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Mudie, Kathleen; Estévez-López, Fernando; Sekulic, Slobodan; Ivanovs, Andrejs; Sepulveda, Nuno; Zalewski, Pawel; Mengshoel, Anne Marit; De Korwin, Jean-Dominique; Hinic Capo, Natasa; Alegre-Martin, Jose; +4 more... Castro-Marrero, Jesus; Murovska, Modra; Nacul, Luis; Lacerda, Eliana; (2020) Recommendations for Epidemiological Research in ME/CFS from the EUROMENE Epidemiology Working Group. preprints. DOI:


Cliff, Jacqueline M; King, Elizabeth C; Lee, Ji-Sook; Sepúlveda, Nuno; Wolf, Asia-Sophia; Kingdon, Caroline; Bowman, Erinna; Dockrell, Hazel M; Nacul, Luis; Lacerda, Eliana; +1 more... Riley, Eleanor M; (2019) Cellular Immune Function in Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS). Frontiers in Immunology, 10 (MAR). 796-. DOI:

Gonçalves-Macedo, Liana; Lacerda, Eliana Mattos; Markman-Filho, Brivaldo; Lundgren, Fernando Luiz Cavalcanti; Luna, Carlos Feitosa; (2019) Trends in morbidity and mortality from COPD in Brazil, 2000 to 2016. Jornal brasileiro de pneumologia : publicacao oficial da Sociedade Brasileira de Pneumologia e Tisilogia, 45 (6). e20180402-. ISSN 1806-3713 DOI:

Rodrigues, Lucas S; da Silva Nali, Luiz H; Leal, Cibele OD; Sabino, Ester C; Lacerda, Eliana M; Kingdon, Caroline C; Nacul, Luis; Romano, Camila M; (2019) HERV-K and HERV-W transcriptional activity in myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome. Autoimmunity Highlights, 10 (1). 12-. ISSN 2038-0305 DOI:

Silva, Ageo MC; Campos, Paulo HN; Mattos, Inês E; Hajat, Shakoor; Lacerda, Eliana M; Ferreira, Marcelo JM; (2019) Environmental Exposure to Pesticides and Breast Cancer in a Region of Intensive Agribusiness Activity in Brazil: A Case-Control Study. International journal of environmental research and public health, 16 (20). p. 3951. ISSN 1661-7827 DOI:


Estévez-López, Fernando; Castro-Marrero, Jesus; Wang, Xia; Bakken, Inger Johanne; Ivanovs, Andrejs; Nacul, Luis; Sepúlveda, Nuno; Strand, Elin B; Pheby, Derek; Alegre, Jose; +8 more... Scheibenbogen, Carmen; Shikova, Evelina; Lorusso, Lorenzo; Capelli, Enrica; Sekulic, Slobodan; Lacerda, Eliana; Murovska, Modra; European Network on ME/CFS (EUROMENE); (2018) Prevalence and incidence of myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome in Europe-the Euro-epiME study from the European network EUROMENE: a protocol for a systematic review. BMJ open, 8 (9). e020817-. ISSN 2044-6055 DOI:


Lacerda, Eliana M; Kingdon, Caroline C; Bowman, Erinna W; Nacul, Luis; (2017) Using a participatory approach to develop and implement the UK ME/CFS Biobank. Fatigue, 6 (1). pp. 1-4. ISSN 2164-1846 DOI: Full text not available from this repository.

Scheibenbogen, Carmen; Freitag, Helma; Blanco, Julià; Capelli, Enrica; Lacerda, Eliana; Authier, Jerome; Meeus, Mira; Castro Marrero, Jesus; Nora-Krukle, Zaiga; Oltra, Elisa; +4 more... Strand, Elin Bolle; Shikova, Evelina; Sekulic, Slobodan; Murovska, Modra; (2017) The European ME/CFS Biomarker Landscape project: an initiative of the European network EUROMENE. Journal of translational medicine, 15 (1). 162-. ISSN 1479-5876 DOI:


Costa, Rayana de Oliveira; Silva, Juliana Pereira; Lacerda, Eliana Mattos; Dias, Rodrigo; Pezolato, Vitor Alexandre; Silva, Carlos Alberto da; Krinski, Kleverton; Correia, Marco Aurélio de Valois; Cieslak, Fabrício; (2016) Overweight effect on spirometric parameters in adolescents undergoing exercise. EINSTEIN-SAO PAULO, 14 (2). pp. 190-195. ISSN 1679-4508 DOI:



Nacul, Luis C; Lacerda, Eliana M; Campion, Peter; Pheby, Derek; Drachler, Maria de L; Leite, José C; Poland, Fiona; Howe, Amanda; Fayyaz, Shagufta; Molokhia, Mariam; (2011) The functional status and well being of people with myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome and their carers. BMC public health, 11 (1). 402-. ISSN 1471-2458 DOI:

Nacul, Luis C; Lacerda, Eliana M; Pheby, Derek; Campion, Peter; Molokhia, Mariam; Fayyaz, Shagufta; Leite, Jose CDC; Poland, Fiona; Howe, Amanda; Drachler, Maria L; (2011) Prevalence of myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS) in three regions of England: a repeated cross-sectional study in primary care. BMC medicine, 9 (1). 91-. ISSN 1741-7015 DOI:

Nacul, Luis; Soljak, Michael; Samarasundera, Edgar; Hopkinson, Nicholas S; Lacerda, Eliana; Indulkar, Tejal; Flowers, Julian; Walford, Hannah; Majeed, Azeem; (2011) COPD in England: a comparison of expected, model-based prevalence and observed prevalence from general practice data. Journal of public health (Oxford, England), 33 (1). pp. 108-116. ISSN 1741-3842 DOI: Full text not available from this repository.

Pheby, Derek; Lacerda, Eliana; Nacul, Luis; Drachler, Maria de Lourdes; Campion, Peter; Howe, Amanda; Poland, Fiona; Curran, Monica; Featherstone, Valerie; Fayyaz, Shagufta; +2 more... Sakellariou, Dikaios; Leite, José Carlos de Carvalho; (2011) A Disease Register for ME/CFS: Report of a Pilot Study. BMC research notes, 4 (1). 139-. ISSN 1756-0500 DOI:

de Carvalho Leite, Jose C; de L Drachler, Maria; Killett, Anne; Kale, Swati; Nacul, Luis; McArthur, Maggie; Hong, Chia Swee; O'Driscoll, Lucy; Pheby, Derek; Campion, Peter; +2 more... Lacerda, Eliana; Poland, Fiona; (2011) Social support needs for equity in health and social care: a thematic analysis of experiences of people with chronic fatigue syndrome/myalgic encephalomyelitis. International journal for equity in health, 10 (1). 46-. ISSN 1475-9276 DOI:


Lacerda, Eliana M; Nacul, Luis; Pheby, Derek; Shepherd, Charles; Spencer, Peter; (2010) Exploring the feasibility of establishing a disease-specific post-mortem tissue bank in the UK: a case study in ME/CFS. Journal of clinical pathology, 63 (11). pp. 1032-1034. ISSN 0021-9746 DOI: Full text not available from this repository.


Drachler, MD; Leite, JCD; Hooper, L; Hong, CS; Pheby, D; Nacul, L; Lacerda, E; Campion, P; Killett, A; McArthur, M; +1 more... Poland, F; (2009) The expressed needs of people with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Myalgic Encephalomyelitis: A systematic review. BMC public health, 9. ISSN 1471-2458 DOI:

Drachler, Maria de Lourdes; Leite, Jose Carlos de Carvalho; Hooper, Lee; Hong, Chia Swee; Pheby, Derek; Nacul, Luis; Lacerda, Eliana; Campion, Peter; Killett, Anne; McArthur, Maggie; +1 more... Poland, Fiona; (2009) The expressed needs of people with chronic fatigue syndrome/myalgic encephalomyelitis: a systematic review. BMC public health, 9 (1). 458-. ISSN 1471-2458 DOI:


Lacerda, Eliana M; Nácul, Luis C; Augusto, Lia G da S; Olinto, Maria Teresa A; Rocha, Dyhanne C; Wanderley, Danielle C; (2005) Prevalence and associations of symptoms of upper extremities, repetitive strain injuries (RSI) and 'RSI-like condition'. A cross sectional study of bank workers in Northeast Brazil. BMC public health, 5 (1). 107-. ISSN 1471-2458 DOI:

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