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Gon, Giorgia; Kabanywanyi, Abdunoor M; Blinkhoff, Petri; Cousens, Simon; Dancer, Stephanie J; Graham, Wendy J; Hokororo, Joseph; Manzi, Fatuma; Marchant, Tanya; Mkoka, Dickson; +8 more... Morrison, Emma; Mswata, Sarah; Oza, Shefali; Penn-Kekana, Loveday; Sedekia, Yovitha; Virgo, Sandra; Woodd, Susannah; Aiken, Alexander M; (2021) The Clean pilot study: evaluation of an environmental hygiene intervention bundle in three Tanzanian hospitals. ANTIMICROBIAL RESISTANCE AND INFECTION CONTROL, 10 (1). p. 8. ISSN 2047-2994 DOI:

Hinton, Rachael; Armstrong, Corinne; Asri, Eriana; Baesel, Klaus; Barnett, Sarah; Blauvelt, Carla; Buang, Saidatul Norbaya Bt; Bury, Louise; Das, Jai K; Franz-Vasdeki, Jennifer; +15 more... Milman, Helia Molina; Murray, John; Palma, Susana; Renner, Ilona; Roche, Marion; Saint, Victoria; Simpson, Sarah; Singh, Lucy; McGhie, Diana Vaca; Ukhova, Daria; van Dijk, Jetske; Xinico, Silvia; Fogstad, Helga; Graham, Wendy; Kuruvilla, Shyama; (2021) Specific considerations for research on the effectiveness of multisectoral collaboration: methods and lessons from 12 country case studies. Globalization and Health, 17 (1). 18-. DOI:


Gon, Giorgia; Ali, Said M; Aunger, Robert; Campbell, Oona M; de Barra, Mícheál; de Bruin, Marijn; Juma, Mohammed; Nash, Stephen; Tajo, Amour; Westbrook, Johanna; +2 more... Woodd, Susannah; Graham, Wendy J; (2020) A Practical Guide to Using Time-and-Motion Methods to Monitor Compliance With Hand Hygiene Guidelines: Experience From Tanzanian Labor Wards. GLOBAL HEALTH-SCIENCE AND PRACTICE, 8 (4). pp. 827-837. ISSN 2169-575X DOI:

Gon, Giorgia; Dancer, Stephanie; Dreibelbis, Robert; Graham, Wendy J; Kilpatrick, Claire; (2020) Reducing hand recontamination of healthcare workers during COVID-19. Infection control and hospital epidemiology, 41 (7). pp. 870-871. ISSN 0899-823X DOI:

Gon, Giorgia; Virgo, Sandra; de Barra, Mícheál; Ali, Said M; Campbell, Oona M; Graham, Wendy J; Nash, Stephen; Woodd, Susannah L; de Bruin, Marijn; (2020) Behavioural Determinants of Hand Washing and Glove Recontamination before Aseptic Procedures at Birth: A Time-and-Motion Study and Survey in Zanzibar Labour Wards. International journal of environmental research and public health, 17 (4). p. 1438. ISSN 1661-7827 DOI:

Graham, Wendy Jane; Afolabi, Bosede; Benova, Lenka; Campbell, Oona Maeve Renee; Filippi, Veronique; Nakimuli, Annettee; Penn-Kekana, Loveday; Sharma, Gaurav; Okomo, Uduak; Valongueiro, Sandra; +2 more... Waiswa, Peter; Ronsmans, Carine; (2020) Protecting hard-won gains for mothers and newborns in low-income and middle-income countries in the face of COVID-19: call for a service safety net. BMJ global health, 5 (6). e002754-e002754. ISSN 2059-7908 DOI:

Semaan, Aline; Audet, Constance; Huysmans, Elise; Afolabi, Bosede; Assarag, Bouchra; Banke-Thomas, Aduragbemi; Blencowe, Hannah; Caluwaerts, Séverine; Campbell, Oona Maeve Renee; Cavallaro, Francesca L; +14 more... Chavane, Leonardo; Day, Louise Tina; Delamou, Alexandre; Delvaux, Therese; Graham, Wendy Jane; Gon, Giorgia; Kascak, Peter; Matsui, Mitsuaki; Moxon, Sarah; Nakimuli, Annettee; Pembe, Andrea; Radovich, Emma; van den Akker, Thomas; Benova, Lenka; (2020) Voices from the frontline: findings from a thematic analysis of a rapid online global survey of maternal and newborn health professionals facing the COVID-19 pandemic. BMJ global health, 5 (6). e002967-e002967. ISSN 2059-7908 DOI:

Singh, Lucy; Singh, Neha S; Nezafat Maldonado, Behrouz; Tweed, Sam; Blanchet, Karl; Graham, Wendy Jane; (2020) What does ‘leave no one behind’ mean for humanitarian crises-affected populations in the COVID-19 pandemic? BMJ Global Health, 5 (4). e002540-e002540. DOI:

de Barra, Mícheál; Gon, Giorgia; Woodd, Susannah; Graham, Wendy J; de Bruin, Marijn; Kahabuka, Catherine; Williams, A Jess; Konate, Khadidja; Ali, Said M; Said, Rukaiya; +1 more... Penn-Kekana, Loveday; (2020) Understanding infection prevention behaviour in maternity wards: A mixed-methods analysis of hand hygiene in Zanzibar. Social Science & Medicine, 272. 113543-. ISSN 0277-9536 DOI:


Cross, Suzanne; Gon, Giorgia; Morrison, Emma; Afsana, Koasar; Ali, Said M; Manjang, Tina; Manneh, Lamin; Rahman, Atiya; Saxena, Deepak; Vora, Kranti; +1 more... Graham, Wendy J; (2019) An invisible workforce: the neglected role of cleaners in patient safety on maternity units. GLOBAL HEALTH ACTION, 12 (1). 1480085-. ISSN 1654-9880 DOI:

Moore, Jolene; Thomson, Duncan; Pimentil, Iona; Fekad, Bazezew; Graham, Wendy; (2019) Introduction of a modified obstetric early warning system -(-MOEWS-)- at an Ethiopian referral hospital: a feasibility assessment. BMJ open quality, 8 (1). e000503-. ISSN 2399-6641 DOI: Item availability may be restricted.


Adekunle-Olarinde, Iyabo; Graham, Wendy; Cross, Suzanne; Moore, Jolene; (2018) The Water@Birth Study: an exploratory study on the requirements of water for hand hygiene during labour and delivery in low-income countries. Journal of obstetrics and gynaecology, 38 (5). 725-. ISSN 0144-3615 DOI:

Gon, Giorgia; Leite, Andreia; Calvert, Clara; Woodd, Susannah; Graham, Wendy J; Filippi, Veronique; (2018) The frequency of maternal morbidity: A systematic review of systematic reviews. International journal of gynaecology and obstetrics, 141 Su. pp. 20-38. ISSN 0020-7292 DOI:


Abebe, Berhanu; Busza, Joanna; Hadush, Azmach; Usmael, Abdurehman; Zeleke, Amsalu Belew; Sita, Sahle; Hailu, Solomon; Graham, Wendy J; (2017) 'We identify, discuss, act and promise to prevent similar deaths': a qualitative study of Ethiopia's Maternal Death Surveillance and Response system. BMJ global health, 2 (2). e000199-. ISSN 2059-7908 DOI:

Aulakh, Alex; Idoko, Patrick; Anderson, Suzanne T; Graham, Wendy; (2017) Caesarean section wound infections and antibiotic use: a retrospective case-series in a tertiary referral hospital in The Gambia. Tropical doctor, 48 (3). pp. 192-199. ISSN 0049-4755 DOI: Full text not available from this repository.


Cross, Suzanne; Afsana, Kaosar; Banu, Morsheda; Mavalankar, Dileep; Morrison, Emma; Rahman, Atiya; Roy, Tapash; Saxena, Deepak; Vora, Kranti; Graham, Wendy J; (2016) Hygiene on maternity units: lessons from a needs assessment in Bangladesh and India. Global health action, 9 (1). 32541-. ISSN 1654-9716 DOI:

Graham, Wendy J; Morrison, Emma; Dancer, Stephanie; Afsana, Kaosar; Aulakh, Alex; Campbell, Oona MR; Cross, Suzanne; Ellis, Ryan; Enkubahiri, Siyoum; Fekad, Bazezew; +6 more... Gon, Giorgia; Idoko, Patrick; Moore, Jolene; Saxena, Deepak; Velleman, Yael; Woodd, Susannah; (2016) What are the threats from antimicrobial resistance for maternity units in low- and middle- income countries? Global health action, 9 (1). 33381-. ISSN 1654-9716 DOI:

Graham, Wendy; Woodd, Susannah; Byass, Peter; Filippi, Veronique; Gon, Giorgia; Virgo, Sandra; Chou, Doris; Hounton, Sennen; Lozano, Rafael; Pattinson, Robert; +1 more... Singh, Susheela; (2016) Diversity and divergence: the dynamic burden of poor maternal health. Lancet, 388 (10056). pp. 2164-2175. ISSN 0140-6736 DOI: Item availability may be restricted.

Koblinsky, M; Moyer, CA; Calvert, C; Campbell, J; Campbell, OM; Feigl, AB; Graham, WJ; Hatt, L; Hodgins, S; Matthews, Z; +4 more... McDougall, L; Moran, AC; Nandakumar, AK; Langer, A; (2016) Quality maternity care for every woman, everywhere: a call to action. Lancet, 388 (10057). pp. 2307-2320. ISSN 0140-6736 DOI: Item availability may be restricted.
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Lawn, JE; Blencowe, H; Kinney, MV; Bianchi, F; Graham, WJ; (2016) Evidence to inform the future for maternal and newborn health. Best practice & research Clinical obstetrics & gynaecology, 36. pp. 169-183. ISSN 1521-6934 DOI:


Velleman, Yael; Mason, Elizabeth; Graham, Wendy; Benova, Lenka; Chopra, Mickey; Campbell, Oona MR; Gordon, Bruce; Wijesekera, Sanjay; Hounton, Sennen; Esteves Mills, Joanna; +6 more... Curtis, Val; Afsana, Kaosar; Boisson, Sophie; Magoma, Moke; Cairncross, Sandy; Cumming, Oliver; (2014) From joint thinking to joint action: a call to action on improving water, sanitation, and hygiene for maternal and newborn health. PLoS medicine, 11 (12). e1001771-. ISSN 1549-1277 DOI:


Byass, Peter; de Courten, Maximilian; Graham, Wendy J; Laflamme, Lucie; McCaw-Binns, Affette; Sankoh, Osman A; Tollman, Stephen M; Zaba, Basia; (2013) Reflections on the global burden of disease 2010 estimates. PLoS medicine, 10 (7). e1001477-. ISSN 1549-1277 DOI:

Hundley, VA; Avan, BI; Sullivan, CJ; Graham, WJ; (2013) Should oral misoprostol be used to prevent postpartum haemorrhage in home-birth settings in low-resource countries? A systematic review of the evidence. BJOG, 120 (3). pp. 277-285. ISSN 1470-0328 DOI: Full text not available from this repository.


Byass, Peter; Chandramohan, Daniel; Clark, Samuel J; D'Ambruoso, Lucia; Fottrell, Edward; Graham, Wendy J; Herbst, Abraham J; Hodgson, Abraham; Hounton, Sennen; Kahn, Kathleen; +5 more... Krishnan, Anand; Leitao, Jordana; Odhiambo, Frank; Sankoh, Osman A; Tollman, Stephen M; (2012) Strengthening standardised interpretation of verbal autopsy data: the new InterVA-4 tool. GLOBAL HEALTH ACTION, 5 (1). pp. 1-8. ISSN 1654-9880 DOI:

Hundley, Vanora A; Avan, Bilal I; Ahmed, Haris; Graham, Wendy J; Birth Kit Working Group; (2012) Clean birth kits to improve birth practices: development and testing of a country level decision support tool. BMC pregnancy and childbirth, 12 (1). 158-. ISSN 1471-2393 DOI:

Hundley, Vanora A; Avan, Bilal I; Braunholtz, David; Graham, Wendy J; (2012) Are birth kits a good idea? A systematic review of the evidence. Midwifery, 28 (2). pp. 204-215. ISSN 0266-6138 DOI: Full text not available from this repository.


Hundley, Vanora A; Avan, Bilal I; Braunholtz, David; Fitzmaurice, Ann E; Graham, Wendy J; (2011) Lessons regarding the use of birth kits in low resource countries. Midwifery, 27 (6). e222-e230. ISSN 0266-6138 DOI: Full text not available from this repository.


Graham, Wendy J; Braunholtz, David A; Campbell, Oona MR; (2010) New modelled estimates of maternal mortality. Lancet, 375 (9730). 1963-. ISSN 0140-6736 DOI: Full text not available from this repository.


Ronsmans, Carine; Scott, S; Qomariyah, SN; Achadi, E; Braunholtz, D; Marshall, T; Pambudi, E; Witten, KH; Graham, WJ; (2009) Professional assistance during birth and maternal mortality in two Indonesian districts. Bulletin of the World Health Organization, 87 (6). pp. 416-423. ISSN 0042-9686 DOI:


Bell, Jacqueline S; Ouédraogo, Moctar; Ganaba, Rasmane; Sombié, Issiaka; Byass, Peter; Baggaley, Rebecca F; Filippi, Véronique; Fitzmaurice, Ann E; Graham, Wendy J; (2008) The epidemiology of pregnancy outcomes in rural Burkina Faso. Tropical medicine & international health, 13 Sup (SUPPL.). pp. 31-43. ISSN 1360-2276 DOI: Full text not available from this repository.

Graham, Wendy J; Foster, Lauren B; Davidson, Lisa; Hauke, Elizabeth; Campbell, Oona MR; (2008) Measuring progress in reducing maternal mortality. Best practice & research Clinical obstetrics & gynaecology, 22 (3). pp. 425-445. ISSN 1521-6934 DOI: Full text not available from this repository.


Campbell, Oona MR; Graham, Wendy J; Lancet Maternal Survival Series steering group; (2006) Strategies for reducing maternal mortality: getting on with what works. Lancet, 368 (9543). pp. 1284-1299. ISSN 0140-6736 DOI: Full text not available from this repository.

Filippi, Véronique; Ronsmans, Carine; Campbell, Oona MR; Graham, Wendy J; Mills, Anne; Borghi, Jo; Koblinsky, Marjorie; Osrin, David; (2006) Maternal health in poor countries: the broader context and a call for action. Lancet, 368 (9546). pp. 1535-1541. ISSN 0140-6736 DOI: Full text not available from this repository.

Ronsmans, Carine; Graham, Wendy J; Lancet Maternal Survival Series steering group; (2006) Maternal mortality: who, when, where, and why. Lancet, 368 (9542). pp. 1189-1200. ISSN 0140-6736 DOI: Full text not available from this repository.


Graham, Wendy J; Fitzmaurice, Ann E; Bell, Jacqueline S; Cairns, John A; (2004) The familial technique for linking maternal death with poverty. Lancet, 363 (9402). pp. 23-27. ISSN 0140-6736 DOI: Full text not available from this repository.

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