Sequence of Plasmodium falciparum chromosomes 1, 3-9 and 13.

Hall, N; Pain, A; Berriman, M; Churcher, C; Harris, B; Harris, D; Mungall, K; Bowman, S; Atkin, R; Baker, S; +70 more... Barron, A; Brooks, K; Buckee, CO; Burrows, C; Cherevach, I; Chillingworth, C; Chillingworth, T; Christodoulou, Z; Clark, L; Clark, R; Corton, C; Cronin, A; Davies, R; Davis, P; Dear, P; Dearden, F; Doggett, J; Feltwell, T; Goble, A; Goodhead, I; Gwilliam, R; Hamlin, N; Hance, Z; Harper, D; Hauser, H; Hornsby, T; Holroyd, S; Horrocks, P; Humphray, S; Jagels, K; James, KD; Johnson, D; Kerhornou, A; Knights, A; Konfortov, B; Kyes, S; Larke, N; Lawson, D; Lennard, N; Line, A; Maddison, M; McLean, J; Mooney, P; Moule, S; Murphy, L; Oliver, K; Ormond, D; Price, C; Quail, MA; Rabbinowitsch, E; Rajandream, M-A; Rutter, S; Rutherford, KM; Sanders, M; Simmonds, M; Seeger, K; Sharp, S; Smith, R; Squares, R; Squares, S; Stevens, K; Taylor, K; Tivey, A; Unwin, L; Whitehead, S; Woodward, J; Sulston, JE; Craig, A; Newbold, C; Barrell, BG; (2002) Sequence of Plasmodium falciparum chromosomes 1, 3-9 and 13. Nature, 419 (6906). pp. 527-531. ISSN 0028-0836 DOI:

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