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Harrison, Mark A; Farthing, Rebecca J; Allen, Nyasha; Ahern, Lucy M; Birchall, Kristian; Bond, Michael; Kaur, Harparkash; Wren, Brendan W; Bergeron, Julien RC; Dawson, Lisa F; (2023) Identification of novel p-cresol inhibitors that reduce Clostridioides difficile's ability to compete with species of the gut microbiome. Scientific reports, 13 (1). p. 9492. ISSN 2045-2322 DOI:

Passmore, Ian J; Faulds-Pain, Alexandra; Abouelhadid, Sherif; Harrison, Mark A; Hall, Catherine L; Hitchen, Paul; Dell, Anne; Heap, John T; Wren, Brendan W; (2023) A combinatorial DNA assembly approach to biosynthesis of N-linked glycans in E. coli. Glycobiology, 33 (2). pp. 138-149. ISSN 0959-6658 DOI:



Dawson, Lisa F; Peltier, Johann; Hall, Catherine L; Harrison, Mark A; Derakhshan, Maria; Shaw, Helen A; Fairweather, Neil F; Wren, Brendan W; (2021) Extracellular DNA, cell surface proteins and c-di-GMP promote biofilm formation in Clostridioides difficile. Scientific reports, 11 (1). 3244-. ISSN 2045-2322 DOI:


Broad, Claire E; Furegato, Martina; Harrison, Mark A; Pond, Marcus J; Tan, NgeeKeong; Okala, Sandra; Fuller, Sebastian S; Harding-Esch, Emma M; Sadiq, S Tariq; (2020) High prevalence of coinfection of azithromycin-resistant Mycoplasma genitalium with other STIs: a prospective observational study of London-based symptomatic and STI-contact clinic attendees. Sexually Transmitted Infections, 97 (1). pp. 63-68. ISSN 1368-4973 DOI:
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Harrison, Mark A; Faulds-Pain, Alexandra; Kaur, Harparkash; Dupuy, Bruno; Henriques, Adriano O; Martin-Verstraete, Isabelle; Wren, Brendan W; Dawson, Lisa F; (2020) Clostridioides difficile para-Cresol Production Is Induced by the Precursor para-Hydroxyphenylacetate. JOURNAL OF BACTERIOLOGY, 202 (18). ISSN 0021-9193 DOI:


Hall, Catherine L; Harrison, Mark A; Pond, Marcus J; Chow, Christine; Harding-Esch, Emma M; Sadiq, S Tariq; (2019) Genotypic determinants of fluoroquinolone and macrolide resistance in Neisseria gonorrhoeae. Sexual Health, 16 (5). pp. 479-487. ISSN 1448-5028 DOI:

Harrison, Mark Andrew; Harding-Esch, Emma Michele; Marks, Michael; Pond, Marcus James; Butcher, Robert; Solomon, Anthony W; Zhou, Liqing; Tan, NgeeKeong; Nori, Achyuta V; Kako, Henry; +3 more... Sokana, Oliver; Mabey, David CW; Sadiq, Syed Tariq; (2019) Impact of mass drug administration of azithromycin for trachoma elimination on prevalence and azithromycin resistance of genital Mycoplasma genitalium infection. Sexually Transmitted Infections, 95 (7). pp. 522-528. ISSN 1368-4973 DOI:


Harding-Esch, EM; Fuller, SS; Chow, S-LC; Nori, AV; Harrison, MA; Parker, M; Piepenburg, O; Forrest, MS; Brooks, DG; Patel, R; +8 more... Hay, PE; Fearnley, N; Pond, MJ; Dunbar, JK; Butcher, PD; Planche, T; Lowndes, CM; Sadiq, ST; (2018) Diagnostic accuracy of a prototype rapid chlamydia and gonorrhoea recombinase polymerase amplification assay: a multicentre cross-sectional preclinical evaluation. Clinical microbiology and infection, 25 (3). 380.e1-380.e7. ISSN 1198-743X DOI:

Passmore, Ian J; Letertre, Marine PM; Preston, Mark D; Bianconi, Irene; Harrison, Mark A; Nasher, Fauzy; Kaur, Harparkash; Hong, Huynh A; Baines, Simon D; Cutting, Simon M; +3 more... Swann, Jonathan R; Wren, Brendan W; Dawson, Lisa F; (2018) Para-cresol production by Clostridium difficile affects microbial diversity and membrane integrity of Gram-negative bacteria. PLoS pathogens, 14 (9). e1007191-. ISSN 1553-7366 DOI:

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