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Green, Rosemary F; Joy, Edward JM; Harris, Francesca; Agrawal, Sutapa; Aleksandrowicz, Lukasz; Hillier, Jon; Macdiarmid, Jennie I; Milner, James; Vetter, Sylvia H; Smith, Pete; +2 more... Haines, Andy; Dangour, Alan D; (2018) Greenhouse gas emissions and water footprints of typical dietary patterns in India. The Science of the total environment, 643. pp. 1411-1418. ISSN 0048-9697 DOI:


Picchioni, F; Aurino, E; Aleksandrowicz, L; Bruce, M; Chesterman, S; Dominguez-Salas, P; Gersten, Z; Kalamatianou, S; Turner, C; Yates, J; (2017) Roads to interdisciplinarity – working at the nexus among food systems, nutrition and health. Food security, 9 (1). pp. 181-189. ISSN 1876-4517 DOI:

Vetter, Sylvia H; Sapkota, Tek B; Hillier, Jon; Stirling, Clare M; Macdiarmid, Jennie I; Aleksandrowicz, Lukasz; Green, Rosemary; Joy, Edward JM; Dangour, Alan D; Smith, Pete; (2017) Greenhouse gas emissions from agricultural food production to supply Indian diets: Implications for climate change mitigation. Agriculture, ecosystems & environment, 237. pp. 234-241. ISSN 0167-8809 DOI:


Gupta, Sumit; Morris, Shaun K; Suraweera, Wilson; Aleksandrowicz, Lukasz; Dikshit, Rajesh; Jha, Prabhat; (2016) Childhood Cancer Mortality in India: Direct Estimates From a Nationally Representative Survey of Childhood Deaths. Journal of global oncology, 2 (6). pp. 403-411. ISSN 2378-9506 DOI:

Picchioni, Fiorella; Aleksandrowicz, Lukasz; Bruce, Mieghan M; Cuevas, Soledad; Dominguez-Salas, Paula; Jia, Lili; Tak, Mehroosh; (2016) Agri-health research: what have we learned and where do we go next? Food security, 8 (1). pp. 291-298. ISSN 1876-4517 DOI: Full text not available from this repository.


Miasnikof, Pierre; Giannakeas, Vasily; Gomes, Mireille; Aleksandrowicz, Lukasz; Shestopaloff, Alexander Y; Alam, Dewan; Tollman, Stephen; Samarikhalaj, Akram; Jha, Prabhat; (2015) Naive Bayes classifiers for verbal autopsies: comparison to physician-based classification for 21,000 child and adult deaths. BMC medicine, 13 (1). 286-. ISSN 1741-7015 DOI:

Picchioni, F; Aleksandrowicz, L; Bruce, MM; Cuevas, S; Dominguez-Salas, P; Jia, L; Tak, M; (2015) Agri-health research: what have we learned and where do we go next? Food security, doi:10. pp. 1-8. ISSN 1876-4517 DOI: Full text not available from this repository.


Aleksandrowicz, Lukasz; Malhotra, Varun; Dikshit, Rajesh; Gupta, Prakash C; Kumar, Rajesh; Sheth, Jay; Rathi, Suresh Kumar; Suraweera, Wilson; Miasnikof, Pierre; Jotkar, Raju; +4 more... Sinha, Dhirendra; Awasthi, Shally; Bhatia, Prakash; Jha, Prabhat; (2014) Performance criteria for verbal autopsy-based systems to estimate national causes of death: development and application to the Indian Million Death Study. BMC medicine, 12 (1). 21-. ISSN 1741-7015 DOI:

Desai, Nikita; Aleksandrowicz, Lukasz; Miasnikof, Pierre; Lu, Ying; Leitao, Jordana; Byass, Peter; Tollman, Stephen; Mee, Paul; Alam, Dewan; Rathi, Suresh Kumar; +4 more... Singh, Abhishek; Kumar, Rajesh; Ram, Faujdar; Jha, Prabhat; (2014) Performance of four computer-coded verbal autopsy methods for cause of death assignment compared with physician coding on 24,000 deaths in low- and middle-income countries. BMC medicine, 12 (1). 20-. ISSN 1741-7015 DOI:

Leitao, Jordana; Desai, Nikita; Aleksandrowicz, Lukasz; Byass, Peter; Miasnikof, Pierre; Tollman, Stephen; Alam, Dewan; Lu, Ying; Rathi, Suresh Kumar; Singh, Abhishek; +3 more... Suraweera, Wilson; Ram, Faujdar; Jha, Prabhat; (2014) Comparison of physician-certified verbal autopsy with computer-coded verbal autopsy for cause of death assignment in hospitalized patients in low- and middle-income countries: systematic review. BMC medicine, 12 (1). 22-. ISSN 1741-7015 DOI:


Dikshit, Rajesh; Gupta, Prakash C; Ramasundarahettige, Chinthanie; Gajalakshmi, Vendhan; Aleksandrowicz, Lukasz; Badwe, Rajendra; Kumar, Rajesh; Roy, Sandip; Suraweera, Wilson; Bray, Freddie; +7 more... Mallath, Mohandas; Singh, Poonam K; Sinha, Dhirendra N; Shet, Arun S; Gelband, Hellen; Jha, Prabhat; Million Death Study Collaborators; (2012) Cancer mortality in India: a nationally representative survey. Lancet, 379 (9828). pp. 1807-1816. ISSN 0140-6736 DOI: Full text not available from this repository.


Jha, Prabhat; Kesler, Maya A; Kumar, Rajesh; Ram, Faujdar; Ram, Usha; Aleksandrowicz, Lukasz; Bassani, Diego G; Chandra, Shailaja; Banthia, Jayant K; (2011) Trends in selective abortions of girls in India: analysis of nationally representative birth histories from 1990 to 2005 and census data from 1991 to 2011. Lancet, 377 (9781). pp. 1921-1928. ISSN 0140-6736 DOI: Full text not available from this repository.

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