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Adding records and publications to LSHTM Research Online

How LSHTM Research Online links with the School's Publications Database
Publications that appear in PubMed Central or Web of Science with the School's address in the Affiliations list will be harvested and added to the School's Publications Database automatically. They are then linked (coded by the Library) to School authors, faculty/departmental units, and Research Centres. This metadata is then synchronised to Research Online, the School's repository for full-text outputs, and also the public interface to all research outputs records. Open-access full-text is automatically added (where possible - but many publishers insist on lengthy embargo periods).

How long does this all take?

Inclusion of a paper in Web of Science is not always immediate so we might not receive notification for a few days after it's been published; it'll then take time to code the papers to authors in Publications Database...and then to be synchronised to Research Online. Chapters, books, reports, etc. are unlikely to be included in the above process, and external collaborations are often missed if the first author is not from the School; any work published when you were at another institution; large studies where you are listed as a collaborator rather than an author. So if you do have books, reports or book chapters please submit them along with the full text file as an EndNote compressed library, a BibTeX reference file or a list of PubMed PMID numbers. Library guide on how to create EndNote publications file. Library guide on how to create EndNote publications file

To meet the Open Access requirements of the next Research Excellence Framework - upon acceptance by a journal you should send the THE AUTHOR'S ACCEPTED MANUSCRIPT to the LSHTM Publications mailbox