How to deposit

Adding full text

In order to increase dissemination of research LSHTM Research Online pursues an open access policy through providing the full text for research outputs.

If your research is published by PLoS or BioMed Central, or you have paid for your article to be open access, then we will automatically gather the full text so you do not have to do anything.

For other publishers we are not allowed to use their final PDF, unless an open access fee has been paid. Therefore we ask that you send us your author manuscript of the article, this is the version after peer review but without the publisher pagination or copyediting. We will then check copyright on your behalf and upload to the site.

LSHTM Research Online mirrors those published items which appear under staff profiles in the school publications database. Therefore if you have already sent an item to Andy Reid to be added to the school publications database it will automatically appear on LSHTM Research Online. If a published item does not appear on your list of publications please email the citation in an Endnote file to Andy Reid.

Please look at your list of articles, by finding yourself under the 'browse by LSHTM author' tab. Where there is no full text attached to the record please then send your author manuscript to