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Cuevas, Soledad; Nachtigall, Daniel; Aguilar Jaber, Aimee; Belesova, Kristine; Falconer, Jane; Haines, Andy; Whitmee, Sarah; Reynolds, Tamzin; Green, Rosemary; (2023) Carbon pricing, health co-benefits and trade-offs: protocol for a systematic framework synthesis. Wellcome open research, 8. p. 213. ISSN 2398-502X DOI:

Hunter, Ruth F; Hassan, Syreen; Whitmee, Sarah; Haines, Andy; (2023) A call for natural experiment guidance for planetary health. BMJ, 380. 668-. ISSN 1759-2151 DOI:

Whitmee, Sarah; Anton, Blanca; Haines, Andy; (2023) Accountability for carbon emissions and health equity. Bulletin of the World Health Organization, 101 (2). 83-83A. ISSN 0042-9686 DOI:

Whitmee, Sarah; Green, Rosemary; Belesova, Kristine; Hassan, Syreen; Cuevas, Soledad; Murage, Peninah; Picetti, Roberto; Clercq-Roques, Romain; Murray, Kris; Falconer, Jane; +23 more... Anton, Blanca; Reynolds, Tamzin; Sharma Waddington, Hugh; Hughes, Robert C; Spadaro, Joseph; Aguilar Jaber, Aimée; Saheb, Yamina; Campbell-Lendrum, Diarmid; Cortés-Puch, Maria; Ebi, Kristie; Huxley, Rachel; Mazzucato, Mariana; Oni, Tolu; de Paula, Nicole; Peng, Gong; Revi, Aromar; Rockström, Johan; Srivastava, Leena; Whitmarsh, Lorraine; Zougmoré, Robert; Phumaphi, Joy; Clark, Helen; Haines, Andy; (2023) Pathways to a healthy net-zero future: report of the Lancet Pathfinder Commission. Lancet, 403 (10421). pp. 67-110. ISSN 0140-6736 DOI:
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Brennan, Margaret M; Whitmee, Sarah; Braneon, Christian V; Meinsma, Nienke; Green, Rosemary; (2022) Sea Level Rise and City-Level Climate Action. European Journal of Environment and Public Health, 6 (2). em0111-em0111. ISSN 2542-4904 DOI:


Marconi, Valentina; McRae, Louise; Müller, Helen; Currie, Jessica; Whitmee, Sarah; Gadallah, Fawziah ZuZu; Freeman, Robin; (2021) Population declines among Canadian vertebrates: But data of different quality show diverging trends. ECOLOGICAL INDICATORS, 130. p. 108022. ISSN 1470-160X DOI:

Whitmee, Sarah; Green, Rosemary; Phumaphi, Joy; Clark, Helen; Haines, Andy; (2021) Bridging the evidence gap to achieve a healthy, net zero future. Lancet, 398 (10311). pp. 1551-1553. ISSN 0140-6736 DOI:


Gill, David A; Mascia, Michael B; Ahmadia, Gabby N; Glew, Louise; Lester, Sarah E; Barnes, Megan; Craigie, Ian; Darling, Emily S; Free, Christopher M; Geldmann, Jonas; +12 more... Holst, Susie; Jensen, Olaf P; White, Alan T; Basurto, Xavier; Coad, Lauren; Gates, Ruth D; Guannel, Greg; Mumby, Peter J; Thomas, Hannah; Whitmee, Sarah; Woodley, Stephen; Fox, Helen E; (2017) Capacity shortfalls hinder the performance of marine protected areas globally. Nature, 543 (7647). pp. 665-669. ISSN 0028-0836 DOI: Item availability may be restricted.
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Barnes, Megan D; Craigie, Ian D; Harrison, Luke B; Geldmann, Jonas; Collen, Ben; Whitmee, Sarah; Balmford, Andrew; Burgess, Neil D; Brooks, Thomas; Hockings, Marc; +1 more... Woodley, Stephen; (2016) Wildlife population trends in protected areas predicted by national socio-economic metrics and body size. Nature Communications, 7 (1). 12747-. ISSN 2041-1723 DOI:

Newbold, Tim; Hudson, Lawrence N; Arnell, Andrew P; Contu, Sara; De Palma, Adriana; Ferrier, Simon; Hill, Samantha LL; Hoskins, Andrew J; Lysenko, Igor; Phillips, Helen RP; +13 more... Burton, Victoria J; Chng, Charlotte WT; Emerson, Susan; Gao, Di; Pask-Hale, Gwilym; Hutton, Jon; Jung, Martin; Sanchez-Ortiz, Katia; Simmons, Benno I; Whitmee, Sarah; Zhang, Hanbin; Scharlemann, Jörn PW; Purvis, Andy; (2016) Has land use pushed terrestrial biodiversity beyond the planetary boundary? A global assessment. Science, 353 (6296). pp. 288-291. ISSN 0036-8075 DOI:


Whitmee, Sarah; Haines, Andy; Beyrer, Chris; Boltz, Frederick; Capon, Anthony G; de Souza Dias, Braulio Ferreira; Ezeh, Alex; Frumkin, Howard; Gong, Peng; Head, Peter; +12 more... Horton, Richard; Mace, Georgina M; Marten, Robert; Myers, Samuel S; Nishtar, Sania; Osofsky, Steven A; Pattanayak, Subhrendu K; Pongsiri, Montira J; Romanelli, Cristina; Soucat, Agnes; Vega, Jeanette; Yach, Derek; (2015) Safeguarding human health in the Anthropocene epoch: report of The Rockefeller Foundation-Lancet Commission on planetary health. Lancet, 386 (10007). pp. 1973-2028. ISSN 0140-6736 DOI: Full text not available from this repository.


Haines, Andy; Whitmee, Sarah; Horton, Richard; (2014) Planetary health: a call for papers. Lancet, 384 (9942). pp. 479-480. ISSN 0140-6736 DOI: Full text not available from this repository.

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