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Wolfe, I; McKee, M; (2014) Strengthening child health and health services. Eurohealth, 20:1:2. ISSN 1356-1030 Full text not available from this repository.


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Devakumar, Delan; Mandeville, Kate L; Hall, Jennifer; Sutaria, Shailen; Wolfe, Ingrid; (2016) Government changes are jeopardising public health. BMJ (Clinical research ed), 352. i1662-. ISSN 0959-8138 DOI:

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Mandeville, KL; Wolfe, I; (2018) Health Workers and Health Systems. In: Devakumar, D; Hall, J; Qureshi, Z; Lawn, J, (eds.) Global Health of Women, Newborns, Children and Adolescents. Oxford University Press, Oxford. Item availability may be restricted.

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