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Cameron, Mary; Campino, Susana; Mark-Carew, Miguella; Pandey, Krishna; Kumar, Kundan; Kumar, Ashish; Kristan, Mojca; Das, Pradeep; Kumar, Vijay; (2022) S17-03: IS MOLECULAR XENOMONITORING A USEFUL TOOL FOR MONITORING VISCERAL LEISHMANIASIS TRANSMISSION IN THE PERI-ELIMINATION PHASE? WorldLeish 7: Proceedings and Abstract Book. pp. 139-141. ISSN 2954-6575

Campos, Monica; Phelan, Jody; Spadar, Anton; Collins, Emma; Gonçalves, Adéritow; Pelloquin, Bethanie; Vaselli, Natasha Marcella; Meiwald, Anne; Clark, Emma; Stica, Caleb; +12 more... Orsborne, James; Sylla, Moussa; Edi, Constant; Camara, Denka; Mohammed, Abdul Rahim; Afrane, Yaw Asare; Kristan, Mojca; Walker, Thomas; Gomez, Lara Ferrero; Messenger, Louisa A; Clark, Taane G; Campino, Susana; (2022) High-throughput barcoding method for the genetic surveillance of insecticide resistance and species identification in Anopheles gambiae complex malaria vectors. Scientific Reports, 12 (1). 13893-. ISSN 2045-2322 DOI:

Gysin, Grace; Urbano, Plutarco; Brandner-Garrod, Luke; Begum, Shahida; Kristan, Mojca; Walker, Thomas; Hernández, Carolina; Ramírez, Juan David; Messenger, Louisa A; (2022) Towards environmental detection of Chagas disease vectors and pathogen. Scientific Reports, 12 (1). p. 9849. ISSN 2045-2322 DOI:

Kristan, Mojca; Cameron, Mary; Hazelgrove, Carlamarita; Kumar, Kundan; Kumar, Ashish; Kumar, Vijay; Campino, Susana; (2022) O30-05: KNOCKDOWN RESISTANCE MUTATIONS IN Phlebotomus argentipes FROM VILLAGES WITH AND WITHOUT INDOOR RESIDUAL SPRAYING IN BIHAR, INDIA. WorldLeish 7: Proceedings and Abstract Book. pp. 747-748. ISSN 2954-6575

Mark-Carew, Miguella; Cloots, Kristien; Singh, OP; Singh, AK; Malaviya, P; Hasker, Epco; Campino, Susana; Kristan, Mojca; Kumar, Kundan; Kumar, Ashish; +3 more... Kumar, Vijay; Sundar, Shyam; Cameron, Mary; (2022) O39-04: COMBINING HUMAN SEROSURVEILLANCE WITH MOLECULAR XENOMONITORING IN TWO ENDEMIC VILLAGES FOR VISCERAL LEISHMANIASIS SURVEILLANCE IN SARAN, BIHAR, INDIA. WorldLeish 7: Proceedings and Abstract Book. pp. 543-544. ISSN 2954-6575

Portwood, Natalie M; Shayo, Magreth F; Tungu, Patrick K; Mbewe, Njelembo J; Mlay, George; Small, Graham; Snetselaar, Janneke; Kristan, Mojca; Levy, Prisca; Walker, Thomas; +5 more... Kirby, Matthew J; Kisinza, William; Mosha, Franklin W; Rowland, Mark; Messenger, Louisa A; (2022) Multi-centre discriminating concentration determination of broflanilide and potential for cross-resistance to other public health insecticides in Anopheles vector populations. Scientific Reports, 12 (1). 22359-. DOI:


Byrne, Isabel; Chan, Kallista; Manrique, Edgar; Lines, Jo; Wolie, Rosine Z; Trujillano, Fedra; Garay, Gabriel Jimenez; Del Prado Cortez, Miguel Nunez; Alatrista-Salas, Hugo; Sternberg, Eleanore; +9 more... Cook, Jackie; N'Guessan, Raphael; Koffi, Alphonsine; Ahoua Alou, Ludovic P; Apollinaire, Nombre; Messenger, Louisa A; Kristan, Mojca; Carrasco-Escobar, Gabriel; Fornace, Kimberly; (2021) Technical Workflow Development for Integrating Drone Surveys and Entomological Sampling to Characterise Aquatic Larval Habitats of Anopheles funestus in Agricultural Landscapes in Côte d'Ivoire. Journal of environmental and public health, 2021. 3220244-. ISSN 1687-9805 DOI: Item availability may be restricted.
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Jeffries, Claire L; Cansado-Utrilla, Cintia; Beavogui, Abdoul H; Stica, Caleb; Lama, Eugene K; Kristan, Mojca; Irish, Seth R; Walker, Thomas; (2021) Evidence for natural hybridization and novel Wolbachia strain superinfections in the Anopheles gambiae complex from Guinea. Royal Society Open Science, 8 (4). 202032-. DOI:

Walker, Thomas; Quek, Shannon; Jeffries, Claire L; Bandibabone, Janvier; Dhokiya, Vishaal; Bamou, Roland; Kristan, Mojca; Messenger, Louisa A; Gidley, Alexandra; Hornett, Emily A; +11 more... Anderson, Enyia R; Cansado-Utrilla, Cintia; Hegde, Shivanand; Bantuzeko, Chimanuka; Stevenson, Jennifer C; Lobo, Neil F; Wagstaff, Simon C; Nkondjio, Christophe Antonio; Irish, Seth R; Heinz, Eva; Hughes, Grant L; (2021) Stable high-density and maternally inherited Wolbachia infections in Anopheles moucheti and Anopheles demeilloni mosquitoes. Current Biology, 31 (11). 2310-2320.e5. ISSN 0960-9822 DOI:


Cansado-Utrilla, Cintia; Jeffries, Claire L; Kristan, Mojca; Brugman, Victor A; Heard, Patrick; Camara, Gnepou; Sylla, Moussa; Beavogui, Abdoul H; Messenger, Louisa A; Irish, Seth R; +1 more... Walker, Thomas; (2020) An assessment of adult mosquito collection techniques for studying species abundance and diversity in Maferinyah, Guinea. Parasites & Vectors, 13 (1). 150-. DOI:


Kristan, Mojca; Thorburn, Samuel G; Hafalla, Julius C; Sutherland, Colin J; Oguike, Mary C; (2019) Mosquito and human hepatocyte infections with Plasmodium ovale curtisi and Plasmodium ovale wallikeri. Transactions of The Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, 113 (10). pp. 617-622. ISSN 0035-9203 DOI:


Brugman, VA; Kristan, M; Gibbins, MP; Angrisano, F; Sala, KA; Dessens, JT; Blagborough, AM; Walker, T; (2018) Detection of malaria sporozoites expelled during mosquito sugar feeding. Scientific reports, 8 (1). 7545-. ISSN 2045-2322 DOI:

Jeffries, Claire L; Lawrence, Gena G; Golovko, George; Kristan, Mojca; Orsborne, James; Spence, Kirstin; Hurn, Eliot; Bandibabone, Janvier; Tantely, Luciano M; Raharimalala, Fara N; +16 more... Keita, Kalil; Camara, Denka; Barry, Yaya; Wat'senga, Francis; Manzambi, Emile Z; Afrane, Yaw A; Mohammed, Abdul R; Abeku, Tarekegn A; Hedge, Shivanand; Khanipov, Kamil; Pimenova, Maria; Fofanov, Yuriy; Boyer, Sebastien; Irish, Seth R; Hughes, Grant L; Walker, Thomas; (2018) Novel Wolbachia strains in Anopheles malaria vectors from Sub-Saharan Africa. Wellcome Open Research, 3. 113-. DOI:




Kristan, M; Fleischmann, H; della Torre, A; Stich, A; Curtis, CF; (2003) Pyrethroid resistance/susceptibility and differential urban/rural distribution of Anopheles arabiensis and An. gambiae s.s. malaria vectors in Nigeria and Ghana. Medical and veterinary entomology, 17 (3). pp. 326-332. ISSN 0269-283X DOI: Full text not available from this repository.


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