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de Alwis, R; Watson, C; Nikolay, B; Lowry, JH; Thieu, NTV; Van, TT; Ngoc, DTT; Rawalai, K; Taufa, M; Coriakula, J; +6 more... Lau, CL; Nilles, EJ; Edmunds, WJ; Kama, M; Baker, S; Cano, J; (2018) Role of Environmental Factors in Shaping Spatial Distribution of Salmonella enterica Serovar Typhi, Fiji. Emerging infectious diseases, 24 (2). pp. 284-293. ISSN 1080-6040 DOI:


Gsell, PS; Camacho, A; Kucharski, AJ; Watson, CH; Bagayoko, A; Danmadji, S; Dean, NE; Diallo, A; Diallo, A; Djidonou, H; +14 more... Doumbia, M; Enwere, G; Higgs, ES; Mauget, T; Mory, D; Riveros, X; Oumar, FT; Toure, A; Vicari, AS; Longini, IM; Edmunds, WJ; Henao-Restrepo, AM; Kieny, MP; Kéïta, S; (2017) Ring vaccination with rVSV-ZEBOV under expanded access in response to an outbreak of Ebola virus disease in Guinea, 2016: an operational and vaccine safety report. The Lancet infectious diseases. ISSN 1473-3099 DOI:

Lau, CL; Mayfield, HJ; Lowry, JH; Watson, CH; Kama, M; Nilles, EJ; Smith, CS; (2017) Unravelling infectious disease eco-epidemiology using Bayesian networks and scenario analysis: A case study of leptospirosis in Fiji. Environmental modelling & software, 97. pp. 271-286. ISSN 1364-8152 DOI:

Macleod, C; Yalen, C; Butcher, R; Mudaliar, U; Natutusau, K; Rainima-Qaniuci, M; Haffenden, C; Watson, C; Cocks, N; Cikamatana, L; +6 more... Roberts, CH; Marks, M; Rafai, E; Mabey, DC; Kama, M; Solomon, AW; (2017) Eyelash Epilation in the Absence of Trichiasis: Results of a Population-Based Prevalence Survey in the Western Division of Fiji. PLoS neglected tropical diseases, 11 (1). e0005277. ISSN 1935-2727 DOI:

Watson, CH; Baker, S; Lau, CL; Rawalai, K; Taufa, M; Coriakula, J; Thieu, NTV; Van, TT; Ngoc, DTT; Hens, N; +8 more... Lowry, J; de Alwis, R; Cano, J; Jenkins, K; Mulholland, EK; Nilles, EJ; Kama, M; Edmunds, WJ; (2017) A cross-sectional seroepidemiological survey of typhoid fever in Fiji. PLoS neglected tropical diseases, 11 (7). e0005786. ISSN 1935-2727 DOI:


Henao-Restrepo, AM; Camacho, A; Longini, IM; Watson, CH; Edmunds, WJ; Egger, M; Carroll, MW; Dean, NE; Diatta, I; Doumbia, M; +22 more... Draguez, B; Duraffour, S; Enwere, G; Grais, R; Gunther, S; Gsell, PS; Hossmann, S; Watle, SV; Kondé, MK; Kéïta, S; Kone, S; Kuisma, E; Levine, MM; Mandal, S; Mauget, T; Norheim, G; Riveros, X; Soumah, A; Trelle, S; Vicari, AS; Røttingen, JA; Kieny, MP; (2016) Efficacy and effectiveness of an rVSV-vectored vaccine in preventing Ebola virus disease: final results from the Guinea ring vaccination, open-label, cluster-randomised trial (Ebola Ça Suffit!). Lancet, 389 (10068). pp. 505-518. ISSN 0140-6736 DOI:

International Typhoid Consortium; Wong, VK; Holt, KE; Okoro, C; Baker, S; Pickard, DJ; Marks, F; Page, AJ; Olanipekun, G; Munir, H; +23 more... Alter, R; Fey, PD; Feasey, NA; Weill, FX; Le Hello, S; Hart, PJ; Kariuki, S; Breiman, RF; Gordon, MA; Heyderman, RS; Jacobs, J; Lunguya, O; Msefula, C; MacLennan, CA; Keddy, KH; Smith, AM; Onsare, RS; De Pinna, E; Nair, S; Amos, B; Dougan, G; Obaro, S; Watson, C; (2016) Molecular Surveillance Identifies Multiple Transmissions of Typhoid in West Africa. PLoS neglected tropical diseases, 10 (9). e0004781. ISSN 1935-2727 DOI:

Kieny, MP; Longini, IM; Henao-Restrepo, AM; Watson, CH; Egger, M; Edmunds, WJ; (2016) Changes in the primary outcome in Ebola vaccine trial - Authors' reply. Lancet, 387 (10027). pp. 1509-1510. ISSN 0140-6736 DOI: Full text not available from this repository.

Lau, CL; Watson, CH; Lowry, JH; David, MC; Craig, SB; Wynwood, SJ; Kama, M; Nilles, EJ; (2016) Human Leptospirosis Infection in Fiji: An Eco-epidemiological Approach to Identifying Risk Factors and Environmental Drivers for Transmission. PLoS neglected tropical diseases, 10 (1). e0004405. ISSN 1935-2727 DOI:

Sissoko, D; Duraffour, S; Kerber, R; Kolie, JS; Beavogui, AH; Camara, AM; Colin, G; Rieger, T; Oestereich, L; Pályi, B; +31 more... Wurr, S; Guedj, J; Nguyen, TH; Eggo, RM; Watson, CH; Edmunds, WJ; Bore, JA; Koundouno, FR; Cabeza-Cabrerizo, M; Carter, LL; Kafetzopoulou, LE; Kuisma, E; Michel, J; Patrono, LV; Rickett, NY; Singethan, K; Rudolf, M; Lander, A; Pallasch, E; Bockholt, S; Rodríguez, E; Di Caro, A; Wölfel, R; Gabriel, M; Gurry, C; Formenty, P; Keïta, S; Malvy, D; Carroll, MW; Anglaret, X; Günther, S; (2016) Persistence and clearance of Ebola virus RNA from seminal fluid of Ebola virus disease survivors: a longitudinal analysis and modelling study. The Lancet Global health, 5 (1). e80-e88. ISSN 2214-109X DOI:


Henao-Restrepo, AM; Longini, IM; Egger, M; Dean, NE; Edmunds, WJ; Camacho, A; Carroll, MW; Doumbia, M; Draguez, B; Duraffour, S; +18 more... Enwere, G; Grais, R; Gunther, S; Hossmann, S; Kondé, MK; Kone, S; Kuisma, E; Levine, MM; Mandal, S; Norheim, G; Riveros, X; Soumah, A; Trelle, S; Vicari, AS; Watson, CH; Kéïta, S; Kieny, MP; Røttingen, JA; (2015) Efficacy and effectiveness of an rVSV-vectored vaccine expressing Ebola surface glycoprotein: interim results from the Guinea ring vaccination cluster-randomised trial. Lancet, 386 (9996). pp. 857-66. ISSN 0140-6736 DOI: Full text not available from this repository.

Wong, VK; Baker, S; Pickard, DJ; Parkhill, J; Page, AJ; Feasey, NA; Kingsley, RA; Thomson, NR; Keane, JA; Weill, FX; +64 more... Edwards, DJ; Hawkey, J; Harris, SR; Mather, AE; Cain, AK; Hadfield, J; Hart, PJ; Thieu, NT; Klemm, EJ; Glinos, DA; Breiman, RF; Watson, CH; Kariuki, S; Gordon, MA; Heyderman, RS; Okoro, C; Jacobs, J; Lunguya, O; Edmunds, WJ; Msefula, C; Chabalgoity, JA; Kama, M; Jenkins, K; Dutta, S; Marks, F; Campos, J; Thompson, C; Obaro, S; MacLennan, CA; Dolecek, C; Keddy, KH; Smith, AM; Parry, CM; Karkey, A; Mulholland, EK; Campbell, JI; Dongol, S; Basnyat, B; Dufour, M; Bandaranayake, D; Naseri, TT; Singh, SP; Hatta, M; Newton, P; Onsare, RS; Isaia, L; Dance, D; Davong, V; Thwaites, G; Wijedoru, L; Crump, JA; De Pinna, E; Nair, S; Nilles, EJ; Thanh, DP; Turner, P; Soeng, S; Valcanis, M; Powling, J; Dimovski, K; Hogg, G; Farrar, J; Holt, KE; Dougan, G; (2015) Phylogeographical analysis of the dominant multidrug-resistant H58 clade of Salmonella Typhi identifies inter- and intracontinental transmission events. Nature genetics, 47 (6). pp. 632-9. ISSN 1061-4036 DOI: Full text not available from this repository.


Watson, CH; (2014) Evaluating typhoid vaccine effectiveness in travelers' vaccination. Journal of travel medicine, 22 (2). pp. 76-7. ISSN 1195-1982 DOI: Full text not available from this repository.


Puleston, R; Beck, C; Tahir, M; Bardhan, M; Charlemagne, P; Alves, C; Ladhani, S; Watson, C; Ramsay, M; Kaczmarksi, E; +6 more... Borrow, R; Gray, S; Hadlington, D; Weinbren, M; Bhattacharjee, D; Inglis, N; (2012) An unusual transmission event of Neisseria meningitidis serogroup W135 type 2a in a healthcare setting, England, 2012. Euro surveillance, 17 (44). ISSN 1025-496X

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