J; Brown, T; Slaymaker, E; Gregson, S; Wilson, DP; Case, KK; Estimates, URG; (2014) Embracing different approaches to estimating HIV incidence, prevalence and mortality. AIDS (London, England), 28. S523-S532. ISSN 0269-9370 DOI:


Irimu, GW; Greene, A; Gathara, D; Kihara, H; Maina, C; Mbori-Ngacha, D; Zurovac, D; Santau, M; Todd, J; English, M; (2014) Explaining the uptake of paediatric guidelines in a Kenyan tertiary hospital--mixed methods research. BMC health services research, 14. p. 119. ISSN 1472-6963 DOI:


Kranzer, K; Meghji, J; Bandason, T; Dauya, E; Mungofa, S; Busza, J; Hatzold, K; Kidia, K; Mujuru, H; Ferrand, RA; (2014) Barriers to Provider-Initiated Testing and Counselling for Children in a High HIV Prevalence Setting: A Mixed Methods Study. PLoS medicine, 11 (5). e1001649. ISSN 1549-1277 DOI:


Lawson, DW; Borgerhoff Mulder, M; Ghiselli, ME; Ngadaya, E; Ngowi, B; Mfinanga, SG; Hartwig, K; James, S; (2014) Ethnicity and child health in northern Tanzania: maasai pastoralists are disadvantaged compared to neighbouring ethnic groups. PloS one, 9 (10). e110447. ISSN 1932-6203 DOI:


Manongi, R; Mtei, F; Mtove, G; Nadjm, B; Muro, F; Alegana, V; Noor, AM; Todd, J; Reyburn, H; (2014) Inpatient child mortality by travel time to hospital in a rural area of Tanzania. Tropical medicine & international health, 19 (5). pp. 555-562. ISSN 1360-2276 DOI:

Matovu, JK; Wanyenze, RK; Wabwire-Mangen, F; Nakubulwa, R; Sekamwa, R; Masika, A; Todd, J; Serwadda, D; (2014) "Men are always scared to test with their partners … it is like taking them to the Police": Motivations for and barriers to couples' HIV counselling and testing in Rakai, Uganda: a qualitative study. Journal of the International AIDS Society, 17. p. 19160. ISSN 1758-2652 DOI:

Matsuzaki, M; Kuper, H; Kulkarni, B; Radhakrishna, KV; Viljakainen, H; Taylor, AE; Sullivan, R; Bowen, L; Tobias, JH; Ploubidis, GB; +6 more... Wells, JC; Prabhakaran, D; Davey Smith, G; Ebrahim, S; Ben-Shlomo, Y; Kinra, S; (2014) Life-course determinants of bone mass in young adults from a transitional rural community in India: the Andhra Pradesh Children and Parents Study (APCAPS). The American journal of clinical nutrition, 99 (6). pp. 1450-9. ISSN 0002-9165 DOI:

Mwendo, EM; Mtuy, TB; Renju, J; Rutherford, GW; Nondi, J; Sichalwe, AW; Todd, J; (2014) Effectiveness of prevention of mother-to-child HIV transmission programmes in Kilimanjaro region, northern Tanzania. Tropical medicine & international health, 19 (3). pp. 267-274. ISSN 1360-2276 DOI: Full text not available from this repository.


Ndwiga, C; Abuya, T; Mutemwa, R; Kimani, JK; Colombini, M; Mayhew, S; Baird, A; Muia, RW; Kivunaga, J; Warren, CE; +1 more... Integra Initiative; (2014) Exploring experiences in peer mentoring as a strategy for capacity building in sexual reproductive health and HIV service integration in Kenya. BMC health services research, 14 (1). p. 98. ISSN 1472-6963 DOI:

Ngo, TD; Keogh, S; Nguyen, TH; Le, HT; Pham, KH; Nguyen, YB; (2014) Risk factors for repeat abortion and implications for addressing unintended pregnancy in Vietnam. International journal of gynaecology and obstetrics, 125 (3). pp. 241-6. ISSN 0020-7292 DOI: Full text not available from this repository.


Peck, RN; Shedafa, R; Kalluvya, S; Downs, JA; Todd, J; Suthanthiran, M; Fitzgerald, DW; Kataraihya, JB; (2014) Hypertension, kidney disease, HIV and antiretroviral therapy among Tanzanian adults: a cross-sectional study. BMC medicine, 12. p. 125. ISSN 1741-7015 DOI:

Pedersen, SH; Wilkinson, AL; Andreasen, A; Warhurst, DC; Kinung'hi, SM; Urassa, M; Mkwashapi, DM; Todd, J; Changalucha, J; McDermid, JM; (2014) Cryptosporidium Prevalence and Risk Factors among Mothers and Infants 0 to 6 Months in Rural and Semi-Rural Northwest Tanzania: A Prospective Cohort Study. PLoS neglected tropical diseases, 8 (10). e3072. ISSN 1935-2727 DOI:

Pound, N; Lawson, DW; Toma, AM; Richmond, S; Zhurov, AI; Penton-Voak, IS; (2014) Facial fluctuating asymmetry is not associated with childhood ill-health in a large British cohort study. Proceedings Biological sciences / The Royal Society, 281 (1792). ISSN 0962-8452 DOI:

Price, AJ; Kayange, M; Zaba, B; Chimbwandira, FM; Jahn, A; Chirwa, Z; Dasgupta, AN; Katundu, C; Saul, JL; Glynn, JR; +2 more... Koole, O; Crampin, AC; (2014) Uptake of prevention of mother-to-child-transmission using Option B+ in northern rural Malawi: a retrospective cohort study. Sexually transmitted infections, 90 (4). pp. 309-14. ISSN 1368-4973 DOI:


Reniers, G; Slaymaker, E; Nakiyingi-Miiro, J; Nyamukapa, C; Crampin, AC; Herbst, K; Urassa, M; Otieno, F; Gregson, S; Sewe, M; +9 more... Michael, D; Lutalo, T; Hosegood, V; Kasamba, I; Price, A; Nabukalu, D; Mclean, E; Zaba, B; on behalf of the ALPHA Network; (2014) Mortality trends in the era of antiretroviral therapy: evidence from the Network for Analysing Longitudinal Population based HIV/AIDS data on Africa (ALPHA). AIDS (London, England), 28 Sup. S533-S542. ISSN 0269-9370 DOI:

Rogathe, JJ; Todd, J; Hunter, E; Walker, R; Ngugi, A; Newton, C; Burton, K; (2014) Growth parameters and childhood epilepsy in Hai District, Tanzania: A community-based study. Epilepsy research, 108 (8). pp. 1444-50. ISSN 0920-1211 DOI: Full text not available from this repository.


Sankoh, O; Sharrow, D; Herbst, K; Whiteson Kabudula, C; Alam, N; Kant, S; Ravn, H; Bhuiya, A; Thi Vui, L; Darikwa, T; +24 more... Gyapong, M; Jasseh, M; Chuc Thi Kim, N; Abdullah, S; Crampin, A; Ojal, J; Owusu-Agyei, S; Odhiambo, F; Urassa, M; Streatfield, K; Shimada, M; Sacoor, C; Beguy, D; Derra, K; Wak, G; Delaunay, V; Sie, A; Soura, A; Diallo, D; Wilopo, S; Masanja, H; Bonfoh, B; Phuanukoonnon, S; Clark, SJ; (2014) The INDEPTH standard population for low- and middle-income countries, 2013. Global health action, 7. p. 23286. ISSN 1654-9716 DOI:

Schaffnit, SB; Sear, R; (2014) Wealth modifies relationships between kin and women’s fertility in high-income countries. Behavioral ecology, 25 (4). pp. 834-842. ISSN 1045-2249 DOI: Item availability may be restricted.

Stover, J; Andreev, K; Slaymaker, E; Gopalappa, C; Sabin, K; Velasquez, C; Nakiyingi-Miiro, J; Crampin, A; Lutalo, T; Herbst, K; +2 more... Gregson, S; Urassa, M; (2014) Updates to the Spectrum model to estimate key HIV indicators for adults and children. AIDS (London, England), 28 Sup. S427-S434. ISSN 0269-9370 DOI:


Tenu, F; Isingo, R; Zaba, B; Urassa, M; Todd, J; (2014) Adjusting the HIV prevalence for non-respondents using mortality rates in an open cohort in northwest Tanzania. Tropical medicine & international health, 19 (6). pp. 656-663. ISSN 1360-2276 DOI:


Wakaba, M; Mbindyo, P; Ochieng, J; Kiriinya, R; Todd, J; Waudo, A; Noor, A; Rakuom, C; Rogers, M; English, M; (2014) The public sector nursing workforce in Kenya: a county-level analysis. Human resources for health, 12. p. 6. ISSN 1478-4491 DOI:

Weeks, M; Cairney, J; Wild, TC; Ploubidis, GB; Naicker, K; Colman, I; (2014) Early-Life Predictors of Internalizing Symptom Trajectories in Canadian Children. Depression and anxiety, 31 (7). pp. 608-616. ISSN 1091-4269 DOI: Full text not available from this repository.

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