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Richards-Belle, Alvin; Mouncey, Paul R; Wade, Dorothy; Brewin, Chris R; Emerson, Lydia M; Grieve, Richard; Harrison, David A; Harvey, Sheila; Howell, David; Mythen, Monty; +6 more... Sadique, Zia; Smyth, Deborah; Weinman, John; Welch, John; Rowan, Kathryn M; POPPI Trial Investigators; (2018) Psychological Outcomes following a nurse-led Preventative Psychological Intervention for critically ill patients (POPPI): protocol for a cluster-randomised clinical trial of a complex intervention. BMJ open, 8 (2). e020908-. ISSN 2044-6055 DOI:

Sadique, Z; Harrison, DA; Bear, DE; Rowan, KM; Grieve, R; CALORIES trial investigators; (2018) Effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of early nutritional support via the parenteral versus the enteral route for critically ill adult patients. Journal of critical care, 52. pp. 237-241. ISSN 0883-9441 DOI: Full text not available from this repository.


Hogan, Helen; Carver, Catherine; Zipfel, Rebecca; Hutchings, Andrew; Welch, John; Harrison, David; Black, Nick; (2017) Effectiveness of ways to improve detection and rescue of deteriorating patients. British journal of hospital medicine (London, England, 78 (3). pp. 150-159. ISSN 1750-8460 DOI:
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PRISM Investigators; Rowan, Kathryn M; Angus, Derek C; Bailey, Michael; Barnato, Amber E; Bellomo, Rinaldo; Canter, Ruth R; Coats, Timothy J; Delaney, Anthony; Gimbel, Elizabeth; +14 more... Grieve, Richard D; Harrison, David A; Higgins, Alisa M; Howe, Belinda; Huang, David T; Kellum, John A; Mouncey, Paul R; Music, Edvin; Peake, Sandra L; Pike, Francis; Reade, Michael C; Sadique, M Zia; Singer, Mervyn; Yealy, Donald M; (2017) Early, Goal-Directed Therapy for Septic Shock - A Patient-Level Meta-Analysis. The New England journal of medicine, 376 (23). pp. 2223-2234. ISSN 0028-4793 DOI:


Shahin, Jason; Allen, Elizabeth J; Patel, Krishna; Muskett, Hannah; Harvey, Sheila E; Edgeworth, Jonathan; Kibbler, Christopher C; Barnes, Rosemary A; Biswas, Sharmistha; Soni, Neil; +3 more... Rowan, Kathryn M; Harrison, David A; FIRE Study Investigators; (2016) Predicting invasive fungal disease due to Candida species in non-neutropenic, critically ill, adult patients in United Kingdom critical care units. BMC infectious diseases, 16 (1). 480-. ISSN 1471-2334 DOI:


Angus, DC; Barnato, AE; Bell, D; Bellomo, R; Chong, C-R; Coats, TJ; Davies, A; Delaney, A; Harrison, DA; Holdgate, A; +13 more... Howe, B; Huang, DT; Iwashyna, T; Kellum, JA; Peake, SL; Pike, F; Reade, MC; Rowan, KM; Singer, M; Webb, SAR; Weissfeld, LA; Yealy, DM; Young, JD; (2015) A systematic review and meta-analysis of early goal-directed therapy for septic shock: the ARISE, ProCESS and ProMISe Investigators. Intensive care medicine, 41 (9). pp. 1549-1560. ISSN 0342-4642 DOI: Full text not available from this repository.

Harrison, David A; Griggs, Kathryn A; Prabhu, Gita; Gomes, Manuel; Lecky, Fiona E; Hutchinson, Peter JA; Menon, David K; Rowan, Kathryn M; Risk Adjustment In Neurocritical care (RAIN) Study Investigators; (2015) External Validation and Recalibration of Risk Prediction Models for Acute Traumatic Brain Injury among Critically Ill Adult Patients in the United Kingdom. Journal of neurotrauma, 32 (19). pp. 1522-1537. ISSN 0897-7151 DOI: Full text not available from this repository.

Mouncey, Paul R; Osborn, Tiffany M; Power, G Sarah; Harrison, David A; Sadique, M Zia; Grieve, Richard D; Jahan, Rahi; Tan, Jermaine CK; Harvey, Sheila E; Bell, Derek; +5 more... Bion, Julian F; Coats, Timothy J; Singer, Mervyn; Young, J Duncan; Rowan, Kathryn M; (2015) Protocolised Management In Sepsis (ProMISe): a multicentre randomised controlled trial of the clinical effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of early, goal-directed, protocolised resuscitation for emerging septic shock. Health technology assessment (Winchester, England), 19 (97). i-150. ISSN 1366-5278 DOI:

Sadique, Z; Grieve, R; Harrison, D; Rowan, K; (2015) Cost-Effectiveness Of Early Parenteral Versus Enteral Nutrition In Critically Ill Patients. Value in health, 18 (7). A532-. ISSN 1098-3015 DOI: Full text not available from this repository.


Canter, RR; Harvey, SE; Harrison, DA; Campbell, MK; Rowan, KM; Cuthbertson, BH; Selective Decontamination of the Digestive tract in critically i; (2014) Observational study of current use of selective decontamination of the digestive tract in UK critical care units. British journal of anaesthesia, 113 (4). pp. 610-617. ISSN 0007-0912 DOI: Full text not available from this repository.

Harvey, Sheila E; Parrott, Francesca; Harrison, David A; Bear, Danielle E; Segaran, Ella; Beale, Richard; Bellingan, Geoff; Leonard, Richard; Mythen, Michael G; Rowan, Kathryn M; +1 more... CALORIES Trial Investigators; (2014) Trial of the route of early nutritional support in critically ill adults. The New England journal of medicine, 371 (18). pp. 1673-1684. ISSN 0028-4793 DOI:

Harvey, Sheila E; Parrott, Francesca; Harrison, David A; Mythen, Michael; Rowan, Kathryn M; (2014) The CALORIES trial: statistical analysis plan. Critical care and resuscitation, 16 (4). pp. 248-254. ISSN 1441-2772 Full text not available from this repository.

West, Elizabeth; Barron, David N; Harrison, David; Rafferty, Anne Marie; Rowan, Kathy; Sanderson, Colin; (2014) Nurse staffing, medical staffing and mortality in Intensive Care: An observational study. International journal of nursing studies, 51 (5). pp. 781-794. ISSN 0020-7489 DOI:


Wildman, Martin J; Harrison, David A; Welch, Catherine A; Sanderson, Colin; (2007) A new measure of acute physiological derangement for patients with exacerbations of obstructive airways disease: the COPD and Asthma Physiology Score. Respiratory medicine, 101 (9). pp. 1994-2002. ISSN 0954-6111 DOI: Full text not available from this repository.


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