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Cantarelli, P; Debin, M; Turbelin, C; Poletto, C; Blanchon, T; Falchi, A; Hanslik, T; Bonmarin, I; Levy-Bruhl, D; Micheletti, A; +11 more... (2014) The representativeness of a European multi-center network for influenza-like-illness participatory surveillance. Bmc Public Health, 14. p. 984. ISSN 1471-2458 DOI:

Thompson, CN; Anders, KL; le Thi Quynh, N; Ha Thanh, T; Pham Van, M; le Thi Phuong, T; Tran Do Hoang, N; Nguyen Thi Thanh, N; Tran Thi Thao, L; Vu Thuy, D; +8 more... (2014) A cohort study to define the age-specific incidence and risk factors of Shigella diarrhoeal infections in Vietnamese children: a study protocol. Bmc Public Health, 14. p. 1289. ISSN 1471-2458 DOI:


Adisasmito, W; Aisyah, DN; Aditama, TY; Kusriastuti, R; , Trihono; Suwandono, A; Sampurno, OD; , Prasenohadi; Sapada, NA; Mamahit, MJN; +3 more... (2013) Human influenza A H5N1 in Indonesia: health care service-associated delays in treatment initiation. Bmc Public Health, 13. ISSN 1471-2458 DOI:

Kizito, D; Tweyongyere, R; Namatovu, A; Webb, EL; Muhangi, L; Lule, SA; Bukenya, H; Cose, S; Elliott, AM; (2013) Factors affecting the infant antibody response to measles immunisation in Entebbe-Uganda. Bmc Public Health, 13. ISSN 1471-2458 DOI:

Newson, RS; Lion, R; Crawford, RJ; Curtis, V; Elmadfa, I; Feunekes, GIJ; Hicks, C; van Liere, M; Lowe, CF; Meijer, GW; +4 more... (2013) Behaviour change for better health: nutrition, hygiene and sustainability. Bmc Public Health, 13. ISSN 1471-2458 DOI:

Penalvo, JL; Santos-Beneit, G; Sotos-Prieto, M; Martinez, R; Rodriguez, C; Franco, M; Lopez-Romero, P; Pocock, S; Redondo, J; Fuster, V; (2013) A cluster randomized trial to evaluate the efficacy of a school-based behavioral intervention for health promotion among children aged 3 to 5. Bmc Public Health, 13. ISSN 1471-2458 DOI:


Harries, AD; Zachariah, R; Chimzizi, R; Salaniponi, F; Gausi, F; Kanyerere, H; Schouten, EJ; Jahn, A; Makombe, SD; Chimbwandira, FM; +1 more... (2011) Operational research in malawi: making a difference with cotrimoxazole preventive therapy in patients with tuberculosis and HIV. Bmc Public Health, 11. ISSN 1471-2458 DOI:

Ostrovschi, NV; Prince, MJ; Zimmerman, C; Hotineanu, MA; Gorceag, LT; Gorceag, VI; Flach, C; Abas, MA; (2011) Women in post-trafficking services in Moldova: diagnostic interviews over two time periods to assess returning women's mental health. Bmc Public Health, 11. p. 232. ISSN 1471-2458 DOI:

Zaidi, AKM; Ganatra, HA; Syed, S; Cousens, S; Lee, ACC; Black, R; Bhutta, ZA; Lawn, JE; (2011) Effect of case management on neonatal mortality due to sepsis and pneumonia. Bmc Public Health, 11. ISSN 1471-2458 DOI:


Brugha, R; Simbaya, J; Walsh, A; Dicker, P; Ndubani, P; (2010) How HIV/AIDS scale-up has impacted on non- HIV priority services in Zambia. Bmc Public Health, 10. ISSN 1471-2458

Kypri, K; McCambridge, J; Cunningham, JA; Vater, T; Bowe, S; de Graaf, B; Saunders, JB; Dean, J; (2010) Web-based alcohol screening and brief intervention for Maori and non-Maori: the New Zealand e-SBINZ trials. Bmc Public Health, 10. ISSN 1471-2458 DOI:




Franco, R; Santos, AC; Do Nascimento, HF; Souza-Machado, C; Ponte, E; Souza-Machado, A; Loureiro, S; Barreto, ML; Rodrigues, LC; Cruz, AA; (2007) Cost-effectiveness analysis of a state funded programme for control of severe asthma. Bmc Public Health, 7. ISSN 1471-2458 DOI:

Sur, D; Ali, M; von Seidlein, L; Manna, B; Deen, JL; Acosta, CJ; Clemens, JD; Bhattacharya, SK; (2007) Comparisons of predictors for typhoid and paratyphoid fever in Kolkata, India. Bmc Public Health, 7 (147). p. 289. ISSN 1471-2458 DOI:




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