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Escribano-Ferrer, B; Gyapong, M; Bruce, J; Narh Bana, SA; Narh, CT; Allotey, NK; Glover, R; Azantilow, C; Bart-Plange, C; Sagoe-Moses, I; +1 more... (2017) Effectiveness of two community-based strategies on disease knowledge and health behaviour regarding malaria, diarrhoea and pneumonia in Ghana. BMC Public Health, 17 (1). p. 948. ISSN 1471-2458 DOI:


Dellicour, S; Hill, J; Bruce, J; Ouma, P; Marwanga, D; Otieno, P; Desai, M; Hamel, MJ; Kariuki, S; Webster, J; (2016) Effectiveness of the delivery of interventions to prevent malaria in pregnancy in Kenya. Malaria journal, 15 (1). p. 221. ISSN 1475-2875 DOI:

Oguike, MC; Falade, CO; Shu, E; Enato, IG; Watila, I; Baba, ES; Bruce, J; Webster, J; Hamade, P; Meek, S; +4 more... (2016) Molecular determinants of sulfadoxine-pyrimethamine resistance in Plasmodium falciparum in Nigeria and the regional emergence of dhps 431V. Int J Parasitol Drugs Drug Resist, 6 (3). pp. 220-229. ISSN 2211-3207 DOI: Full text not available from this repository.


Agarwal, K; Alonso, P; Chico, RM; Coleman, J; Dellicour, S; Hill, J; Majeres-Lugand, M; Mangiaterra, V; Menendez, C; Mitchell, K; +5 more... (2015) Global Call to Action to scale-up coverage of intermittent preventive treatment of malaria in pregnancy: seminar report. Malar J, 14 (1). p. 206. ISSN 1475-2875 DOI:

Angwenyi, V; Asante, KP; Traoré, A; Febir, LG; Tawiah, C; Kwarteng, A; Ouédraogo, A; Sirima, SB; Owusu-Agyei, S; Imoukhuede, EB; +4 more... (2015) Health providers' perceptions of clinical trials: lessons from ghana, kenya and burkina faso. PLoS One, 10 (5). e0124554. ISSN 1932-6203 DOI:

Chico, RM; Dellicour, S; Roman, E; Mangiaterra, V; Coleman, J; Menendez, C; Majeres-Lugand, M; Webster, J; Hill, J; (2015) Global call to action: maximize the public health impact of intermittent preventive treatment of malaria in pregnancy in sub-Saharan Africa. Malar J, 14 (1). p. 207. ISSN 1475-2875 DOI:

Hill, J; Kayentao, K; Achieng, F; Diarra, S; Dellicour, S; Diawara, SI; Hamel, MJ; Ouma, P; Desai, M; Doumbo, OK; +2 more... (2015) Access and Use of Interventions to Prevent and Treat Malaria among Pregnant Women in Kenya and Mali: A Qualitative Study. PLoS One, 10 (3). e0119848. ISSN 1932-6203 DOI:


Baiden, F; Malm, K; Bart-Plange, C; Hodgson, A; Chandramohan, D; Webster, J; Owusu-Agyei, S; (2014) Shifting from presumptive to test-based management of malaria - technical basis and implications for malaria control in ghana. Ghana medical journal, 48 (2). pp. 112-22. ISSN 0016-9560 Full text not available from this repository.

Hill, J; Hoyt, J; van Eijk, AM; Ter Kuile, FO; Webster, J; Steketee, RW; (2014) Prioritizing Pregnant Women for Long-Lasting Insecticide Treated Nets through Antenatal Care Clinics. PLoS medicine, 11 (9). e1001717. ISSN 1549-1277 DOI:


Baiden, F; Bruce, J; Webster, J; Tivura, M; Delmini, R; Amenga-Etego, S; Owusu-Agyei, S; Chandramohan, D; (2013) Restricting artemisinin-based combination therapy to test positive malaria in a high-transmission setting in Ghana - a cluster-randomised trial. [Conference or Workshop Item] Full text not available from this repository.


de Savigny, D; Webster, J; Agyepong, IA; Mwita, A; Bart-Plange, C; Baffoe-Wilmot, A; Koenker, H; Kramer, K; Brown, N; Lengeler, C; (2012) Introducing vouchers for malaria prevention in Ghana and Tanzania: context and adoption of innovation in health systems. Health policy and planning, 27. pp. 32-43. ISSN 0268-1080 Full text not available from this repository.



Baiden, F; Owusu-Agyei, S; Webster, J; Chandramohan, D; (2010) The need for new antibiotics. Lancet, 375 (9715). pp. 637-638. ISSN 0140-6736 DOI: Full text not available from this repository.



Rudan, I; Gibson, JL; Ameratunga, S; el Arifeen, S; Bhutta, ZA; Black, M; Black, RE; Brown, KH; Campbell, H; Carneiro, I; +16 more... (2008) Setting Priorities in Global Child Health Research Investments: Guidelines for Implementation of CHNRI Method. Croatian medical journal, 49 (6). pp. 720-733. ISSN 0353-9504 DOI:

Smith, LA; Webster, J; Jones, C; (2008) Interventions to Improve Prompt and Effective Treatment of Malaria: Do We Know What Works? [Conference or Workshop Item] Full text not available from this repository.


Rudan, I; Gibson, J; Kapiriri, L; Lansang, MA; Hyder, AA; Lawn, J; Darmstadt, GL; Cousens, S; Bhutta, ZA; Brown, KH; +15 more... (2007) Setting priorities in global child health research investments: assessment of principles and practice. Croatian medical journal, 48 (5). pp. 595-604. ISSN 0353-9504

Webster, J; Marin, C; (2007) Outcomes of delivery systems for ITNs: attributing coverage through a household survey in Ghana. [Conference or Workshop Item] Full text not available from this repository.


Fenwick, A; Kabatereine, N; Koukounari, A; Webster, J; Brooker, S; (2006) The impact of schistosomiasis and intestinal helminth control program on health in rural Uganda. [Conference or Workshop Item] Full text not available from this repository.

Odogwu, SE; Ramamurthy, NK; Kabatereine, NB; Kazibwe, F; Tukahebwa, E; Webster, JP; Fenwick, A; Stothard, JR; (2006) Schistosoma mansoni in infants (aged <3 years) along the Ugandan shoreline of Lake Victoria. Annals of tropical medicine and parasitology, 100 (4). pp. 315-26. ISSN 0003-4983 DOI: Full text not available from this repository.



Addington, W; Lines, J; Mortimer, J; Webster, J; (2003) Advancing the war on malaria. Annals of internal medicine, 139 (4). pp. 305-6. ISSN 0003-4819 Full text not available from this repository.

Kolaczinski, J; Webster, J; (2003) Malaria control in complex emergencies: the example of East Timor. Tropical medicine & international health, 8 (1). pp. 48-55. ISSN 1360-2276 DOI: Full text not available from this repository.

Lines, J; Lengeler, C; Cham, K; de Savigny, D; Chimumbwa, J; Langi, P; Carroll, D; Mills, A; Hanson, K; Webster, J; +7 more... (2003) Scaling-up and sustaining insecticide-treated net coverage. The Lancet infectious diseases, 3 (8). 465-6; discussion 467-8. ISSN 1473-3099 DOI: Full text not available from this repository.


Rowland, M; Webster, J; Meek, S; (2002) Malaria and complex emergencies. Health Action, 26 (May-August). pp. 10-11. Full text not available from this repository.

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