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Sijbrandij, Marit; Acarturk, Ceren; Bird, Martha; Bryant, Richard A; Burchert, Sebastian; Carswell, Kenneth; de Jong, Joop; Dinesen, Cecilie; Dawson, Katie S; El Chammay, Rabih; +21 more... van Ittersum, Linde; Jordans, Mark; Knaevelsrud, Christine; McDaid, David; Miller, Kenneth; Morina, Naser; Park, A-La; Roberts, Bayard; van Son, Yvette; Sondorp, Egbert; Pfaltz, Monique C; Ruttenberg, Leontien; Schick, Matthis; Schnyder, Ulrich; van Ommeren, Mark; Ventevogel, Peter; Weissbecker, Inka; Weitz, Erica; Wiedemann, Nana; Whitney, Claire; Cuijpers, Pim; (2017) Strengthening mental health care systems for Syrian refugees in Europe and the Middle East: integrating scalable psychological interventions in eight countries. European journal of psychotraumatology, 8 (sup2). 1388102-. ISSN 2000-8066 DOI:



Breuer, Erica; De Silva, Mary J; Shidaye, Rahul; Petersen, Inge; Nakku, Juliet; Jordans, Mark JD; Fekadu, Abebaw; Lund, Crick; (2015) Planning and evaluating mental health services in low- and middle-income countries using theory of change. The British journal of psychiatry, 208 Su (Suppl ). s55-s62. ISSN 0007-1250 DOI:

De Silva, Mary J; Rathod, Sujit D; Hanlon, Charlotte; Breuer, Erica; Chisholm, Dan; Fekadu, Abebaw; Jordans, Mark; Kigozi, Fred; Petersen, Inge; Shidhaye, Rahul; +7 more... Medhin, Girmay; Ssebunnya, Joshua; Prince, Martin; Thornicroft, Graham; Tomlinson, Mark; Lund, Crick; Patel, Vikram; (2015) Evaluation of district mental healthcare plans: the PRIME consortium methodology. The British journal of psychiatry, 208 Su (Suppl ). s63-s70. ISSN 0007-1250 DOI:

Hanlon, Charlotte; Fekadu, Abebaw; Jordans, Mark; Kigozi, Fred; Petersen, Inge; Shidhaye, Rahul; Honikman, Simone; Lund, Crick; Prince, Martin; Raja, Shoba; +3 more... Thornicroft, Graham; Tomlinson, Mark; Patel, Vikram; (2015) District mental healthcare plans for five low- and middle-income countries: commonalities, variations and evidence gaps. The British journal of psychiatry, 208 Su (Suppl ). s47-s54. ISSN 0007-1250 DOI:


Aggarwal, Neil Krishan; Balaji, Madhumitha; Kumar, Shuba; Mohanraj, Rani; Rahman, Atif; Verdeli, Helena; Araya, Ricardo; Jordans, MJD; Chowdhary, Neerja; Patel, Vikram; (2014) Using consumer perspectives to inform the cultural adaptation of psychological treatments for depression: a mixed methods study from South Asia. Journal of affective disorders, 163 (100). pp. 88-101. ISSN 0165-0327 DOI:

Hanlon, Charlotte; Luitel, Nagendra P; Kathree, Tasneem; Murhar, Vaibhav; Shrivasta, Sanjay; Medhin, Girmay; Ssebunnya, Joshua; Fekadu, Abebaw; Shidhaye, Rahul; Petersen, Inge; +9 more... Jordans, Mark; Kigozi, Fred; Thornicroft, Graham; Patel, Vikram; Tomlinson, Mark; Lund, Crick; Breuer, Erica; De Silva, Mary; Prince, Martin; (2014) Challenges and opportunities for implementing integrated mental health care: a district level situation analysis from five low- and middle-income countries. PloS one, 9 (2). e88437-. ISSN 1932-6203 DOI:

Mendenhall, Emily; De Silva, Mary J; Hanlon, Charlotte; Petersen, Inge; Shidhaye, Rahul; Jordans, Mark; Luitel, Nagendra; Ssebunnya, Joshua; Fekadu, Abebaw; Patel, Vikram; +2 more... Tomlinson, Mark; Lund, Crick; (2014) Acceptability and feasibility of using non-specialist health workers to deliver mental health care: stakeholder perceptions from the PRIME district sites in Ethiopia, India, Nepal, South Africa, and Uganda. Social science & medicine (1982), 118 (C). pp. 33-42. ISSN 0277-9536 DOI:


Chowdhary, N; Jotheeswaran, AT; Nadkarni, A; Hollon, SD; King, M; Jordans, MJD; Rahman, A; Verdeli, H; Araya, R; Patel, V; (2013) The methods and outcomes of cultural adaptations of psychological treatments for depressive disorders: a systematic review. Psychological medicine, 44 (6). pp. 1131-1146. ISSN 0033-2917 DOI:

Jordans, MJD; Komproe, IH; Tol, WA; Nsereko, J; de Jong, JTVM; (2013) Treatment Processes of Counseling for Children in South Sudan: A Multiple n = 1 Design. Community mental health journal, 49 (3). pp. 354-367. ISSN 0010-3853 DOI: Full text not available from this repository.

Jordans, MJD; Tol, WA; (2013) Mental health in humanitarian settings: shifting focus to care systems. International health, 5 (1). pp. 9-10. ISSN 1876-3413 DOI: Full text not available from this repository.

Jordans, MJD; Tol, WA; Ndayisaba, A; Komproe, IH; (2013) A controlled evaluation of a brief parenting psychoeducation intervention in Burundi. Social psychiatry and psychiatric epidemiology, 48 (11). pp. 1851-1859. ISSN 0933-7954 DOI: Full text not available from this repository.

Jordans, Mark JD; Tol, Wietse A; Susanty, Dessy; Ntamatumba, Prudence; Luitel, Nagendra P; Komproe, Ivan H; de Jong, Joop TVM; (2013) Implementation of a mental health care package for children in areas of armed conflict: a case study from Burundi, Indonesia, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Sudan. PLoS medicine, 10 (1). e1001371-. ISSN 1549-1277 DOI:

Luitel, Nagendra P; Jordans, Mark JD; Sapkota, Ram P; Tol, Wietse A; Kohrt, Brandon A; Thapa, Suraj B; Komproe, Ivan H; Sharma, Bhogendra; (2013) Conflict and mental health: a cross-sectional epidemiological study in Nepal. Social psychiatry and psychiatric epidemiology, 48 (2). pp. 183-193. ISSN 0933-7954 DOI: Full text not available from this repository.

Luitel, Nagendra P; Jordans, Mark; Murphy, Adrianna; Roberts, Bayard; McCambridge, Jim; (2013) Prevalence and patterns of hazardous and harmful alcohol consumption assessed using the AUDIT among Bhutanese refugees in Nepal. Alcohol and alcoholism (Oxford, Oxfordshire), 48 (3). pp. 349-355. ISSN 0735-0414 DOI:

Tol, Wietse A; Song, Suzan; Jordans, Mark JD; (2013) Annual Research Review: Resilience and mental health in children and adolescents living in areas of armed conflict--a systematic review of findings in low- and middle-income countries. Journal of child psychology and psychiatry, and allied disciplines, 54 (4). pp. 445-460. ISSN 0021-9630 DOI: Full text not available from this repository.


Lund, Crick; Tomlinson, Mark; De Silva, Mary; Fekadu, Abebaw; Shidhaye, Rahul; Jordans, Mark; Petersen, Inge; Bhana, Arvin; Kigozi, Fred; Prince, Martin; +11 more... Thornicroft, Graham; Hanlon, Charlotte; Kakuma, Ritsuko; McDaid, David; Saxena, Shekhar; Chisholm, Dan; Raja, Shoba; Kippen-Wood, Sarah; Honikman, Simone; Fairall, Lara; Patel, Vikram; (2012) PRIME: a programme to reduce the treatment gap for mental disorders in five low- and middle-income countries. PLoS medicine, 9 (12). e1001359-. ISSN 1549-1277 DOI:

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